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08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee  
09.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session
Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement, Loughborough University
09.30 Discovering a Brand Voice that Stands Out and Resonates with SUTD’s Incoming Wave of Students


  • Creating a distinctive branding for SUTD among existing institutions

  • How to integrate brand messages across entire organisation for a consistent identity?

  • Holistic branding efforts – Making SUTD’s brand part of every marketing strategy

  • Beyond reputation, how SUTD maintains a strong brand presence across time?

Corinna Choong, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Singapore University of Technology and Design



10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break  
11.00 Western Sydney University's Bold, Refreshing Rebranding: Strategy to Execution


  • How Western Sydney University began its rebranding: Objective, considerations and steps

  • How Western Sydney University positioned the brand among stakeholders?

  • From transformation phase 1 to 5: Challenges and how to overcome?

  • Digitalizing the student experience: Changing the Student experience through enrolment

  • Sustaining the Western Sydney University’s rebranding effort and ensuring stakeholder buy-in

Glenis Carroll, Executive Director, Marketing, Western Sydney University



12.00 Lunch & Networking Break  
13.30 Digital Recruitment: Fresh, Creative Social Media Strategies from Macquarie University


  • How Macquarie University develops a social brand persona

  • How Macquarie University gets the buy-in from faculty members on the use of social media

  • How Macquarie University identifies the right social platforms to reach different target audience

  • How Macquarie University increases its social media reach and engagement

  • Driving audience from social to website: How to ensure a seamless experience?

Shannon Kliendienst, Communications Director, Macquarie University

14.30 Using Content Marketing to Recruit Students: How to Produce and Distribute Engaging Content


  • How Loughborough University gets internal stakeholders to produce social media content

  • How Loughborough University makes academic content interesting to a non-academic audience

  • Video storytelling: How Loughborough University produces interesting videos on a tight budget

  • Strategies to consistently create and curate powerful brand stories

  • How Loughborough University assesses the effectiveness of its content marketing

Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement, Loughborough University

15.30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break  


16.00 International Marketing: Dive into Cross-Cultural Insights and Understand how Curtin University Tailors Marketing Tactics


  • How needs, preferences and expectations differ across countries and cultures?

  • Local vs. international marketing: How Curtin University’s strategies differ?

  • Content and social platforms to effectively engage Curtin University’s target audience

  • Challenges for student recruitment in Asia: How Curtin University overcomes?

  • How to make internationalisation a strategic priority for Curtin University’s branding?

Barbara Lung, Deputy Director, International Student Recruitment, Curtin University

17.00 Chairman’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings  
17.10 End of Day One  


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