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Rup Kamal Kalita

Global Marketing Director, GC & APJ Customer Storytelling,


As a digital marketing native, my professional experience has been around decoding various facets of the click-to-revenue journey of a customer.

Over the years, objectives kept changing with industries and segments that I worked for. But one thing that didn’t, was the core behaviour of the audience. “We see where we go, and click what we see!”. Our media behaviour has a pattern and content consumption is based on relevance & contextuality. Any media plan that maps these patterns and serves the most relevant content with a wrapper of contextuality always delivers to business objectives.

After working with many renowned agencies, driving business objectives with digital marketing for some of the iconic brands, I have started this deeper journey with content. Some call this Storytelling, I call myself a Content Marketer.

When we sell software, we sell dreams that cannot be seen but experienced. I work towards bringing alive these experiences of our customers. The content marketer in me pushes to identify the most relevant thread in building the most contextual story, craft them specifically for the digital and offline platforms where these stories are meant to be told. Because I believe that mediums define how the same story needs to be told differently. Our content consumption habit changes with the change in mediums.