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You no longer have full control over your brand narrative.
Word of mouth, advocacy, user-generated content, reviews –
Consumers are shaping brand perception across an ever growing matrix of touchpoints.
The traditional approach to top-down brand building no longer works.
It’s about “always on” brand experiences and open communication lines with consumers.

Win Brand Love, Affinity and Respect from Consumers

Join this 2-day practical workshop to acquire a new approach to building brands using a modular strategic approach – not fixed to a particular budget, channel or technology. Discover how to own an authentic brand narrative through transmedia storytelling. Deep dive into the strategic planning and effective management of brand experiences across social media, mobile and web. Map your consumer journey and identify the right opportunities and audience touchpoints. Build a scalable and effective digital strategy based on a modular framework. Measure the success of your digital branding campaigns.

Programme Highlights

  • Role of Digital in Branding
    Digital marketing vs. modular brand building
    The Power of Brand Experiences
    Experiences vs. channels and tactics
    Modular Branding
    How to scale modular branding successfully
    Digital Customer Journey
    Build a strategy focused on your customer
    Telling your Brand Story
    Build a narrative in today’s content flooded world
    Integrated Digital Strategy
    Channel mix, budget allocation
    Driving Engagement on Social Media
    Developing a winning content strategy
    Measuring Success
    Goal setting, KPIs, data insights

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand how to develop an integrated digital strategy and how it fits with traditional marketing
  • Examine the 4 phases of the digital customer journey to accurately identify where your audience is
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each digital engagement channel i.e. web, social media, mobile
  • Grasp the rules of engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, YouTube, Snapchat and more
  • Hear about the evolution of the website and how it plays a part in the integrated customer journey
  • Determine how to leverage on website and mobile data to build a stronger web and mobile presence
  • Pick up skills to develop compelling website, social media and mobile content
  • Learn how to harness social media influencers and user-generated content for transmedia storytelling
  • Apply techniques to pull together data from online and offline marketing strategies
  • Find out how to create actionable insights from data collected for optimisation
  • Gain insights on how to use the various social media platforms in crisis management
  • Discover how to efficiently allocate budget for the different marketing channels engaged

Workshop Leader

Daniel Posavac


Bonsey Jaden

Bonsey Jaden


Daniel has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. His passion for building things is only eclipsed by his desire to explore the endless possibilities at the intersection of business, technology and creativity.


This drove him to graciously give up on a career as a sports star, walk away from being a rock star and instead led him to Singapore where co-founded Bonsey Jaden in 2013. Clients he has worked with include Nestle, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Prudential, Disney and Suntory.


With an unwavering belief in the power of brand, and digitally trained mind, Daniel is focused on building the best agency group in the world, filled with the best digital brand architects in the world – with a view to contribute to the world, rather than take over it.


Daniel thrives in problem solving, has a keen eye for opportunity and a love for connecting dots.

Past Delegate Testimonials

Insights from Daniel were very helpful and thought-provoking.

I appreciate all the case studies and tactics shared by Daniel. They are useful.

The speaker is very knowledgeable. Worth the time!

Content is superb, well-articulated and easy to understand.

The workshop and presentation was easy to understand; nothing was rocket science. The materials (slides) and exercises given by Daniel were useful, light-hearted and easy to follow-through.

Thank you very much Daniel! I’ve learnt a lot.

Who Should Attend

Senior level executives responsible for Branding, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Communications



  • Registration: 8.30am • Workshop: 9.00am – 5.00pm
    Morning, afternoon refreshments & lunch will be served at appropriate intervals.

  • Day 1: Strategic Direction

    Session 1: Why Modular Brand Building?

    With the technology driven revolution of the marketing landscape, brand building has evolved to an always on, multi-communication and digital led discipline – that requires a modular and scalable approach. Learn what modular branding is, how to approach it and why it is the key to successful digital brand building.

    • The evolution of branding
    • Today’s landscape
    • What is modular branding
    • Difference between digital marketing and modular brand building
    • Who builds brands today
    • How to scale modular branding successfully
  • Session 2: How can Brands Control the Narrative?

    Brands used to wish for viral videos and memes to help them cut through the clutter. Today, brands who own their authentic narrative in a complex social and hyper-connected world is what wins brand love, affinity and respect from users.

    • How do brands control the narrative
    • Planning an integrated content strategy that speaks authentically
    • Transmedia storytelling even when you’re selling
    • Social media influencer’s impact on your brand
    • Lead the conversation to earn word of mouth
    • Exercise: Developing your brand voice
  • Session 3: Every Experience Matters

    So don’t be afraid to use every tool in the box; social media, mobile and web, AI, AR, VR. But what is the right mix of digital experiences? Learn to develop strategies based on brand experiences and not channels or tactics.

    • Moving from communication to experiences
    • Choosing experiences instead of channels and tactics
    • Developing a web and mobile experience strategy for your brand
    • Social media experiences: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WeChat, YouTube etc.
    • The role of digital media in driving brand experiences
    • Exercise: What is your experience of choice?
  • Day 2: Tactical Implementation

    Session 4: What is the Role of the Customer Journey in Brand Building Today?

    You’ve seen the funnel and the sometimes complex four stages of awareness, engagement, purchase and advocacy. Unfortunately, your customers have moved on from that framework. Today, your customers build their own journey and digital experiences across social media, web and mobile. Are you choosing your channels and tactics based on market trends or your customers’ intent and needs? Discover how to map your consumer journey and identify the right opportunities and audience touchpoints.

    • Examining the evolution of the digital customer journey
    • Understanding digital as a brand experience channel
    • Assessing strengths vs. weaknesses of each digital experience channel
    • How your brand is reflected in the way you built your leads

    Exercise: Anticipating your customer’s choice of journey

  • Session 5: Building your Modular Digital Branding Strategy

    Where do you start when developing a modular digital brand strategy? Learn to build a scalable and effective digital strategy based on a modular framework.

    • Developing a modular digital brand strategy
    • Using data to develop a targeted communication approach
    • When to scale your digital brand experiences
    • How to integrate your strategy with offline marketing
    • Exercise: Making your strategy modular
  • Session 6: Building Connected KPIs

    There are lots of KPIs and data sets, but if they are not connected, they are of no value to your brand.

    • How connected are your data sets
    • Tools to generate in-depth and connected performance data insights
    • Data tracking: Creating actionable insights from your data collected
    • Analyse and optimise your marketing efforts for future campaigns
    • Exercise: Build your connected KPIs