We specialise in organising non-affiliated business conferences. We aim at providing interactive, insightful information and presenting impartial & unbiased views about issues facing businesses in Asia. Our conferences are developed through thorough research and a deep understanding of the critical concerns facing professionals such as yourself, and they are addressed by experts and leaders who have deep knowledge and practical experiences in their respective areas.


We believe in providing maximum returns to our speakers, delegates and partners and are dedicated to providing total customer care. We strive for every conference to make a long lasting impact on our attendees through the provision of insightful information, practical case studies, in-depth discussion, and intimate networking opportunities. Over and above all, we take great pride in being a catalyst for the growth of all businesses and individuals.

Our Upcoming Events


Impactful Presentations & Public Speaking Workshop
12 - 13 Oct 2015, Hong Kong

Join us at this 2-day practical workshop to acquire advanced skills to develop and deliver influential presentations that achieve maximum impact. Learn when and how to apply the 7 delivery modes and the 4 speaking styles to tackle different business situations. Adopt techniques to craft engaging messages, use humour and develop improvisation strategies to recover from slip-ups. Find out how to handle nerves and manage unhelpful thoughts when presenting.

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Fraud Analytics Workshop
12 - 13 Oct 2015, Hong Kong

This 2-day practical workshop will provide an introduction to the techniques in data analytics to detect potential fraud and corruption schemes. Discover the different approaches to fraud analytics, how to acquire the right data, and test the data for suspected fraud. Examine how to apply various fraud analytic software tools to identify irregularities in financial statements and other key areas for fraud. Learn how to evaluate results and use visualisation techniques to report to stakeholders.

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Internal Branding & Employee Communications Conference
22 - 23 Oct 2015, Singapore | 26 - 27 Oct 2015, Hong Kong

Join us for this 2-day conference to equip yourself with compelling strategies for enhanced employee relations and engagement. Hear from Standard Chartered Bank, General Motors, eBay, UBS, Electrolux, Siemens, Ericsson, Tata Communications, Yahoo, Agility and more on how they nurture their employees to be empowered ambassadors. Discover how to rebuild internal perceptions and strengthen your employees’ brand loyalty even during a crisis. Learn how to best involve your employees when embarking on corporate citizenship to encourage inside-out engagement.

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Modern Business Writing Workshop
26 - 27 Oct 2015, Hong Kong | 29 - 30 Oct 2015, Singapore |
3 - 4 Nov 2015, Dubai

Join us at this 2-day practical workshop to acquire modern business writing skills to communicate clearly, simply and efficiently. Led by Ralph Brown, a business writing expert and accredited Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) trainer from New Zealand, pick up techniques in simple, informal, direct, active, personal, and persuasive writing. Learn how to write from your audience’s perspective, organise complex ideas quickly, and edit your writing quickly. Sharpen your writing skills with personal feedback from a business writing expert.

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Storytelling & Media Pitching in the Digital Age Workshop
5 - 6 Nov 2015, Singapore | 12 - 13 Nov 2015, Hong Kong

This 2-day workshop will provide you with practical storytelling skills to craft compelling narratives for successful media pitching across traditional and digital channels. Discover how to come up with creative story ideas and craft unique narratives to interest the media. Find out how to write for social media and translate a single story across different platforms. Gain insights on how amplification effect can generate greater media coverage and pick up skills in evaluating content effectiveness.

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Social Media Risk & Reputation Management Workshop
18 - 19 Nov 2015, Dubai | 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2015, Hong Kong |
3 - 4 Dec 2015, Singapore

Join us at this 2-day workshop to acquire effective strategies to mitigate social media risks and safeguard your corporate reputation. Through case studies and practical exercises, learn how to identify, assess and manage reputation threats on social media. Discover how to contain external and internal online incidents including negative comments, backfiring campaigns and rogue employees. Pick up techniques to respond and recover from a social media crisis.

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Digital Branding Conference & Workshop: Overcoming Transition Woes
23 - 24 Nov 2015, Singapore | 26 - 27 Nov 2015, Hong Kong

Join us at this 2-day event to gain insights on the evolution of branding. Discover how AXA, LEGO, AIA, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, Langham Hospitality Group and more overcome challenges faced when transitioning to digital branding. Learn from Kimberly-Clark, Pizza Hut, and Pernod Ricard on how to leverage on digital to create humanised and personalised brand experiences for sustained brand engagement. Develop a practical transition strategy for your brand together with a branding expert through hands-on exercises.

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Risk Analytics Workshop
30 Nov - 1 Dec 2015, Singapore | 3 - 4 Dec 2015, Hong Kong

This 2-day workshop will provide you with the latest analytics tools and techniques to identify, predict and mitigate risks. Examine how deductive and inductive analytics techniques can detect cyber threats, financial crimes and operational risks. Determine how to turn analytics outcomes and unstructured data into actionable insights for optimal business operations. Gain insights on how to build an effective risk analytics capability for your organisation.

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Cashless Payment Strategy & Security Workshop
11 - 12 Jan 2016, Singapore | 14 - 15 Jan 2016, Hong Kong

This two-day workshop takes an in-depth look at how digital payment systems work, and how to provide relevant, profitable and secure payment services as a platform operator, bank, telecommunications operator or retailer. Discover what is shaping the ecosystem and driving the surge in payments innovation, and learn to build a monetised payment model that will gain critical mass among different stakeholders.

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