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Felipe Rego

Data Science & Analytics Partner,


Felipe is a leading advanced analytics and data science partner, working with teams in a range of different organisations and helping them build, manage and enhance their data science capabilities. Felipe is also an analytics instructor with experience disseminating practical, actionable analytics and data visualisation techniques in both classrooms and online settings.

When Felipe is not partnering with clients or helping students, he’s a research candidate in Learning Analytics at The University of Sydney. As part of his research, Felipe makes sense of students’ digital traces and looks at the role learning analytics dashboards play in influencing learning outcomes. His research has also been focused on exploring patterns of students’ engagement and performance profiles in learning environments. Alongside all this, Felipe is also a blogger, writing regularly on a wide range of topics including data science, learning analytics, predictive analytics, statistical learning and data visualisation.

Recognised internationally for his thought leadership, Felipe received over 62,000 visitors to his blog from over 180 countries last year and some of his articles have been ranked #1 in Google search. Felipe is widely referenced by many sources and leading educational institutions including StackOverflow, Udacity, Western Michigan University, UC Santa Barbara and Edinburgh Napier University among others.