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Session 1: From Traditional to Digital – Establish your Brand in a Digital World

Digital revolutionises the way consumers interact with brands. In this session, we will examine the impact of digital on traditional branding and the opportunities available for brands to meet the heightened expectations of consumers today.

• What is digital branding? Examine how branding has changed with digital
• The fundamentals of brand building principles
• How digital branding integrates with traditional branding
• Market research and competitive benchmarking: How and where?


Session 2: Digital Customer Journey – Understanding your Audience

As you build your digital brand presence on social media, web, mobile, are you choosing your channels based on market trends or your audience’s intent and needs? Discover how to map your consumer journey and identify the right opportunities and audience touchpoints.

• Examine the 4 key phases of the digital customer journey
• Identify suitable touchpoints and tactics to implement across the journey
• Assessing strengths vs. weaknesses of each digital engagement channel
• Analyse how to develop an integrated brand strategy

Case study: Cetaphil
Exercise: Map your customer journey to understand which channels impact the different challenges & opportunities for your brand


Session 3: Integrated Digital Strategy – Creating a Seamless Brand Experience

Social media, mobile, and web, what is the right mix of digital channels? What should the balance between online and offline platforms be? How much budget should we allocate to each channel? In this session we examine how to break down silos and plan an integrated digital strategy.

• Examine what defines a clear digital strategy
• Data as the core to target market definition and audience segmentation
• Gain insights into 10 principles of customer-centricity
• Analyse the 6 key elements of a digital branding strategy
• Social media, mobile, web: Choosing the right mix of digital channels


Session 4: Setting KPIs & Measuring Success – Assessing Brand Effectiveness

Can you measure and analyse the effectiveness of your digital strategy? Acquire tools and techniques to benchmark and optimise your brand performance for maximum business returns.

• Moving beyond vanity metrics: Define and set meaningful KPIs and metrics
• Building a KPI framework aligned with customer journey
• Tracking and automation tools to generate in-depth performance data insights
• Data tracking: Creating actionable insights from data collected
• Integrating data from online and offline channels and translating the results
• Analyse and benchmark against own performance to optimise future marketing campaigns

Exercise: Set goals & develop a KPI framework for your brand based on its strategy & objectives


Session 5: Digital Storytelling – Communicating your Brand Effectively

Can you bring across your brand message through engaging content that stands out from the noise and adds value to your audience? Determine how to create and tailor compelling brand narratives for different content formats across platforms.

• Stories as the fundamental of brand communication
• Types of communication value: Information, education, entertainment, distraction
• Content seeding: Planning the right channels to deliver your stories
• How to determine the best frequency to publish your content
• Integrating content across different channels
• Leveraging on influencers and word-of-mouth advocacy

Case studies: Oreo, Ikea, Cisco


Session 6: Social Media Strategy – Driving Brand Engagement

Low number of fans and followers on Facebook and WeChat? No or little engagement on Twitter? In this session, acquire effective social media strategies to build brand awareness and drive engagement.

• Examine user behaviour on different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.
• Discover new and upcoming platforms: Snapchat, WeChat, Periscope etc.
• Acquire tips to develop winning content
• Managing crises on social media

Case studies: Dollar Shave Club, Taco Bell, SeaWorld
Exercise: 4 steps to develop a social media strategy for your brand


Session 7: Strengthening your Web & Mobile Brand Presence

Having a web presence is no longer enough. With the evolution of websites and the growing number of mobile users, learn how to optimise your brand on customers’ mobile screens, with consumers’ convenience in mind.

• 1990s vs. Today: Examine the evolution of websites
• eCommerce site vs. brand site: Determine role of website in your customer journey
• Differentiating between beauty vs. user experience
• Key considerations: Information architecture, visual design, website content, mobile optimisation etc.
• Tips to create compelling website and mobile content
• Power of Google Analytics: Leveraging on website and mobile data

Exercise: Building a website strategy: Determine role of website in customer journey


Session 8: Overcoming Internal Challenges – Building the Right Team to Succeed

People are the key to a successful digital plan. With limited resources and budget, how should you maximise your manpower for an effective digital branding strategy? In this session, you will learn how to set up budget conscious cross-functional team with shared business objectives.

• Agency vs. in-house: Respective roles and advantages
• Recruitment and training
• Structure and management
• Developing a cross-functional and integrated digital team

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