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Session 1: Connecting the Dots to Develop an Insights-based Social Media Strategy

• How to Build a Data Strategy
   - Examine the place of insights in social media organisations
   - Command center, real-time dashboards, reports, trackers: what to start with and what to plan for
• How Lenovo Tracks and Gathers Data
   - How to identify requirements and set parameters?
   - Which software to use for various social platforms?
   - Data collection and visualisation: Outsource vs In-house
• Making Sense of Social Data
   - Setting KPIs for social
   - How to benchmark against competitors and own performance?
   - How to create a comprehensive dashboard that integrates different KPIs?
   - Data visualisation and data storytelling
Hands-on exercise: Framing social media strategy based on data insights

Anna Rokina, Global Social Analytics and Listening Lead, Lenovo



Session 2: Leveraging on Data Insights to Maximise Content Effectiveness

Case Studies: Gauging effectiveness of content published by the brand for your target audience
   - Text vs. images vs. videos
Demo: Assessing and testing audience targets
Demo: Assessing campaign effectiveness
   - Identifying topics that resonate with an audience
Case Studies: Handling negative sentiment
   - Listening
   - Ignore? Respond? Escalate?
Case Studies: Going beyond text listening
Demo: How does image recognition technology work for brands?
   - What are the use cases of image recognition technology for brands?
• What other types of new technology exist to help with marketing at a broad level?
• How much can I learn from social data to drive decisions in advertising and marketing in other
   forms of digital and traditional?



Session 3: Monetising Social Media & Optimising Paid Social Advertising

Hands-on exercise: How to quantify your social media success beyond vanity metrics
Case studies: How brands use deep data and predictive metrics to measure social media
   performance effectiveness
• Examining the relationship between deep data and predictive metrics and ad performance
Hands-on exercise: How to alter your targeting strategy to achieve better results
Demo: Deep data and predictive analytics tools

Rainbow Cheung, Strategic Accounts, JAPAC, Socialbakers


The programme may be subject to change. Pacific Conferences reserves the right to make any amendments that it deems to be in the interest of the event without any notice.

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