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Are you making a Sustained Impact on the Community?

Building social cohesion in the wake of rising terrorist threats,
Advocating sustainable lifestyles to take ownership of the environment,
Reaching out to troubled teenagers with all-time high suicide rates,
Promoting active ageing and learning amid a greying population,
Supporting passions of the young in the arts, culture and sports.

In today’s times of rapid social change, it is critical for the public sector, businesses and NGOs to synergise their outreach efforts to develop meaningful initiatives that have a long-term social impact. But with diverse needs of the community, differing interests among partners, passive stakeholders, and engagement fatigue, reaching out to the local community is an uphill struggle.

Acquire Innovative Strategies to Successfully
 Engage the Local Community

Join us at this 3-day event to discover how leading practitioners in the private, public and NGOs achieve sustainable engagement for long-term social impact. Be inspired with fresh and creative ideas to develop programmes that capture the diverse interests of the public including youths, families, working adults and seniors. Overcome challenges in aligning and sustaining stakeholder interest for win-win partnerships. Don’t miss the chance to hear how to co-create value with the community and effect behaviour change to convert them into active ambassadors. Acquire the latest frameworks, tools and KPIs to evaluate the short-term and long-term impact of your initiatives.


Hear Best Practices & Fresh Insights From:

Marija Ralic,

Regional Philanthropies Program Manager-Asia Pacific,

Nate Low

Director, Community Engagement and Employee Engagement, Asia Pacifics,

Jason Leow,
General Manager of External Relations,
Shell Singapore

Roshith Rajan,

Corporate Responsibility Lead- Asia Pacific,

Sharon Eng,

Assistant Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility,

Maybank Singapore

Audrey Mok,

Head of Corporate Communications,
Sony Electronics Asia Pacific

Pratibha Kurnool,
CSR Program Manager,

Kim Stengert,

Director of Communications,

World Wide Fund for Nature

Angeline Chin,

Head of Corporate Citizenship

Credit Suisse

Mohamed Farook Abdul Wahab, PK, PBM,
Deputy Director of Community Partnership, Quality Service Manager Office,
Land Transport Authority

Andrew Khoo,
Chief Operating Officer, Swensen’s and Director Group Business Development,

ABR Holdings Ltd

Lai Chin Kwang,
Chief of ActiveSG,

Candace Zhou,

Senior Manager, Blood Donor Recruitment Programme,
Singapore Red Cross

Stefan Phang,

Global Director, Corporate
Social Responsibility,
Sealed Air Corporation


Loh Chay Hwee,
Deputy Director of Community in Bloom,
National Parks Board

Niky Sakhrani,

Business Development

Thomas Milburn,
Senior Consultant,
Corporate Citizenship




Event Highlights

Programme Development

How to tailor to different groups, needs, interests?

Win-Win Partnerships

How do we find the right partner with common goals?

Active Ambassadorship

How to get local community to take ownership of programmes?

Community Collaboration

How to crowdsource, co-create and consult the public?

Innovative Engagement

How to creatively engage without being overly resource intensive?

Online Engagement

How to leverage on the latest digital channels for public outreach?

Volunteer Recruitment

How do we attract the right volunteers and sustain interest?

Tackling Internal Challenges

How can we deconflict management KPIs and stakeholder needs?

Sustainable Engagement

How can we keep the spark going with the community?

Impact Assessment

How can we provide the right report for management?


Benefits of Attending

  • Discover the key considerations, priorities and focus areas when Maybank develops its outreach programmes

  • Uncover secrets to how Visa, Sony and Cognizant get management buy-in on new initiatives

  • Learn how Microsoft and Sodexo leverage on organisational skills and expertise for unique creative ideation

  • Find out how Vocanic creates effective social media messages that capture audience attention

  • Pick up tips from SportSG on the dos and don’ts to manage and sustain the interest of volunteers

  • Tackle challenges in collaborating with the public and how LTA follows through when programmes fail

  • Hear how ABR, Shell and Credit Suisse collaborate with stakeholders to develop long-term partnerships

  • Gain insights into what causes engagement resistance and how WWF overcomes it

  • Takeaway strategies to retain ambassadors’ interest to continue championing engagement causes

  • Evaluate the outcome of engagement efforts to fine-tune future outreach strategies

  • Network with leading engagement practitioners from the private, public and NGOs

Past Delegates' Testimonials

“Sharing of very realistic and practical initiatives. Interesting to hear from many market leaders.”

“Another day with authoritative and excellent speakers with interesting and valuable insights and experiences.”

“The construction of local, regional, government, private competitive mix helps to broaden sector perspective.”

“Organisers were very responsive to feedback and actively sought input on issues faced by participants which they would like to see covered during the conference.”


Who Should Attend

This event is designed exclusively for senior level executives responsible for local community engagement from the public sector, MNCs, regional and local corporations


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