Events Corner

Why Attend Our Events?

1  Be updated with industry best practices, newest developments
We conduct extensive research to immerse ourselves in the latest industry happenings, with the aim of developing quality programmes that address your pressing challenges.

2  Practical learning from real-life case studies
We delight in presenting fresh insights that are relevant and applicable to your business.

3  Experience sharing from leading brand practitioners and practising consultants
Our industry expert speakers bring value to you through their sharing of best practices, pitfalls to avoid and lessons learnt.

4  In-depth presentations to delve deep into the subject matter
Quick-fire talks are great for touching on key points. However we give our speakers ample time to share detailed insights on your critical concerns.

5  Interactive engagement to have your questions answered directly from speakers
It’s easy to get lost among a sea of people. Our events are kept at a size where you can freely exchange ideas with speakers and have an open sharing with fellow delegates on your challenges.

6  Tailoring to your needs by collecting your pre-event expectations and post-event feedback
Every delegate’s needs matter to us. We work together with our speakers to ensure that you derive maximum value from our events. Find out how we empower our speakers to meet your needs.

Delegates' Experience with Us

“The value of this conference is to be abreast with the trends, to learn best practices and benchmark against what leading organisations are doing.”

“The programme is well thought of. The succession of speakers, topics really keeps you interested and makes you look forward to the next. Thank you.”

“A conference with many relevant and practical case studies, very engaging conference.”

“I enjoyed and appreciated much of the open and unreserved sharing by the speakers who are experts in their fields. Thanks so much!”

“The quality of participants made this one of the best workshops I’ve attended in terms of networking and peer learning.”

“I enjoyed hearing from other participants, their challenges/experiences, what worked for them and what did not.”

“The entire 2-day workshop is worth the fee. Everything we learned can be applied to our actual operations.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the smaller, more intimate setting allowing for greater, more in-depth interaction with fellow delegates as well as speakers.”

“The workshop is life-changing. I never thought I would be able to do all these stuff in 2 days of training only.”