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Mohamed Farook Abdul Wahab, PK, PBM

Deputy Director, Community Partnership, Quality Service Manager Office,

Land Transport Authority

Having worked in the Public Works Department, Civil Aviation Authority and currently the Land Transport Authority, Farook carries along with him much knowledge and experiences which he is ever-ready to share with those around him. He has received two accolades – National Day Awards – The Commendation Medal (PK) given to recognize his significant contributions at work; and the Public Service Medal (PBM) for his valuable service to the Community.

Some of the major projects Farook was involved in includes the construction of the Sheares Bridge, widening of Still Road and the maintenance of Seletar and Changi Airports, to name a few. During his career, he had also helped in the Business Re-engineering Process study of some work processes and coordinated the development of in-house and inter-agency IT application systems. For example, the CORENET –  Construction and Real Estate NETwork and INLIS – Integrated Land Information Service. He subsequently led a team of multi-skilled officers to successfully implement the INLIS-Road Line Plan Internet application system, where upon payment, Road Line Plans are made available to customers within minutes.

Farook holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering. Over the years, through sheer determination and hard work, he climbed to the rank of a Deputy Director in the LTA Community Partnership Group (CPN). Today, he leads a team of Managers who are fondly called as the “Foot Soldiers” of LTA. Together, they spend much time with the Community – engaging, consulting and co-creating many land transport related initiatives.

Farook is a proud father of four sons, and he lives life by a simple yet powerful motto “Be MAD (Make A Difference)”.