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Matt Sutton



I have spent the last 15 years happily lost in Asia building, managing, selling and integrating digital businesses in over 20 markets that have been regional and global in scale.

I have been beyond fortunate to have worked with some incredible people, shareholders and boards across the planet whilst building teams and operations in some of the most exciting and demanding markets & regions in the world like China, India, Australia, Korea, South East Asia and many more.  With the help of my amazing teams I launched Twitter’s business in Asia, set up multiple strategic partnerships with the likes of Facebook and Google, led a management buy-out, went through 5 integrations and trade sales, oversaw 3 turnarounds & multiple business pivots, delivered over 100% year on year growth, worked with direct report sizes ranging from 10-200, managed over half a billion dollars of revenue … and came out the other side alive and kicking!  I learned a lot along the way.

That learning process never ends though and the collision of technology and the internet have brought about a period of incredible change and I enjoy joining the debate through public speaking, various boards and committees, industry columns … and over a coffee.  I’ve advised hundreds of businesses on all things digital and this has fueled my fascination with business transformation in a digital world.  That is the biggest influence on the businesses I choose to advise, invest in, set up and work with.  I get all hot under the collar about growth, progress and innovation.

Travel has changed my life and I’m hopeful that globalization can do the same for many more.  I’m fascinated by the human condition and the power of positive thinking.  I believe in limitless potential.  I’ve set up a real estate company with my dad in Lancashire.  I love my family.  I also love sport, people, travel, music, clothes and wine.