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9am 5pm (Morning, afternoon refreshments & lunch will be served at appropriate intervals)



Day 1


  Mapping Customer Journey: Identifying Needs, Emotions and Opportunities for Customer Engagement


  • How to segment your target audience?

  • Creating a persona: From needs and motivations to user behaviour

  • The actual mapping: Identify relevant engagement opportunities across your customer journey

  • Is that enough? Now you know what customers' journey should look like, can you deliver?

Alfreda Yu, Experience Design Director, Isobar



  Pizza Hut & KFC: Innovative Digitalisation to Create Seamless Omni-Channel Brand Experience


  • How Pizza Hut leverages on the next generation of re-targeting

  • Insights into the digital campaign in Pizza Hut and the considerations behind

  • Examine how KFC Mobile Ordering APP contributes to effective selling

  • Discover the interactive design of KFC Virtual Buddy and insights into its digital campaign

  • Examine what are some pitfalls to avoid when digitalising experiences

Ravel Lai, Regional IT & Digital Director, Jardine Restaurant Group Hong Kong



  Leveraging on Good UX and UI Design to Optimise Brand Experience


  • What is UX/UI design and what are the differences?

  • How to design while putting customer needs first?

  • Mobile vs. Web: What are the best UX/UI design for different digital platforms?

  • Making design accessible, responsive, intuitive for the consumer

  • Case studies of how strong UX/UI design can lead to conversions and tangible results

Sharon Fernandes, Managing Director – Asia, Heathwallace



[Case Study] How to Transform Relevant Data Insights into Actionable Digital Experience Strategies


  • Examine available tools to gather and analyse data across different digital platforms

  • How to filter relevant data and translate them into actionable insights?

  • How to improve digital experience based on data insights?

  • How to manage internal collaboration effectively?

  • What are the challenges faced and pitfalls to avoid?



[Presentation] Optimising Metrics to Assess the Quality of Digital Experience


  • What are the metrics to evaluate the quality of your digital experience?

  • How to tie digital experience to business outcomes?

  • What are some of the free and paid tools to capture the outcomes?

  • How do you act upon the most relevant data to improve on your digital experience?



Day 2


WORKSHOP AGENDA: Customer Experience (CX) Design


Session 1: Insights into the Experience Economy & Customer Experience (CX) Design

• Dive into the experience economy and examine why CX is a key to create or capture new values for consumers
• Analyse the key components of user experience (UX) in touchpoints vs. channels and how it can help to determine top priorities for
• Examine latest CX trends aligned to consumers’ changing needs and wants

Case studies: Examples of brands leveraging on experience economy and strong CX design


Session 2: Experience Mapping

Study consumers’ behaviour and interactions across touchpoints and channels

• What is experience mapping and how can it drive quality experience?
• Examine experience map as a key tool to help contextualise priorities to drive business benefits
• How to develop user personas for your end users?
• Building user stories to understand their customer needs, preferences and behaviours

Example: Delve into the details of an experience map
Exercise: Conducting Qualitative Research – Social Data & Customer Satisfaction Data
Exercise: Conducting Quantitative Research – Sketchnoting


Session 3: Charting the Course

Synthesise key insights into a customer journey model

• Examine how to translate insights from data into actions
• Forming the team to chart the experience map (Introduction + Roleplaying)
• Analyse the components, the lens, the customer journey model, and the key takeaways before plotting an experience map

Exercise: Hierarchy of needs grouping exercise
Exercise: Plotting the experience map
Exercise: Stress test experience map


Session 4: Make the Experience Tangible

• UX vs. UI: What are the differences?
• Examine the role of interaction design in CX
• How to enhance visual design of digital channels?
• Identify metrics to assess your CX design

Exercise: Convert experience map into sitemap/content map
Exercise: Paper prototyping
Exercise: Preparation for class sharing


Session 5: Class Sharing & Wrap Up Session

Participants will present their exercises to the class and receive tailored feedback on their work


Workshop Leader

Jonathan Ng,
Creative Partner,

With 14 years of experience, Jon is an integrated creative who has successfully integrated himself into different worlds. Jon is a true artist, equipped with an entrepreneur mind, a thirst for innovation and creativity, plus a host of big brands in his book. Jon’s work has been recognised in major creative awards show including Cannes, D&AD, Spikes Asia, OneShow, FWA, The Webbys and The Effies. His creative leadership and vision also led to revolutionary establishment such as K1ND, Ogilvy’s first brand Innovation studio in APAC.

Unlike conventional ECDs, who are all about winning the next big award, Jon’s focus as Creative Partner is to drive creative excellence beyond communications. He does this through work that matters, with a fine balance between art and science. At Nurun, he took on the uphill battle of changing the typical ad agency mindset of “creativity belongs to creative department”, to a unique one where everyone in the agency can be creative in their own right through design and experiential innovations.


The programme may be subject to change. Pacific Conferences reserves the right to make any amendments that it deems to be in the interest of the event without any notice.

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