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Win a Pitch, Build a Business Case & Create Meaningful Data Narratives for Change
Storytelling is a fundamental differentiator in human evolution and a key communication approach in business. As data becomes more democratised, the responsibility to make sense of the raw data no longer rests solely on the shoulders of your business intelligence team. Now, everyone from Finance to Human Resource to Marketing can optimise data to enhance the performance of their respective work function. Crafting a data story, communicating and presenting it to others should inspire action, a change that positively affect the overall business performance.

How do you craft meaningful data story plot and democratise them beyond just PowerPoint?
What is the level of details of data you present as you personalise it across the approval levels?
How do you find the right data points and rally other business units to share their data for a common data vision?

Adopt the Right Data Visualisation to Excite Stakeholders & Start Transformation Conversations
Join our interactive 3-day virtual workshop on crafting personalised and effective storytelling frameworks with data stories to achieve better work efficiency and communication and boost overall business performance. Learn why is data storytelling important in business and defining your business cases. Discover the common data visualisation in business cases and when to use them. Uncover how to keep data stories short and effective with the right amount of details. Adopt prioritisation framework to achieve a unified data vision. Work on actual data stories to design better business communications.

Workshop Highlights

  • Why Storytelling
    The science behind the effective storytelling and identifying the right story to present to the right stakeholder 

    What is the Story
    Fundamentals to craft credible and easy to understand data story with the best visualisations and formats

    How to Win with Data Storytelling
    Planning and personalising story for different stakeholders, storyboarding techniques

    Bringing the Story Together
    Rallying business owners to share their data and building a shared data vision

    Democratising the Data Story
    Making data available to key stakeholders at various touchpoints to be data-driven in decision-making

    Crafting the Data Story Together
    Group exercise on how to make the data story come alive

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn the different types of data visualisation for different business use case
  • Leverage mental models of story framework familiar to everyone within the organisation
  • Uncover your audience’s key motivation to make your story presentation meaningful
  • Build a data narrative that is succinct and personalised to the right stakeholders
  • Craft different formats of the data story beyond just PowerPoint for effective storytelling
  • Discover data points and how much details are required to support your data story at each stage
  • Adopt useful and effective key communication and presentation tips to win over your stakeholders
  • Design visual collaboration workshop to align and amplify the need to collaborate on data
  • Examine how to design and promote an internal data story culture within the organisation
  • Discover what data touchpoints to communicate and at what cadence
  • Deep dive into case studies from the banks, F&B and more with ThinkVal


A Fully Immersive Virtual Workshop Experience

v-icon-01 v-icon-02 v-icon-03 v-icon-04 v-icon-05
 Hear LIVE presentation on leading case studies and common challenges  Get real-time answers to your questions throughout the workshop  Interact with like-minded professionals for dynamic exchange of ideas In-depth sharing during
1-hour intimate group discussion on Day 3
 Gain access to full workshop materials and handout



Workshop Leader

Yak Yih Cheng

Head of Consulting,

ADA Singapore



Yih Cheng has helped clients grow their business with data, marketing technology and CRM in the last 15 years. He plays a key role in pitches, business case design and extracting actionable insights from data. Yih Cheng also mentors German start-ups to help them define their business proposition and finesse their pitch decks.


His data and digital experience span across multiple industries including quick service restaurants, automotive, consumer electronics, banking, online marketplaces, travel, financial services, e-commerce retail. Brands he has worked on includes: McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Sony, Samsung, Manulife, Samsung, World Vision, Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay and SaladStop.

Who Should Attend

Mid to Senior level professionals who are responsible for using data storytelling in their organisations within their respective work function



  • Day 01

    Session 1: Why Storytelling

    What is the science behind the effectiveness of storytelling? What are the common business cases presented with data? How do you identify the right story to present to the right stakeholder?

    • Why is storytelling important in business?
    • Common business cases presented with data
    • Case Study: Finding the data case
    • Exercise: Defining your business cases
  • Session 2: What is the Story

    What are the fundamentals to make your data story credible and easy to understand? What is the best visualisation to tell your data story? Beyond PowerPoint, what other formats can you tell your data story?

    • The ethos of using data in your business case
    • Common data visualisation in business cases and when to use them
    • What daily data visualisation can we leverage as mental models?
    • Different formats of data stories
    • Case study: Supplementary Dashboards for Actionable Insights
  • Session 3: How to Win with Data Storytelling

    Planning your story is important and it needs to be personalised for different stakeholders. How do you start storyboarding your story and how do you keep them short and effective with the right amount of details?

    • Who is your audience’s key motivation and how to personalise stories for them?
    • How to storyboard your data story
    • Key communication and presentation tips
    • How much data and details are required at each stage
    • Case study sharing
  • Day 02

    Session 4: Bringing the Story Together

    Data sources often sits in different business silo, how do you rally the business owners to share their data via workshops and a shared data vision

    • Designing a collaborative workshop to align the vision
    • Workshop format for actionable insights
    • Prioritisation framework to achieve data vision
  • Session 5: Democratising the Data story

    Data is often kept to different business units, but how do you bring everyone to be data-driven in their decision-making by making data available to key stakeholders and at various touchpoints?

    • How do you design an internal data story culture?
    • What data touchpoints do you communicate and at what cadence?
    • How do you promote a data culture?
    • Case studies: Bank and F&B with ThinkVal
  • Session 6: Crafting the Data Story Together

    Work on a business cases and in breakout groups work on how the data story comes alive

  • Day 03

    This will be small group discussion sessions with workshop leaders to work on actual data stories that delegates would like to design for better business communications.