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Cherie Lim



Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Cherie has always aspired to create her own business since young, one that will make a positive impact on society. Her father used to say that mentors should not ask, “What job do you have?”, but rather, “What types of jobs do you want to create?”. With her passion for eCommerce coupled with skills in digital and product marketing and marketing analytics, she hopes to channel her energy into creating brands people love and telling stories that people remember. Today, she is the co-Founder of PoweredByPlant – a sustainable eCommerce that aims to make Eco shopping easy and affordable. Cherie is also the founder of CheongsamDollie –a family Cheongsam rental business that hopes to keep Singaporean Chinese cultural heritage alive by renting out pristine branded Cheongsams at decent prices. She strives to find meaning in the work she does, create a large impact, and also create a supportive community along the way. Her hobbies include creating YouTube videos, dancing and fitness. She eventually hopes to be a digital nomad, travelling the world while working on her side hustles.