Our Story

Back in the 1990s of computers and the internet, our founder’s job was to encourage the industry adoption of new technologies. But when things weren’t moving fast enough, she began to wonder if there was an alternative way to help companies grow and thrive.

That’s when our founder discovered her love for organising business conferences. What got her excited was presenting fresh insights and new perspectives in a practical, understandable and interesting manner.

Then, the industry was filled with trade shows and glamourous conferences. Never feeling comfortable in the impersonal environment of large events, our founder had a vision to create events that are interactive and engaging, where speakers and delegates could come together for the sincere sharing of what worked and what failed.

So in 2000, our founder took a leap of faith and started Pacific Conferences. Her vision: to run a business true to her beliefs and based on her passion to solve actual business problems and challenges.

It’s been a learning journey for us. We’ve had our share of challenges, ups and downs. But through it all, what keeps us going is our faith that we are making a positive impact on the marketplace and society.

Our Expertise

We specialise in providing senior executives with timely business events that are in-depth, practical, case studies driven and interactive. Our presentations focus on the unbiased experience sharing from industry experts on their successes and failures.

1  Extensive research to immerse ourselves in market needs
2  Development of quality programmes that address critical issues
3  Vigorous speaker selection to handpick industry experts
4  Regional marketing for increased exposure and visibility
5  Service and event management for a warm, comfortable experience