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Can you Unleash Actionable Insights from your Social Data?

Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Analytics, Instagram Insights, YouTube Analytics –
you collect massive amounts of data across different social platforms.
Do you know how to integrate multiple data sources into a single customer view?
How should you segment and analyse for in-depth audience data?
Can you translate data insights into customised content?
Can you use social data for more effective ad targeting?
Can you track conversions from your social media traffic?

Make Sense of your Social Data
Drive Business Decisions & Performance

Join us at this exciting 1-day workshop to acquire the latest social media analytics tools and strategies to sift out actionable insights for business value. Through interactive hands-on exercises, learn how to set strategic metrics, develop a holistic dashboard for data collection and analysis, measure lead conversions and cross-channel attributions, and benchmark results for effective reporting. Witness live demonstrations of social monitoring tools to discover practical applications of algorithmic content curation and evaluating the effectiveness of text and visual content. Don’t miss the chance to find out how to use deep data and predictive analytics to optimise paid social ad performance.

Workshop Highlights

In-Depth Case Study: How Lenovo Connects the Dots to Develop an Insights-based Social Media Strategy

How do you create a comprehensive dashboard that integrates different KPIs? How do you analyse and perform in-depth customer profiling? How do you determine the most effective channels to focus on? Deep dive into how Lenovo operationalises its in-house social analytics and learn how to develop a data-driven social media framework in this hands-on session.

Anna Rokina, Global Social Analytics and Listening Lead, Lenovo

Live Demonstration: Leveraging on Data Insights to Maximise Content Effectiveness

How do you identify topics that resonate with your target audience? How do you listen for and handle negative sentiments? Beyond text listening, how to use visual data to know what people are saying about your brand? Discover the newest technologies to track your content performance, understand your target audience, and drive marketing decisions.

Jeannette Arrowood, Managing Director, Sysomos

Live Demonstration: Monetising Social Media & Optimising Paid Social Advertising 

How do you quantify your social media success beyond vanity metrics? How do you evaluate and compare the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram ads? How do you leverage on tools to generate leads and track conversions? Through case studies, learn how to use predictive analytics tools to alter your targeting strategy to achieve higher results.

Rainbow Cheung, Strategic Accounts, JAPAC, Socialbakers

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand how to identify requirements and set parameters for data analysis

  • Assess key considerations for selecting the right analytics tools for different platforms

  • Learn how to make sense of your social data and benchmark against competitors

  • Find out how to connect multiple data sets into a holistic, integrated dashboard

  • Discover how to conduct audience analysis to reach the right audience

  • Grasp how to track the effectiveness of published content: text, images, videos

  • Leverage on valuable visual data to unlock insights from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

  • Uncover visual context to see how your brand or product is being photographed

  • Track how your Facebook content performance impacts wider digital KPIs

  • Determine the right publishing timing to maximise your visibility and content reach

  • Examine how to measure ad performance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Who Should Attend

Senior Level Executives responsible for Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications

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