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Can you Enhance ERM Effectiveness in a
Climate of Heightened Risk?

As the global economy grapples with the uncertainty of a post-Brexit world and new United States administration, growing wave of populism and geopolitical risks, heightened cyber and terrorism threats, businesses are facing strong headwinds in 2017.

Can you track trends in the macro environment for a sharper identification and categorisation of risks?
Can you increase the accuracy in quantifying risks with well-defined thresholds in risk ratings?
Can you overcome stakeholder resistance to promote risk awareness and embed risk ownership?

Join this 3-day event to acquire best practices from leading practitioners on strengthening ERM robustness with latest techniques in strategy, people, processes and tools. Gain insights on Olam’s roadmap to success in ERM implementation, key success factors and pitfalls to avoid in how Singapore Power achieves ERM excellence and P&G, Westpac, NTU and Sime Darby’s strategies in overcoming challenges in a risk intelligent culture. Acquire tips from City Developments’ perspective of strategic risks in 2020 and beyond, and how BP Plc and International SOS manage emerging and cyber risks. Hear how Lendlease Corporation leverages on technology in enhancing risk identification, assessment and mitigation to increase ERM efficiency with data driven insights.

Our post-conference workshop on Evaluating the Effectiveness of ERM will provide a hands-on and practical approach in benchmarking with international ERM frameworks, setting up measurement parameters – key risk indicators, control self-assessments, and using maturity models to enhance the effectiveness of ERM.


Best Practices & Pitfalls to Avoid with
Case Studies & Insights from:

Jeanne Cheng,
Chief Risk Officer,
Singapore Power

Jagdish Parihar,
Managing Director
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer,
Olam Ltd

Santosh Ambike,
Head of Finance ME/Indonesia, A&P Transformation Manager,
BP Plc


Jeffrey Yeo,
Assistant Director (ERM),
Office of Corporate Governance,
Nanyang Technological University

Kevin Kwok,
Head, Enterprise Risk Management,
City Developments Limited

Foo Lee Hsia,
Head of Operational Risk, International,
Westpac Banking Corporation

Takao Minamiura,
Former Asia Governance, Risk, Compliance Leader,

Procter & Gamble


Glenn Daly,
Group Head Risk Management,
Sime Darby Berhad

Alistair Daly,
Group Risk and Insurance Manager,
Lendlease Corporation

Manoj Tewari,
Director, Information Security,
International SOS

Francis Wan,
PwC Singapore

Philip Chong,
Executive Director,

Koh Wee Kwang,
CA Trust PAC

Douglas Ure,
Managing Director,
Practice Leader,
Marsh Risk Consulting

James Fong,
Solution Leader,

RSA Archer


Event Highlights

Trends and Standards Updates

Cyber, AML, new COSO & more: How do they impact ERM?

Board & C-Suite Risk Management

Ensuring organisational alignment, strategic planning, objective setting

Strategic Risk Management

How to assess the impact of risk on corporate mission, vision and values?

Effective Risk Culture Building

Analysing gaps, hotspots, evaluating effectiveness

Facilitating Effective Risk Conversations

How to get C-suite and non-risk colleagues to be more engaged?

Emerging Risk

Key indicators, effective early warning process, self assessments, testing

Achieving ERM Excellence

What are some out-of-the-box solutions to mitigate risk?

ERM Implementation Best Practices

Planning, discussing, monitoring: Success factors and pitfalls to avoid

Risk Technology

How analytics was used to predict, quantify and assess risks

Cyber Risk Management

Blocking attacks, responding to an attack, recovering good data

Measuring the Effectiveness of ERM Workshop

International standards, measurement parameters, maturity models


Benefits of Attending

  • Examine the latest trends (AEC, disruption and more) and standards in Asia and how should risk managers respond

  • Learn how Olam sets the structure in forming the risk team, its key challenges in implementing ERM and how to overcome them

  • Gather tips on City Developments’ perspective on its strategic risk environment in 2020 – Mitigating strategies, action plans

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts at P&G and Sime Darby in communicating the value of risk management to senior management and fellow colleagues

  • Hear how NTU overcomes challenges in promoting risk awareness, embedding risk ownership and building risk accountabilities

  • Discover how Westpac makes risk culture “real” by integrating organisational structure, people, processes and tools

  • Gain insights on how BP Plc keeps abreast with emerging trends in the market to identify and anticipate for emerging risks

  • Draw insights on how Lendlease Corporation brings large volumes of data together in a coherent manner and analyse them

  • Acquire tips on how Singapore Power ensures that its ERM framework maintains its robustness in an evolving risk landscape

  • Find out how International SOS keeps up with technological advancements, their cyber threats and develop a strong response plan

  • Witness live demo samples of how analytics was used in risk identification, assessment and more

  • Adopt best practices in incorporating an established, integrated ERM and how to reimagine ERM to bring it to the next level

  • Practise how to evaluate the current state of your ERM effectiveness and apply assessment results for improvements in a hands-on workshop

Past Delegates' Testimonials

“The case studies provided many practical learning points and insights to challenges faced

“Liked the diversity of topics presented, the good quality of content and presenters, the good organisation”

“Enjoyed the interaction with fellow risk professionals, active participation of the attendees and the sharing of experience by the speakers”

“I really enjoyed the presentations. They were excellent with a high level of information: exactly what I was specifically looking for, thinking out of the box. I am very pleased with the conference, total value added


Who Should Attend

Senior level Risk executives and executives from Audit, Finance, Governance, Compliance & Operations in-charge-of risk management


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