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Resilient Risk Management Approach to Achieve Strategic Goals  

The turbulence in today’s business landscape is unprecedented and organisations need to evolve to meet these business challenges. With high-impact events such as COVID-19, affecting all countries and across industries, traditional operating models have been called into question. Increased exposure and uncertainty mean organisations are facing evolving threats that are more interrelated and this requires a holistic and integrated approach. Risk ownership and management is no longer the sole responsibility of the risk department but a shared responsibility. But how can you get your entire organisation on board? 

Is your ERM framework up-to-date and robust enough to deal with emerging risks? 
How can you integrate risk management into your organisation’s strategic planning?   
Are you able to influence and embed risk awareness at all levels of your organisation?   

Enhance your Risk Management Practices to take on Tomorrow’s Risks  

Join this comprehensive 3-day virtual conference to be updated on the latest trends and industry best practices. Survey 2021’s risk landscape, from emerging technologies to market volatilities and hear critical regulatory developments. Discover how to incorporate risk frameworks into strategic decision-making. Be equipped with the latest techniques to identify and manage emerging risks. Takeaway pitfalls to avoid when building and improving risk culture and gain insights into tapping on data analytics and new technologies to enhance risk management.   

Conference Highlights

Trends and Regulatory Updates

Prominent risks in 2021 and those in the horizon

Integrating Risk with Strategic Planning

Support organisational strategy with risk management

Emerging Risk

Identify and contextualise relevant emerging threats

Risk Culture

Partner and engage stakeholders to strengthen culture

Cyber Risk

Effectively monitor, respond and manage latest threats

Data Analytics for Risk Management

Adopt analytics to identify, assess and visualise risks

Emerging Technologies

Tackling the risks of digitalisation and reaping the benefits

ESG Risk Management

Quantify Environmental, Social & Governance Risks

Third-Party Risk

Navigate the complex ecosystem of vendors and partners

Benefits of Attending

  • Be updated on newly introduced regulations and critical risks to watch out for  
  • Discover how to align risk appetite and management practices with strategic objectives  
  • Understand how to leverage on data analytics to perform more precise risk assessments  
  • Takeaway tips on how to encourage risk ownership and build risk accountabilities  
  • Find out best practices and pitfalls to avoid when identifying and monitoring emerging risks  
  • Establish an ERM Framework that is complimentary and ready for emerging cyber threats  
  • Deep dive into emerging technologies such as AI, RPA and how they can be governed  
  • Hear how to map and measure the impact and likelihood of ESG risks on business sustainability 
  • Learn how to encourage speak-up culture and construct an internal risk-reporting system 
  • Conduct effective due diligence on third-parties and assess their impact on the organisation  


A Fully Immersive 3-Day Virtual Conference Experience  

v-icon-01 v-icon-03 v-icon-02 v-icon-05
 Hear LIVE presentationon leading case studies and common challenges  Participate in virtual networking sessions with like-minded professionals  Engage in LIVE Q&A and chats during sessions with speakers and peers  Gain access to full
conference materials




Benedict Cheng

Head of Group Risk Management & Compliance,


Jodi Andersen

Vice President, Culture and Conduct Risk, Asia Pacific,

Société Générale Hong Kong

Ricky Tang

Head of Technology Risk Management,

Bank of China International

Reagan Lim

Head of Risk Management & Compliance,

City Developments Limited

Desmond Chong

Asia Pacific Risk Program Lead,


Dr Anie Febriastati

Associate Director (Executive Education Student Futures),

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Marc Ronez

Chief Risk Strategist,


Alexandra Gradehand

Partner, Consulting,

Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd.

Jean-Michel Bour


Alpine Consulting

Kavickumar Muruganathan

Lecturer at TUM Asia & Renewable Energy Professional

Alpa Parekh

Director, Risk Advisory Consultant,

blue connector

What Past Delegates Enjoyed

The conference offered diversified programs and topicsTook away some ideas and action plans back to my organisation

Insightful and enlightening sharing sessions with practitioners from different backgrounds

Opportunities to meet and exchange views with risk management professionals from a spectrum of different sectors and places

Who Should Attend

Senior level executives responsible for Risk Management, Internal Audit, Governance, Compliance, Operations, Business Continuity Management.



  • Day 01

    08.50 Log-in Time

    Time stated is Local Singapore Time (GMT +8)  

  • 09.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session

    Marc Ronez, Chief Risk Strategist, ARiMI


    Changing Risk Environments and Compliance: Trends and Regulatory Updates

    • ARiMI’s 2020 Risk professionals survey: Sharing and Key findings   
    • Meeting increasing local and regional regulatory developments and how to ensure compliance   
    • How has Risk Management changed Post COVID-19 and how can organisations adjust   
    • 2021’s Risk Landscape: Cybersecurity, Geopolitics, Market Volatility and Reputational   
    • Risks on the horizon such as AI, RPA, Blockchain and Climate Change   

    Marc RonezChief Risk StrategistARiMI 

  • 10.15 Morning Break

    How Risk Management can Support Strategy Planning Practically

    • Defining risk appetite and tolerance levels that are aligned with strategic objectives  
    • What value can risk management provide in a strategy setting exercise  
    • Incorporating ERM frameworks such as COSO and ISO31000 into strategy decision-making   
    • How to set an appropriate definition of and identify relevant strategic risks  
    • How to measure, respond and monitor strategic risks, especially in the long term     

    Marc Ronez, Chief Risk Strategist, ARiMI 

    Desmond Chong, Asia Pacific Risk Program Lead, Mastercard
    Dr Anie Febriastati, Associate Director (Executive Education Student Futures)Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
    Jean-Michel Bour, Director, Alpine Consulting 

  • 11.30 Morning Break

    Turning the Tide: How ESG Risks can Impact Business Sustainability

    • Mapping ESG risks to understand exposure including physical, economic and regulatory impacts  
    • Making the numbers: How to quantify ESG risks into potential financial impacts  
    • How to measure the impact and likelihood of key ESG risks  
    • How to integrate sustainability risk factors into existing risk management frameworks 
    • Mitigation & Adaptation: Implementing precautionary measures to prepare for the future 

    Kavickumar Muruganathan, Lecturer at TUM Asia & Renewable Energy Professional

  • 12.45 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 13.00 End of Day One
  • Day 02

    08.50 Log-in Time

    Time stated is Local Singapore Time (GMT +8)

  • 09.00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks & Interactive Charge-Up Session

    Marc RonezChief Risk StrategistARiMI


    Adopting a Data-driven Risk Management Approach for Enhanced Precision

    • How to effectively quantify and measure qualitative risks such as reputation  
    • Collect, Integrate, Analyse and Visualise: Analytical techniques to extract actionable insights  
    • Picking the right tools for your organisation and conducting user-friendly implementation  
    • Aggregating risk impact and performing risk likelihood assessments with predictive modelling 
    • Visualisations and reporting: How to produce valuable dashboards with key risk information  
    • Live demonstration of tools and analytical techniques 
  • 10.15 Morning Break
  • 10.30 RISK CULTURE

    Mobilising your Organisation: How to Embed a Risk-Intelligent Culture

    • Propagating risk awareness to all levels of the organisation: Best practices and pitfalls to avoid  
    • Getting senior management buy-in and encouraging them to set the tone  
    • Stakeholder engagement: How to communicate the value of risk management  
    • How to encourage risk ownership and build risk accountabilities in the organisation 
    • What tools and approaches to tap on to assess and benchmark risk culture  
    • Internal reporting: Encouraging a speak-up culture and constructing a risk-reporting system 

    Marc Ronez, Chief Risk StrategiestARiMi 

    Reagan Lim, Head of Risk Management & Compliance, City Developments Limited
    Jodi Andersen, Vice President, Culture and Conduct Risk, Asia Pacific, Société Générale Hong Kong
    Alpa Parekh,
    Director, Risk Advisory Consultant, blue connector  

  • 11.30 Morning Break

    Ahead of the Curve: How to Identify, Evaluate and Manage Emerging Risks

    • How to identify and contextualise relevant emerging risks   
    • Measure and Assess: How to aggregate and perform emerging risk assessment  
    • How to develop a risk response strategy to mitigate and prepare   
    • Leading Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and tools required to monitor emerging risks  
    • Developing an agile ERM framework that adapts to emerging threats   

    Benedict Cheng, Head of Group Risk Management & Compliance, PCCW 

  • 12.45 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 13.00 Close of Conference
  • Day 03

    08.50 Log-in Time

    Time stated is Local Singapore Time (GMT +8) 

  • 09.00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks & Interactive Charge-Up Session

    Marc Ronez, Chief Risk Strategist, ARiMI

  • 09.15 CYBER RISK

    Strengthening Cybersecurity Governance to Face an Ever-evolving Threat Environment

    • Cyber threat landscape – latest trends such as Cloud and its implications on current practices   
    • How to identify, assess and monitor key cyber risks 
    • What are key components and processes in an effective cyber incidence response plan 
    • How should risk managers partner with IT departments to prepare for cyber attacks  
    • Tracking and complimenting ERM framework in anticipation of emerging cyber threats  

    Ricky Tang, Head of Technology Risk Management, Bank of China International  

  • 10.15 Morning Break

    AI, RPA, Blockchain, Machine Learning: Risks of Emerging Technologies and Opportunities for ERM

    • What are the risks involved in employing emerging technologies   
    • How to govern emerging technologies and what controls can be implemented   
    • How to keep up with technological trends and how to update the ERM frameworks to include them 
    • How can organisations leverage on intelligent automation to enhance risk management 

    Alexandra Gradehand, Partner, Consulting, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd.  

  • 11.30 Morning Break 

    Building an Effective Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) and Governance Framework

    • Mapping out your Ecosystem: Identifying vendors, partners and the associated risks  
    • Assessing the financial, operational and regulatory impact of third-party risks  
    • How to incorporate third-party risk and responses into existing ERM programmes  
    • Conducting due diligence and third-party risk assessments  
    • Monitoring third-party performance, contractual obligations and expected deliverables 

    Kenneth Leong, Executive Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Southeast Asia 

  • 12.45 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 13.00 Close of Conference