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What do Consumers Want from your Brand?

It is not just about being on the right digital platforms,
consumers interact with brands to satisfy their needs.
Can you map the customer journey to identify the most effective engagement touchpoints?
Do you know how to develop content tailored to users’ behaviours and expectations?
How do you leverage on existing brand assets to ensure consistency across channels?

Connect the Dots to Deliver a Digital Experience that Meets Consumers’ Needs

Join us at this exciting 2-day event to acquire leading strategies to create a digital brand experience tailored to consumers’ needs and wants. Examine how to map customer journey and leverage on data insights to analyse the most effective engagement touchpoints. Hear industry experts debate on critical issues including digital implementation, basics of UX/UI design and measurement of digital experience. Led by a creative expert with 14 years of experience, the Customer Experience (CX) Design workshop will guide attendees through an end-to-end design process from experience mapping to charting the course and making the digital experience tangible.


Hear Best Practices & Pitfalls to Avoid from Leading Practitioners:

Ravel Lai, Regional IT & Digital Director, Jardine Restaurant Group Hong Kong

Sharon Fernandes, Managing Director – Asia, Heathwallace

Alfreda Yu, Experience Design Director, Isobar

Jonathan Ng, Creative Partner, Nurun

Event Highlights

Mapping Digital Customer Journey

How to identify needs, emotions, opportunities to engage?

Data Analytics & Actionable Insights

Gathering, analysing, utilising data

Basics of UX/UI Design

Making design accessible, responsive, intuitive

Digital Implementation

Consistent brand personality & voice across online & offline channels

Measuring Experience Quality

How to tie digital experience to business outcomes?

CX Design

What is the experience economy? How does it affect CX?


Benefits of Attending

  • Learn to create a user persona by profiling audience’s needs, motivations and user behaviour

  • Gain insights into the best UX/UI design for different digital platforms: mobile vs. web

  • Examine available tools to gather and analyse data across different digital platforms

  • Assess the level of customer engagement with your brand to improve targeting

  • Grasp how to filter relevant data and translate them into actionable insights

  • Discover how to reinvent content production process to implement “digital thinking”

  • Identify metrics and available tools to evaluate the quality of your digital experience

  • Evaluate the key components of user experience (UX) in-touchpoints vs. channels

  • Analyse experience map as a key tool to help contextualise priorities to drive business benefits

  • Dive into the experience economy and why CX is the key to create or capture new values

  • Examine the role of interaction design in CX and how to enhance visual design of digital channels

  • Practical learning through in-depth case studies, group discussions and hands-on exercises

What Past Delegates Have Said

“Your programme is very good. I have been inspired.”

“Mapping customer journey was useful and “do-able”, will take it back to the team.”

“What pleased me was the sharing of various case studies and areas/challenges to consider when creating digital platforms.”


Who Should Attend

Mid to Senior Level Executives responsible for Marketing, Digital, Branding, Communications, Customer Experience, User Experience, and User Design


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