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Anthea Neo

Principal Manager, Corporate Development, Business Analysis & Strategic Planning, Community Outreach,

Mount Alvernia Hospital

Anthea joined Mount Alvernia Hospital in 2008 with the task of setting up the Business Analysis & Strategic Planning Department. In 2015, she took on the added role of spearheading the expansion of Mount Alvernia’s community outreach programme. She was instrumental in the setting up of the Mount Alvernia Outreach Medical and Dental Clinics providing highly subsidised primary care to the disadvantaged community. These would include isolated seniors, persons with disabilities, ex-offenders, vulnerable families, transnational spouses and foreign workers. She is also responsible for developing mobile and hospital-based outreach programmes to provide the diversity in services required to cater for differing community need; such as dental screenings, mobile clinics for foreign workers, home visits and chronic disease monitoring for elderly. She is continually looking to build active relationships with partners for meaningful collaboration opportunities. Prior to joining MAH, she was previously with Singapore Tourism Board and National Arts Council. Anthea holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Hons) from Nanyang Technology University.