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Sean Tang

Assistant Vice President, Enterprise-wide Risk Management,


My first encounter with Risk Management was in 2003. It was an immediate “love-at-first-sight” and I immediately opt for a full-time Risk Manager role when Mediacorp set up the Enterprise-wide Risk Management Office 3 years later. There was no turning back since then.

Having served Mediacorp for almost twenty years with twelve years as a certified and practicing risk professional as well as business continuity practitioner, I witnessed the transformation and progression of risk management practices as well as cultural change in the organization. Together with a 3-year stint in a statutory board, I have accumulated valuable experiences in implementing and nurturing risk management (including Business Continuity) in an organization.

The academic trainings I received as a degree graduate in Engineering as well as a Master in Business Administration helps me to be systematic, analytical and critical, which are essential traits of a risk manager. I am a certified risk management professional as well as a business continuity practitioner since 2007.

One particular risk quote (taken from Mr Alexei Sidorenko) that resonates with me is “Effective risk management is not about how well risks are managed. It is about managing business with risks in mind.”