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Day 1


08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee  
09.00 Chairman’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session
David Sedgwick, Managing Director & Principal Consultant, Enterprise Risk Solutions Asia


09.30 Regulatory Developments Impacting Risk Management


  • Regulatory updates from HKEX, HKMA and how they impact risk management

  • Examining latest HKFRS standards and what these mean for risk management

  • Economic volatility, geopolitical risks, cyber threats – How are latest trends affecting risk management?

  • The future of risk management What will be the outlook in the second half of 2017 and beyond?

Eugene Ha, Deputy Managing Partner, Grant Thornton



10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break  





Effective Risk Culture Building – ANZ’s Strategy


  • How ANZ examines key indicators of risk culture health – Is the culture negative or positive?

  • Gaining buy-in – How ANZ gets C-suite and non-risk colleagues to be more engaged

  • Challenges faced by ANZ in promoting risk awareness and how they were overcome

  • How ANZ integrates people, processes and tools to enhance risk culture

  • How ANZ assesses the maturity, gaps and hotspots in its risk culture

Trevor Laight, Head of Operational Risk, ANZ





12.00 How Microsoft Leverages on Big Data and Analytics to Identify and Mitigate Fraud Risk


  • How Microsoft detects emerging fraud risks using analytics

  • Find out why traditional approaches to fraud risk management are no longer effective at Microsoft

  • Learn how Microsoft identifies red flags and assess fraud risks using technology available today

  • Discover the tools and techniques used at Microsoft in pinpointing potential fraud risks

  • How Microsoft sets the appropriate risk appetite and tolerance for fraud

Vishal Singhvi, Head of Fraud & Investigations, Microsoft Asia



13.00 Lunch & Networking Break  




14.30 Forward-looking Risk Management – Strategies of Leading Companies in Anticipating Emerging Risks



  • How can organisations keep abreast of trends to identify and anticipate emerging threats and opportunities?

  • What are examples of best practices in the likelihood and impact assessment of emerging risks?

  • What are real life examples of robust risk management approaches in managing emerging risks?

  • How can an early warning system or key risk indicators be adopted to pre-empt emerging risks?

  • How should emerging risks be escalated, reviewed and managed or mitigated?

Jeffrey Wuu,
Head of Risk Initiatives, AIA Group


Cecilia Cheng,
General Manager – Governance & Risk Management, MTR
Katie Maddison,
Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, Melco Crown Entertainment

Mary Low, Head of Operational Risk, Securities, APAC, Societe Generale




15.30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break  




16.00 Swire Beverages’ Risk-Based Cybersecurity – Strategies to Build Resilience and Enhance Defence


  • Find out how Swire Beverages keeps up with technological advancements and the cyber threats it is exposed to

  • How Swire Beverages anticipates threats in the ecosystem for a strong cyber defence

  • Blocking attacks, responding to an attack, recovering good data – Swire Beverages’ strategy

  • How Swire Beverages integrates cyber risk management into the enterprise-wide risk management framework

  • How Swire Beverages ensures a strong response plan to tackle cyber attacks

Wilson Leung, Group Manager, Information Security, Swire Beverages



17.00 Chairman’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings


17.10 End of Day One





Day 2


WORKSHOP AGENDA: Implementing Enterprise Risk Management Workshop


Session 1: Enhancing ERM & Governance – People, Processes, Systems

How to set up the fundamental components of an effective ERM? Benchmark against international frameworks, standards and corporate governance models

• Analyse differences and key components in common risk management frameworks (COSO, ISO 31000 etc)
• Understand international risk standards and map the current framework against them
• Relationship between ERM, corporate governance, and regulation or compliance
• Examine governance models – Getting the balance right
• Corporate culture, roles and responsibilities, the risk management function and their impact on an effective ERM

Case studies: Recent instances of governance failures and lapses in companies and lessons learnt from them


Session 2: Best Practices in Risk Identification, Assessment & Response

In this session, practise how to assess the likelihood and magnitude of impact from events that have been identified, and come up with an effective scoring methodology to determine the appropriate risk-based approach for response

• The Risk Universe – How to identify key risks across the financial, strategic, hazard and operational spectrums
• Setting the right risk appetite and tolerance levels to risks that impact strategic objectives
• Risk parameters and matrices used for risk assessment, analysis and evaluation
• How to rank and rate the likelihood and impact of risks by examining internal and external factors
• Critical thinking exercises on how to avoid, control, share or retain risks effectively

Team activity: Work in teams to identify the strategic objectives of an airlines company, set appropriate appetite and tolerance levels, assess and respond to these risks


Session 3: Strengthening Controls & Continuous Monitoring

How to ensure that controls put in place are sufficient? What leading indicators can be used? How to know if the framework is working? Deep dive into best practices and pitfalls to avoid when implementing controls and assessing their performance over time.

• Integrating ERM and internal control – New COSO ERM, implementation challenges, how to overcome them
• Critical success factors in designing, implementing, conducting, and assessing internal controls
• How to implement control activities to ensure that risk responses are executed as intended
• How to identify key risk indicators as early warning signals to monitor the effectiveness of current ERM practices
• Reviewing the lines of defence models in ensuring proper oversight, governance and independent assurance

Exercise: Work through an in-depth case study to practise how to apply ERM concepts into practical risk management processes


Session 4: The Game of Change – Overcoming Limitations & Implementation Issues

Considering best practise standards, risk culture, COSO ERM components and controls, learn how ERM can be implemented by overcoming gaps and applying key concepts

• Current practice of ERM in real life organisations – Trends, challenges, effectiveness
• Systems thinking considerations – Inter-relationships, the holistic view, unintended consequences
• Examine the top ten reasons why controls fail and lessons learnt from them
• Dealing with banana skins, blind spots, red flags and black swans
• Final integration and review of key concepts

Team activity: Recap with a Fun Quiz Game – “Who Wants to be a Risk Management Genius?”


Workshop Leader

Sarjit Singh,
Executive Chairman, Ardent Associates LLP

Sarjit leads the Risk and Governance practice at Ardent. He has an extensive experience in a broad range of assurance and advisory services including statutory audits, corporate governance, enterprise risk management, internal audit, risk assurance, financial due diligence and regulatory advice.

Sarjit has over 24 years of experience in financial services practice including 16 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where he led the audit and advisory engagements of various financial institutions, multinationals, public listed companies, GLCs, in Singapore, Australia, and USA.

Prior to Ardent, Sarjit was the CFO of AIA Singapore and Aviva Asia. He was responsible for formulating and implementing the financial, investment and commercial strategies for AIA Singapore and Aviva's diverse businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region respectively.


The programme may be subject to change. Pacific Conferences reserves the right to make any amendments that it deems to be in the interest of the event without any notice.

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