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Volatile. Ambiguous. Unpredictable.
Can you Identify Emerging Risks Impending in 2017?

Businesses are braced with a high degree of uncertainty amid rapid geopolitical, economic and technological changes. Growing trends towards populism, protectionism and deregulation can have profound implications on organisational risk profiles. The unpredictable political landscape will lead to increased instability in global markets. Aggressive hackers, Internet of Things and the use of big data can leave companies vulnerable to exploits and heightened cyber risks.

Can you monitor emerging risks proactively or will you fall victim to a false sense of security and risk serious financial, reputational, and business failures?

Stay Ahead of the Curve with
Forward Thinking Risk Management

Join this 2-day event to acquire robust strategies to manage risks in today’s volatile environment. Gain insights on Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s effective early warning process and MTR’s use of key indicators to pre-empt emerging risks. Hear how companies leverage on big data and analytics to identify red flags in fraud risks and how Swire Beverages enhances defence with risk-based cybersecurity. Acquire tips from ANZ’s effective risk culture building by integrating people, processes and tools. The workshop on Implementing Enterprise Risk Management will provide a practical approach in risk identification, assessment and response by benchmarking against known frameworks (COSO ERM, ISO 31000) and learning from real life companies' governance failures.


Best Practices & Pitfalls to Avoid with
Case Studies & Insights from:

Katie Maddison,
Senior Vice President
Chief Risk Officer,
Melco Crown Entertainment

Cecilia Cheng,
General Manager – Governance & Risk Management,

Jeffrey Wuu,
Head of Risk Initiatives,
AIA Group

Wilson Leung,
Group Manager, Information Security,
Swire Beverages

Trevor Laight,
Head of Operational Risk,

Eugene Ha,
Deputy Managing Partner,
Grant Thornton

David Sedgwick,
Managing Director &
Principal Consultant,
Enterprise Risk Solutions Asia

Sarjit Singh,
Executive Chairman,
Ardent Associates LLP


Event Highlights

Regulatory Compliance

HKEX, HKMA, HKFRS updates: How do they impact risk management?

Risk Culture

Key indicators, gaining buy-in, promoting risk awareness

Fraud Analytics

Red flags, fraud risk assessment, tools and techniques

Emerging Risk

How to identify and anticipate for emerging risks?

Cyber Risk Management

Blocking attacks, responding to an attack, recovering good data

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management

Planning, discussing, monitoring and recommending ERM processes


Benefits of Attending

  • Examine latest trends (economic volatility, geopolitical risk, cyber threats) and how risk managers should respond

  • Gather tips on fellow risk practitioners’ real life sharing on challenges faced in maintaining a robust, integrated risk management

  • Draw insights from MTR approach in escalating, reviewing and managing or mitigating emerging risks

  • Adopt best practices from Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s assessment of the likelihood and impact of emerging risks

  • Discover ANZ’s challenges in getting C-suite and non-risk colleagues to be more engaged and how they were overcome

  • Acquire tips on Swire Beverages’ cybersecurity framework and strong response plan in tackling cyber threats

  • Understand how companies use analytics tools to proactively detect and assess emerging fraud risks

  • Learn how to anticipate cyber threats in the ecosystem and integrate cyber risk management into the enterprise-wide risk management

  • Hear how to set the appropriate risk appetite and tolerance for fraud, and tools and techniques used to pinpoint potential fraud risks

  • Gain insights on how to assess the maturity, gaps and hotspots in risk culture to enhance risk governance

  • Practise implementing ERM with critical success factors in risk governance, identification, assessment, response, controls and monitoring

Past Delegates' Testimonials

“Liked the case studies of what companies are actually doing in ERM, what models they are using in real life and which is good or not good.”

“Provided real experience, samples, case sharing and open discussions instead of theory.”

“The conference is one of the best that I have attended in Hong Kong. There were great speakers and materials were very useful and interesting

“Liked the close connection of 1-on-1 with speakers and other participants. The communication and networking were great!”


Who Should Attend

Senior level Risk executives and executives from Audit, Finance, Governance, Compliance & Operations in-charge-of risk management


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