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Day 1


08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee  
09.00 Chairman’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session

Stefan Phang, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sealed Air Corporation



Strategy Formulation: How Maybank Develops Different Community Engagement Initiatives to Target Diverse Community’s Needs


Case Study Presentation
  • Key considerations, priorities and focus areas when developing a programme

  • What are the common and differing traits between community groups to keep in mind when engaging various stakeholders?

  • How to formulate targeted programmes for diverse community groups?

  • Challenges and risks in programme development: How to overcome them

  • How to follow through when the community does not react according to plan?

  • How to use lessons learnt to fine-tune future programmes?

Sharon Eng, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Maybank Singapore



10.40 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break  




11.00 De-conflicting Management KPIs & Stakeholders’ Needs


Panel Discussion
  • Organisational KPIs vs. community needs: Which takes priority?

  • Is it ever possible to align organisational objectives and community interests?

  • How do you get management buy-in on engagement initiatives?

  • Can you ensure quality engagement when working with limited resources – budget, manpower, logistic?

  • How do you overcome organisational engagement fatigue?


Stefan Phang, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sealed Air Corporation


Nate Low, Director, Community Engagement and Employee Engagement, Asia Pacifics, Visa

Audrey Mok, Head, Corporate Communications, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific
Pratibha Kurnool,
CSR Program Manager, Cognizant



12.00 Lunch & Networking Break  




13.30 How Vocanic Leverages on Digital Platforms to Reach Out to Target Audience


Case Study Presentation


  • What are the latest digital and online channels available for community outreach?

  • How to identify the best digital platforms to engage the community?

  • How to create effective social media messages that capture the attention of target audience?

  • How to effectively sustain online engagement with the community?

  • How to successfully integrate digital channels into traditional engagement methods?

Niky Sakhrani, Business Development Director, Vocanic





14.30 Community In Bloom: A National Gardening Movement  

Case Study Presentation
  • Growing the Community In Bloom (CIB) Volunteer Movement

  • Getting the local community to take ownership of their community gardens

  • Identifying and recognising Community In Bloom Ambassadors

  • Overcoming obstacles when working with volunteers and Ambassadors

  • Developing long term-strategies to continue the programme in engaging and rooting the communities

Loh Chay Hwee, Deputy Director of Community in Bloom, National Parks Board



15.30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break  




16.00 Aligning Public & Private Sector Goals to Achieve Win-Win Partnerships  

Panel Discussion
  • How do you find the right partner with similar focus to synergise efforts?

  • How do you get businesses to support your outreach efforts?

  • How do you align organisational goals and objectives between community partners?

  • How do you keep all partners involved in the decision-making process?

  • How do you sustain partners’ interest and convince them to develop a long-term partnership?


Stefan Phang, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sealed Air Corporation



Jason Leow, General Manager of External Relations, Shell Singapore

Angeline Chin, Head of Corporate Citizenship APAC, Credit Suisse

Andrew Khoo, Chief Operating Officer, Swensen's and Director Group Business Development, ABR Holdings Ltd



17.10 Chairman’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings


17.20 End of Day One





Day 2


09.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks & Interactive Charge-Up Session

Stefan Phang, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sealed Air Corporation


09.30 How LTA Co-creates Value with the Local Community


Case Study Presentation
  • What are the different channels of stakeholder collaboration?

  • Key considerations when collaborating with different community groups (youths, elderly, working adults)

  • How to engage the community to co-create a solution?

  • Understanding the challenges faced when collaborating with the public

  • To what extent and how is feedback and information collected used?

Mohamed Farook Abdul Wahab, PK, PBM, Deputy Director of Community Partnership, Quality Service Manager Office, Land Transport Authority



10.45 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break  




11.15 Creative Ideas that Capture the Interest of Stakeholders


Panel Discussion
  • How to source for creative and innovative ideas for community engagement?

  • Critical success factors and pitfalls to avoid when developing creative engagement methods

  • How to leverage on organisational skills and expertise for unique idea creation?

  • Idea feasibility: How to creatively engage without being overly labour and time intensive?

  • Successful and failed examples of innovative engagement: Best practices and lessons learnt


Stefan Phang, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sealed Air Corporation


Nate Low, Director, Community Engagement and Employee Engagement, Asia Pacifics, Visa

Roshith Rajan, Corporate Responsibility Lead – Asia Pacific, Sodexo
Marija Ralic,
Regional Philanthropies Program Manager – Asia Pacific, Microsoft

Candace Zhou, Senior Manager, Blood Donor Recruitment Programme, Singapore Red Cross



12.30 Lunch & Networking Break  




14.10 How SportSG Successfully Recruits & Sustains Volunteers’ Commitment to Programmes


Case Study Presentation
  • How to select the right volunteer recruitment platforms?

  • How to attract different types of volunteers and ensure the proper match to programmes?

  • Insights into volunteers’ needs and how to satisfy these needs

  • Discover how SportSG manages volunteers to gain their cooperation

  • Tips, dos and don’ts to sustain the interest of volunteers

Lai Chin Kwang, Chief of ActiveSG, SportSG



15.15 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break  




15.45 Sustaining Interest: How WWF Keeps the Spark Going with the Community  

Case Study Presentation
  • Why is there engagement resistance from the community?

  • WWF’s strategies to overcome engagement resistance

  • What causes engagement fatigue and how to overcome it?

  • How WWF designs long-term outreach efforts that achieve sustained impact?

  • What to do when your programme fails to sustain community’s interest: Pitfalls to avoid and lessons learnt

Kim Stengert, Director of Communications, World Wide Fund for Nature



17.00 Chairman’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings  
17.10 Close of Conference  






Day 3


9am 5pm (Morning, afternoon refreshments & lunch will be served at appropriate intervals)


Measuring the Effectiveness of Community Engagement Programmes


Session 1: The value of measuring your community investment

• The importance of measurement: Why does measurement matter?
• An overview of existing frameworks, standards and guidance e.g. LBG; Social Return on Investment (SROI); Theory of Change and
   Logic Models
• The hallmarks of good measurement and reporting on impact


Session 2: Understanding inputs, outputs and impacts

• Overview of inputs, outputs and impacts
• Identifying the right KPIs for measuring programme effectiveness and impact
• A review of practical measurement tools


Session 3: Assessing impact and drawing conclusions from data

• Key challenges in collecting data and drawing insights from data
• Tips on drawing effective conclusions
• Using insights to evaluate and drive performance improvement


Session 4: Reporting and communication

• Best practice principles on communicating community engagement
• Examples of how to present and report data
• Aligning to global best practice and international agendas (The UN Sustainable Development Goals)


Workshop Leader

Thomas Milburn,
Senior Consultant, Corporate Citizenship

Thomas is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professional with over seven years’ experience advising and working with large global companies across several industry sectors. He brings a high energy level and commitment to tackling business challenges in order to help companies succeed and create long-term value for business and society.

He began his career at Business in the Community in 2009, helping companies to benchmark their CSR performance and embed responsible practices into their core business. At Corporate Citizenship, he has had the opportunity to work with a range of clients in different parts of the world, having been based in both London and Singapore. His client work has included City Developments Limited (CDL), GIC, Golden Agri Resources, Maybank, MTR Corporation, and Sembcorp Industries.

In particular, Thomas has specialisms in community investment strategy development, impact measurement and reporting. He is a regular speaker on these topics in Singapore. Thomas holds an MSc in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics from Birkbeck College, University of London.


The programme may be subject to change. Pacific Conferences reserves the right to make any amendments that it deems to be in the interest of the event without any notice.

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