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Ashmita Saha

Digital Social & Insights Lead,


Ashmita Saha (Ash) is a digital analytics professional with deep experience across corporations such as Accenture, Intel, and StarHub. For the past 7 years she has focused on the diverse aspects of digital analytics including web, app, eCommerce, social analytics and social listening. While working in Accenture, Ash helped set up the digital analytics reporting processes, templates and cadence for their Products Operating Group at a global level. The insights resulting from these efforts helped power the B2B marketing and communication engine for the operating group, in optimizing spends and in identifying the most impactful target groups and messaging that impact business revenues. In StarHub, Ash leads the Digital and Social Insights team to provide actionable insights that help various parts of the organization make better, faster, smarter business decisions.  She believes social listening and analytics is an integral part of digital analytics and is critical for marketing performance optimisation. Under Ash’s guidance, social listening has become a potent tool for guiding business, customer service and product strategy for Starhub.

Ash is intrigued by the multitude of data formats that are generated continuously through the different digital channels. Learning how to wade through this flood of data is an ongoing process for her. Her ultimate analytics goal is to have a truly end-to-end single customer view that includes a seamless understanding of customer psyche, behaviour and buying patterns.