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Day 1


08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee  
09.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session
Yuliani Setiadi, General Manager, Head of Social, Social@Ogilvy Indonesia


09.30 What’s Hot among Indonesian Consumers?


  • Which social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Path, YouTube) are trending among different consumer groups?

  • Virtual Reality (VR), Chatbots, Live streaming: Are these new platforms to look out for?

  • Educational vs. branded content vs. entertainment: What type of content does each consumer group prefer?

  • Words vs. images vs. videos vs. interactive visuals: Which content format works best for each audience group?

  • Viral content: What are the topics that spark local interest?

Hansal Savla, Senior Director, TNS Indonesia



10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break  





The Inside Scoop of StarHub’s Social Content Strategy


  • How StarHub develops a content strategy that meets overall marketing, brand and corporate communications objectives

  • Insights into StarHub’s content development process: Creating, managing and maintaining content on an on-going basis

  • How StarHub identifies and leverages on the latest social media technology to push out creative content (Facebook Live, 360 video)

  • Developing a transmedia content strategy: How StarHub adapts similar content for different social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

  • Critical success factors and pitfalls to avoid in developing a successful content strategy

  • Localising content: Tips and key factors to look out for

Melissa Yuen, Social Media Campaigns Lead, StarHub



12.00 Lunch & Networking Break  




13.30 Inspirational Insights into how Cisco Creates Epic, Relevant Content


  • How Cisco sources for fresh ideas for social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Path, YouTube)

  • How Cisco creates authentic and creative content while relating to its products and brand

  • How Cisco develops engaging content on a regular basis while tackling budget, manpower and time constraints

  • How to use different angles to cover stories for different target audience?

  • How Cisco tells a consistent story across multiple platforms

Rashish Pandey, Director, Marketing, Asia Pacific, Cisco





14.30 The Power of Paid Content Distribution in building Great Brand Stories


  • The declining reach on the ever-changing social algorithms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

  • How leveraging on paid distribution can enhance your content reach to maximise engagement

  • Developing a comprehensive paid distribution strategy – Mapping your consumer journey

  • “How much should I invest?” Effective budgeting to paid distribution

  • When to opt out of paid distribution that doesn't convert?

Pranay Shah Singh, Head of Strategy, MEC Indonesia
Manoj Damodaran,
Head of Digital, MEC Indonesia



15.30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break  




16.00 Catapulting your Brand with Content Marketing: Innovative Strategies from DBS


  • How DBS uses content marketing to increase brand awareness and desirability

  • How DBS creates a consistent brand identity across its content marketing efforts

  • How DBS engages consumers with casual messages while maintaining a formal brand image

  • How DBS turns its employees into an army of content creators

  • How DBS overcomes challenges faced: Lessons learnt and pitfalls to avoid

Triari Senawirawan, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing – Consumer Banking Group, DBS Bank



17.00 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings


17.10 End of Day One





Day 2


08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee  
09.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session
Yuliani Setiadi, General Manager, Head of Social, Social@Ogilvy Indonesia


09.30 Tapping on Internal and External Stakeholders for Content Generation


  • How Aon Hewitt turns boring B2B content into powerful stories on Linkedin

  • How Aon Hewitt shifts the power of storytelling to its employees, partners and clients

  • How to work with various departments to develop content?

  • How Aon Hewitt packages content to suit the different social media platforms?

  • Coping with limited budget: The Aon Hewitt’s way

Elisa Bakri, Head of Marketing, South East Asia, Aon Hewitt



10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break  





Influencer Marketing: How Unilever Collaborates with Social Influencers


  • How Unilever selects influencers that align with its brand

  • How Unilever effectively co-creates content with influencers

  • Dos and don’ts when partnering with social influencers

Tessa Mahendra Tamin, Country Media Manager – Indonesia, Unilever





11.30 Insights into Coca-Cola’s Effective Video Marketing Strategy


  • What makes an engaging video? Dos and don’ts

  • How Coca-Cola integrates video marketing into overall content strategy

  • How Coca-Cola creates, schedules and executes a video campaign across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

  • How Coca-Cola produces videos within limited manpower resources and tight budget

  • Strategies to amplify your video reach across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Fikar Kusuma, iMarketing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company



12.15 Lunch & Networking Break  




13.45 Content Targeting Tools: Bringing Audiences to Your Virtual Door


  • What are the free and paid tools to amplify content reach on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube? How to leverage on them?

  • Live demonstration of free and paid content targeting tools

  • How to conduct in-depth audience segmentation for effective targeting of the right users?

  • Using social media optimisation and search engine marketing to improve content reach

  • Strategies and techniques to improve social media optimisation

Hari Hendrawan, Chief Digital Officer, MullenLowe Indonesia



15.15 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break  




15.45 Evaluating the Success of your Content Marketing


  • Is your content meeting business objectives? How to track your content marketing ROI?

  • Identifying the right KPIs and metrics

  • What are some useful measurement tools?

  • How to translate data findings into actionable insights?

  • Earning management buy-in: What to include and exclude from the report

Johanan Sen, Head of Strategy, Dentsu Möbius Media



17.00 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings


17.10 Close of Conference





Day 3


WORKSHOP AGENDA: Creative Ideation for Marketers Workshop


Session 1: Role of Ideation in Content Marketing – Creativity Demystified

One of the most challenging parts of content marketing is continuously coming up with fresh ideas that will really resonate with your audience. Ideas, where do they come from and how do they work? What sparked those brilliant ideas behind successful campaigns? This first session unpacks creativity and the tools that top creatives use to come up with ideas – and what to do when you seem to have none!

• The mad science of creativity
• Case studies of great ideas and their surprising story behind them
• Setting yourself up for success/conditions for creativity
• 5 techniques for ideation
• The bell curve of great ideas (conception, joy, doubt, pit of despair, the climb, success)
• Creative toolbox


Session 2: Finding the ‘Big Idea’ for your Social Media Campaign – Developing your Personal Creativity

Content marketers are required to be creative every day. Audiences are looking for consistent, engaging, quality content. If you fail to deliver, they’ll stop following. In this session we explore creativity and ideation on an individual level.

• Using the techniques from session one, develop a series of ideas to a brief
• Learn how to cluster, judge and edit your ideas
• Use the creative toolbox to push ideas further
• Share with a partner and build on each other’s ideas


Session 3: Brainstorming your Creative Campaign Ideas – Ideation in a Group Setting

Developing campaign concepts is a collaborative process. How do you get the most from your team’s brainpower to generate awesome ideas? This session moves from personal to group settings exploring the art of ideation in a group with hands-on practice.

• Giving and receiving feedback, the art of building on ideas
• Framework and techniques for effective group ideation
• Breakout group ideastorming session
• Discussion and examples of how to pitch an idea in a group setting


Session 4: Pitching your Creative Social Media Campaign Idea

Your team has come up with a brilliant campaign proposal. The next challenge is how are you going to pitch it to your boss or leadership team? In the final session groups will have a short time to prepare and pitch their idea from session 3. We’ll also summarise learnings from the day and discuss ways that you can continue to develop creativity.

• Vote for the winning pitch
• Feedback for each of the groups
• Summary of what we’ve learned
• How to nurture creativity every day


Workshop Leader

Claire Waring, Executive Creative Director, South East Asia, SapientRazorfish

With over 20 years of experience, Claire has led creative teams in digital and integrated agencies across the UK, Australia and Asia.

As Executive Creative Director at SapientRazorfish, she is responsible for shaping and delivering work across Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia that breaks boundaries at the intersection of story and technology. Her extensive experience comes from working with some of the most iconic and global brands such as Volvo, Toyota, Unilever, Cadbury, Tiger Beer, GSK, Playstation, Sony, Tourism Australia, Lane Crawford, Telkomsel and more.

Claire has held creative leadership roles at Havas (EuroRSCG), TBWA\Digital Arts Network and Saatchi & Saatchi. Her work has picked up awards across the globe – Cannes, OneShow, Caples, Clio, ADMA and AWARD amongst others. She has judged for Cannes, ADMA, Effies and this year is on the digital jury for New York Festivals/OneShow.


The programme may be subject to change. Pacific Conferences reserves the right to make any amendments that it deems to be in the interest of the event without any notice.

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