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Aditya Kanathala

Digital Marketing & Media Manager,

Intel Corporation

A unique blend of 9 years of marketing and data analytics experience, with expertise spanning across Digital & Social marketing, Brand & Content Strategy, Data modeling and quality management. Joined Intel Corporation in 2012 as a part of the prestigious ALP – SMRP program. In the past 6 years at Intel I have held senior strategist and managerial roles in the sales and marketing organization, from managing Intel Social footprint, owning the always on social content strategy, capabilities and marketing technology stack across Asia Pacific and Japan. Prior to joining Intel, worked as a Quality Consultant at Google for about 2 years primarily working in their Google Playstore division covering data quality operations. In addition to these 8yrs of full time working opportunities, I had consulting opportunities with multiple organizations like Frosthub and LDI Corporation covering market research and analysis for a year.