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Eldrid Tan

Product Manager - New Products and Strategic Collaborations,

IRVINS Salted Egg

Eldrid heads the New Products department in IRVINS Salted Egg. Managing new launches and bringing all products towards commercialization globally, he manages multiple teams to ensure that IRVINS stays nimble and fast-paced while growing beyond a startup, and is focused in IRVINS’ mission towards World Domination via Asian Flavours. Eldrid and his team also creates and manages all new products; from core Salted Egg products, to the new IRVINS’ Fish Head Curry Flavour, and also strategic collaborations with companies like Pokémon and the Singapore Tourism Board (Grand Prix). Growing the global assortment of products for places like Singapore, USA and China, Eldrid plays a key role in bringing Salted Egg, and other Asian flavours, from Singapore to the world.