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Is your Assistant Helping you to Maximise your Time and Productivity?

In today’s challenging business environment, you are under intense pressure to do more with less. Your assistant needs to know what is critical to your success and keep you focused on high-level strategic matters.

Can your assistant adapt to your management style?
Manage your schedule very efficiently and with most flexibility?
Proactively solve problems without asking for direction?
Handle conflicts and assert to protect your interest?
Effectively communicate your messages?

Equip your EA/PA to become a Proactive, Strategic, Trusted Business Partner

Led by Becci Walker, a former EA to the CIO, with 10 years’ experience in delivering leadership training to MNCs, this interactive 2-day workshop will equip your EA/PA with a practical toolkit to accelerate his/her performance. Your assistant will acquire best practices in adapting to your communication style, time and workload management, conflict management, influencing and negotiation strategies, email writing, assertive communications, public speaking, and powerful questioning techniques. He/She will walk away with a renewed passion and commitment to attain a higher professional standard to achieve your business goals.

Unique Features

    • Personalised, step-by-step solutions to overcome real-life challenges EAs/PAs face
    • Interactive and practical case studies, role plays, group discussions
    • Networking and experience sharing with fellow EAs, PAs, admin professionals
    • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 2-day workshop

Benefits of Attending

  • Maximise time efficiency by overcoming barriers to successful time and workload management
  • Negotiate to achieve win-win situations and discover the impact of cultural differences on negotiation
  • Question to clarify doubts! Understand the elements of powerful questioning and its applications
  • Lead by example and acquire effective people management skills to motivate and inspire teams
  • Improve channels of communication to understand the boss’ directions and expectations
  • Communicate in a clear, concise and timely manner to proactively support the boss
  • Craft a persuasive email based on tactics, communication styles, and influencing strategies
  • Pick up assertive communication techniques to protect the interest of the boss
  • Assess 5 conflict modes to best deal with difficult situations and challenging personalities
  • Network and pick up best practices from other EAs/PAs in the same industry
  • Practice how to present with confidence, assigning tasks to others, asking and building on questions
  • Obtain practical solutions to take back to the office and implement for improved performance

Workshop Leader

Becci Walker

Trainer and Coach,

Speak Ltd



Drawing from 20 years corporate experience, Becci delivers leadership and soft skills training in the areas of communication, business writing, conflict management, influencing, presentations and more to MNCs and large organisations. Clients she has worked with include Microsoft, Maersk Line, Cathay Pacific, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Macquarie Bank, American Express, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, Clifford Chance, EC Harris, Gazprom, WWF, The American Club HK and more.


Becci began her career as a highly effective Executive Assistant to the CIO, eventually taking on senior leadership roles at IAG, Australia’s largest insurance group, where she led teams of up to 50 people.


Becci is accredited in Action Learning, Change Management, Appreciative Inquiry, MBTI, Saville Wave, OPQ, and Hogan.

Delegate Testimonials

Becci's training sessions are knowledgeable and interesting. She uses her extensive experience to provide training sessions, which stretches everyone and helps them to grow. Tasks and questions that are set are challenging and thought-provoking to facilitate reflection and discussion. Becci is a very supportive and approachable trainer.

Fantastic communicator and motivator... She provided insight, motivation, and inspiration through role-playing, real-life examples and experiences. She is a great speaker and I highly recommend her.

Very approachable speaker. Great environment to exchange experiences.

A lot of discussions and sharing. Very interactive. Becci delivers the content at a good pace.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is specifically designed for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Office Managers, Admin Professionals and Support Staff



  • Session 1: Adapting to the Communication Style of Your Boss

    To be an effective right-hand to the boss, EAs/PAs must not only be adept at fully understanding the messages from their boss, but they must also be able to communicate in a clear, timely and concise manner. In this session, participants will work through a series of activities to identify and adapt to their boss’ communication, leadership and collaboration styles.

    • Examining the value of individuality and diversity
    • Anticipating the behaviours of your boss and adjusting your communication style to suit his/her needs
    • Improving channels of communication – Help your boss clarify his/her directions and know exactly what is expected of you
    • Increasing productivity – Planning skills to anticipate and proactively support your boss
    • Cross-cultural communication – Examining the impact of culture on communication styles

    [Practice Session] Identifying your communication style, adapting to your boss’ communication style

    Practical Solutions: Dealing with bosses with different views, working style, culture, working with a new boss

  • Session 2: Time & Workload Management

    With multiple tasks that require your immediate attention, how do you balance between time, priorities and workload challenges? An effective EA/PA achieves results with the limited amount of time. In this session, unlock the secrets to juggle competing priorities and support your boss as he/she makes strategic decisions.

    • Identify barriers to successful time and workload management
    • Learn prioritisation techniques to meet deadlines and achieve goals
    • Key techniques for effective multitasking
    • Working with internal stakeholders to ensure tasks are completed on time
    • Strategies and tips for managing a heavy workload and maximise time efficiency

    [Practice Session] Understanding personal time management challenges, how to prioritise

  • Session 3: Influencing & Negotiation Skills

    To help the boss achieve his/her objectives timely and efficiently, the ability of EAs/PAs to exert influence over and negotiate with people at all levels within the company as well as external personnel is critical. In this session, participants will practice different influencing and negotiation strategies using role play, and gain a clear understanding of their strengths and development needs through feedback.

    • Influencing – Push or pull?
    • What is presence? Examine high and low presence, specifically the elements of high presence
    • Crafting a great story: Why, who, when and how
    • 7 influencing strategies- Empower, logical persuasion, bargaining, interpersonal awareness, relationship building, common vision, authority / force
    • 6 step model of ‘Influencing without authority’
    • Apply practical win-win negotiation skills and assess how cultural differences impact negotiations

    [Practice Session] Presenting with confidence, crafting and delivering your story
    [Exercises] Role plays, case studies

  • Session 4: Email Writing & Persuasive Messaging

    Whether it is on the telephone, email, or face-to-face, the EA/PA is the first point of contact and responds on behalf of their boss. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, are a must-have. This session will examine the four different communication styles, and how they can be applied to persuasive messaging. We will look at different tactics EAs/PAs can apply to create persuasive emails, getting the outcome they need and want.

    • Elements of a good email – Clear, concise and creative
    • Identify tactics that are influential for each style and how to apply them
    • Analyse the influence of culture on persuasion and email writing
    • Create an approach based on the tactics, communications style and influencing strategies to strengthen the persuasiveness of your email

    [Practice Session] Formal email writing, feedback, and editing
    Case study, activity, group review

  • Session 5: Conflict Management & Resolution Skills

    To achieve deadlines and objectives, EAs/PAs need to effectively deal with difficult situations, challenging personalities and successfully resolve conflicts. In this session, participants will learn the best conflict mode for common conflict situations faced by EAs/PAs, and how to overcome common conflict challenges.

    • What are the 5 different conflict modes?
    • What is my preferred conflict style?
    • Choosing the best mode to manage and handle a conflict
    • Challenging situations commonly faced by EAs/PAs and how to overcome them

    [Practice Session] Conflict management game, group discussion on real-life conflict situations
    [Exercises] Case studies, role plays

    Practical Solutions: Dealing with office gossip to protect the interest of your boss while maintaining good relations with colleagues

  • Session 6: Assertiveness Skills

    Being the gatekeeper, EAs/PAs need to be assertive when necessary, to protect their boss’ valuable time. They need to learn to say “no” to external requests and competing priorities that would compromise on deadlines. In this session, participants will learn assertive communication techniques to achieve win-win outcomes.

    • What is assertiveness?
    • Saying no – the effects of not being able to say no
    • Protecting the interest of your boss – When and how to say no to your boss
    • Changing your attitude and behaviour to be more assertive
    • Assertive language and assertive communication techniques

    [Practice Session] How to say ‘no’, discussion on dos and don’ts of assertiveness
    Case study, role play, group activity

    Practical Solutions: How to say no to colleagues who push work to you, how to be assertive over the phone with external stakeholders

  • Session 7: Powerful Questioning

    To fully understand the needs and expectations of the boss, EAs/PAs need to be able to ask the right questions to gather the right information and clarify doubts. In this session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the power of questioning, identify personal areas of resistance to using questions at work, and work out ways to unblock the resistance.

    • 4 types of questions and applications
    • What can questions do for us? Examine the benefits of questions, and the reasons we may avoid questioning
    • Elements of great questions
    • Action Learning – using questions to help solve real problems
    • Action plan to develop questioning skills

    [Practice Session] Asking and building on questions
    Case study, group activity

  • Session 8: Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

    As EAs/PAs are increasingly being accepted as part of the management team, they need to represent their boss at meetings to deliver dynamic and engaging presentations. In this practical session, participants will learn how to structure presentations in an easy to follow way, deliver key points, and conclude the presentation with increased confidence.

    • Strategies to overcome nerves and anxiety
    • Techniques for introducing your presentation with impact
    • Selecting key points and delivering them with confidence
    • How to transition between slides smoothly and conclude your presentation effectively
    • Body language basics: Hand gestures, eye contact, body posture

    [Practice Session] Rehearsal, team presentation, and feedback