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Grant MacKinnon

Managing Director,

GRM & Associates Pty Limited, Australia

Grant is an internationally recognised risk culture specialist, having previously led a global centre of expertise for Deloitte serving clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.

For the past decade he has worked with some of the world’s largest and most respected companies to design and implement risk culture assessment methodologies, deliver comprehensive assessment programmes, and design/ implement programmes to strengthen organisational resilience.

His work centres on the identification and redress of culture-related vulnerabilities (or organisational ‘design flaws’) that may result in reputational damage, unsustainable risk exposure, risk-aversion, or other undesirable outcomes.

He has worked across a number of industry sectors including the government, airlines, transportation, media, utilities/ resources, venture capital and the financial services (retail banking, global markets, institutional, investment banking, wealth, insurance).

Industry coverage:

  • Global banking and securities organisations (Europe, North America, Asia Pacific)
  • Wealth Management (UK, Australia)
  • Global insurers (Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific)
  • Real Estate and Construction (Australia)
  • Venture Capital (Europe, Middle East, South America)
  • Manufacturing (Japan)
  • Central Government (Australia)


  • Risk and Regulatory (non-financial risk, compliance, financial crime, conduct, culture)
  • Business Operations (operating efficiency, service excellence, automation, network optimisation)
  • Human Capital (strategic change, strategic workforce planning, workforce scheduling, industrial reform)
  • Finance (controls simplification, finance transformation)
  • Governance (Board Audit and Risk Committee, Chair)