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Can you Write to Engage?

Social media is neither a monologue nor an ad.

Write relevant content – to offer value to your audience.
Create interesting captions – to break through the clutter.
Craft compelling stories – to emotionally connect.

Join this 2-day practical workshop to acquire the latest strategies and techniques to write engaging and unique content on Facebook, Instagram, blogs and LinkedIn. Discover how to develop an effective brand voice on social media and learn the tricks behind crafting stories that people want to share. Acquire best practices in writing styles, lengths and formats for different social platforms. Find out what it takes to outsmart platform algorithms to ramp up your organic reach.

Programme Highlights

  • Representing your Brand on Social Media
    Developing a brand persona
    Successful Approaches to Blogging
    Generating longer form content in a shorter time
    The Psychology of Social Media
    Why do we post, share, like and comment?
    Connecting with Fans on Facebook
    Tips on writing engaging Facebook posts
    Crafting Reader-Friendly Story Angles
    Brainstorming for the right brand story
    Reaching Out to Followers on Instagram
    Writing differently for Instagram
    Social Media Writing Basics
    Right lengths, effective headlines
    Building your Brand on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn Article vs. LinkedIn Post

Practical Hands-on Exercises

  • Creating a social media content plan
  • Identifying compelling story angles
  • Writing headlines that attract both bots and humans
  • Structuring blog content with a template
  • Writing an engaging Facebook post
  • Crafting an interesting Instagram caption
  • Developing a LinkedIn post your audience wants

Benefits of Attending

  • Develop a social media content plan and define its success
  • Understand the social media phenomena of selfies and emojis
  • Learn how to position your company as a thought leader
  • Discover how to write updates that are welcomed, not intrusive
  • Analyse how to make social media linkages back to your website
  • Acquire strategies to write engaging headlines that rank high in SEO
  • Examine how to write leads that pull readers into your piece
  • Adopt best practices for corporate blogs and apply the readability test
  • Evaluate what your audience wants: Facebook group vs. Facebook page
  • Build your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn content strategy
  • Hear how to up your Facebook game with images and videos
  • Grasp how to write Facebook ads that people will click on
  • Pick up tips for writing LinkedIn articles that get people reading

Workshop Leader

Jane Lee

Senior Content Director,


Jane Lee - Allison+Partners Logo


Jane develops creative and impactful content campaigns for clients across Asia Pacific, to help brands tell compelling stories that engage their customers.


Jane’s broad experience in content development spans the fields of journalism, product and corporate communications. She integrates different content forms – text, images, videos and virtual reality – to ignite and sustain story-telling momentum for a range of international brands in automotive, technology, consumer and hospitality sectors.


Jane started her career as a journalist in The Straits Times and won awards for her stories on education in Singapore. She moved into content marketing and worked with a broad spectrum of clients including VMware, Fujitsu, iRobot, AIA, Cisco, Economic Development Board of Singapore, Resorts World Genting, MasterCard, Ford and Infiniti.


Having worked in London, Bangkok and Hong Kong for 12 years in all, Jane has an insider understanding of the region.

Who Should Attend

Senior Level Executives responsible for Social Media, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Communications



  • Session 1: Representing your brand on social media

    Learn how to develop a persona for your brand that will help you connect with your audience.

    • The ins and outs of representing a brand on social media
    • How to develop an effective voice on social
    • How to create a social media content plan and define its success

    Exercise: Creating a social media content plan

  • Session 2: Psychology of social media

    Understand why people like, comment and share online so that we can give them more of what they want.

    • The science behind: It’s all in our heads
    • Why we post, share, like and comment
    • Social media phenomena: Selfies and emojis
    • The art of building relationships
  • Session 3: Crafting story angles that humans will read

    Nobody wants to listen to the person who talks about himself at the party all night. Ditto for social channels. Be the one that others want to listen to because you offer relevant, valuable and useful content.

    • How to find the right story and craft the best story angle
    • How to craft stories that better serve your audience
    • Position your company as the thought leader in the field
    • Write updates that are welcomed, not intrusive

    Exercise: Identifying compelling story angles

  • Session 4: Social media writing basics

    Learn the tips behind writing content that people want to share.

    • How short is too long: Hitting the right lengths for different platforms
    • The myth of page view time
    • How to make social media linkages back to your main website or content hub
    • Effective social networking headlines
    • Writing for both bots and humans: rank high in SEO and still engage readers

    Exercise: Writing headlines that attract both bots and humans

  • Session 5: Successful approaches to blogging

    While blogs may not look as shiny and exciting as other social networks, longer form content can build your brand in a way short tweets can’t.

    • Assess if blogs are suitable for your company
    • Write leads that pull readers into your piece
    • Apply the readability test
    • Best practices for corporate blogs
    • Learn how to write blogs faster and better with a given structure

    Exercise: Structuring blog content with a template

  • Session 6: Connecting with fans on Facebook

    The death knell has sounded for Facebook organic reach. Or not. Learn how you can still gain organic reach in this pay-for-play environment.

    • Understand what your audience wants: Facebook group vs Facebook page
    • Building your Facebook strategy
    • Tips on writing engaging Facebook posts
    • Up your Facebook game with images and videos
    • How to write Facebook ads that people will click on
    • Best practices for Facebook engagement

    Exercise: Writing a Facebook post

  • Session 7: Reaching out to followers on Instagram

    If Instagram is about images, do words still matter? Yes, they do. See how well-written captions can increase mileage for your pretty photos.

    • Understand what your audience wants
    • Building your Instagram strategy
    • Writing differently for Instagram
    • Selecting the right image
    • How to outsmart the Instagram algorithm

    Exercise: Writing an Instagram caption

  • Session 8: Building your brand with LinkedIn

    LinkedIn ranks among the top for enhancing brand recognition, especially among B2B companies. Learn how to maximise LinkedIn’s strategic marketing value.

    • Understand what your audience wants
    • Building your LinkedIn strategy
    • LinkedIn Article and LinkedIn Post: What’s the difference and which to use
    • Tips for writing articles that get people reading

    Exercise: Writing a LinkedIn post

  • Session 9: Putting it altogether

    Building on what the participants have learnt about writing for different social platforms, they will now put everything together into a single campaign. This is a hands-on exercise where participants will come up with a story idea and tell their story across multiple channels.