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Chris Cheung


Deloitte China

Chris is a partner in Deloitte China specializes in Financial Crime Compliance, AML and Analytics. Over the last 18 years, Chris was involved in a wide range of projects, including as AML risk rating model, risk assessments, Sanctions look back projects, with national and sectoral coverage, wide variety of product/ service, as well as scale and depth.  He is also a frequent speaker to professionals and regulatory bodies.  

Chris has led the effort in assisting key government agencies on their AML / CFT Risk Assessments for a jurisdiction and has been involved with the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Sanctions retrospective investigation. He has implemented a global solution and addressed local data challenges, and has assisted the local branch of the global banks perform independent review to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of their AML / CFT policy, procedures, systems and controls. 

Highlight of recent experience 

  • National/ regional AML/CFT Risk Assessments – led the effort in assisting a local government in its National Risk Assessment 
  • Retrospective investigation for a global bank based in Hong Kong  led a local work streams in the review of global transactions  
  • Independent review for the Hong Kong branch of a major bank in East Asia  evaluated the adequacy and effectiveness of their AML/CFT policy, procedures, systems and controls, and their compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. 
  • Conduct institutional risk assessment for one of the largest Chinese SOE bank. 
  • Provide advisory services on sanction compliance to Chinese companies.