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Are you Still in Control over your Brand?

From Facebook, Instagram, to websites and mobile apps,
consumers today seek out brands across digital platforms.
But as consumers trust one another more than businesses,
prioritise personalisation and relevance in interactions,
crave for brand authenticity and transparency,
you can no longer shape your brand just by pushing messages.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what customers tell each other it is.”*

Build your Brand on Social Media, Mobile, Web

Join us at this 2-day workshop to acquire practical strategies to create positive digital brand experiences that build relationships with your consumers. Examine how to map your digital customer journey to identify the right opportunities and touchpoints. Develop an effective integrated digital strategy that moves your consumer from brand awareness, to engagement, to adoption, to advocacy. Learn how to set metrics for social media, owned media and earned media including influencers to measure digital success. Don’t miss the chance to acquire techniques in transmedia storytelling and pick up strategies to drive social media engagement and strengthen your web and mobile brand presence.

Programme Highlights

Traditional vs. Digital Branding

How has branding changed with digital?

Integrated Digital Strategy

Social media, mobile, web: Selecting the right mix

Digital Consumer Journey

Strengths vs. weaknesses of each channel

Setting KPIs & Measuring Success

Integrating data from online and offline

Digital Storytelling

How to provide value in brand communication?

Social Media Engagement

User behaviour on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Web & Mobile

Power of Google Analytics

Overcoming Internal Challenges

Recruitment, training, structure, management

Workshop Leader


With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia, Bonsey Jaden is a full service digital agency dedicated to building iconic brands in the online world, with extensive expertise in web and mobile development, social media, digital advertising, online promotion and data analysis. Clients include Audi, Carlsberg, Cathay Pacific, Citibank, DBS, EPSON, Fitness First, Great Eastern, Jim Beam, Mondelez International, Maybank, Nestle, Nokia, P&G, Standard Chartered, Sime Darby, Universal Music Group and more.


Daniel Posavac, CEO, Bonsey Jaden

Daniel has more than a decade of digital marketing experience, with expertise ranging from digital strategy to campaign development and execution. Experienced working with all types of brands, both internationally and across Asia, Daniel focuses on helping clients develop their digital marketing strategy while creating memorable and engaging customer experiences.

Currently based in Singapore, Daniel has headed up projects with brands such as Unilever, Fox Sports, ANZ Bank, DBS Bank, EPSON, Reckitt Benckiser, Great Eastern, Globecast, Galderma, Pos Malaysia and more.

What Past Delegates Have Said

“I appreciate all the case studies and tactics shared by Daniel. They are useful.”

“The content was comprehensive and there’s sufficient breadth in terms of the topics covered.”

“Daniel clearly and effectively delivered a sound integrated digital framework and how the key components and layers work together.”

Pleased with the level of knowledge that the trainer has and the passion he showed in his delivery.”

Benefits of Attending

  • Examine fundamental brand building principles & how to integrate digital & traditional branding

  • Evaluate the 4 key phases of digital customer journey & identify suitable touchpoints

  • Gain insights into the 10 principles of customer-centricity & 6 elements of digital strategy

  • Grasp how to leverage on data as the core to target market definition and audience segmentation

  • Assess how to determine the right channels & best frequency to publish your content

  • Learn to leverage on influencers & word-of-mouth advocacy to communicate brand effectively

  • Acquire tips to develop winning social content & integrate content across different channels

  • Analyse user behaviours & explore new and upcoming platforms like Snapchat, Periscope etc.

  • Examine how to manage crises on social media & the 4 steps to develop a social media strategy

  • Determine role of website in customer journey & differentiate between beauty & user experience

  • Define key considerations of web presence: Information architecture, visual design, website content etc.

  • Weigh the respective roles & advantages between agency & in-house digital teams

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*K. Wong (Dec 22nd, 2015) The Explosive Growth of Influencer Marketing and What It Means for You. Retrieved on 15 December 2016, from http://www.tashimajones.com/single-post/2015/12/22/The-Explosive-Growth-Of-Influencer-Marketing-And-What-It-Means-For-You

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