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Demanding. Fast-Paced. Complex.
Is your EA/PA Thriving in Today’s Business Environment?

A high performing and productive assistant is critical to your success.
Can your EA/PA adapt to your communication and management style?
Is he/she leveraging the latest digital tools to maximise your efficiency?
Can he/she successfully resolve conflicts and influence to meet your objectives?

Equip your EA/PA to Achieve High Performance & Productivity

This 2-day practical workshop will arm your EA/PA with critical skill sets to increase his/her leadership capability and mental resilience to become your strategic asset. Led by Amanda Vinci, an accredited trainer from Australia and former EA to C-Suite, your EA/PA will acquire the latest productivity tools, workload management techniques, and empowering habits for increased efficiency. He/She will develop effective communication skills including listening, questioning, assertiveness, and influence to build strong business relationships with you and others.

Unique Features

    • Real life case studies and challenges that EA/PAs face on a daily basis
    • Latest digital tools that can be immediately adopted for increased productivity
    • Highly interactive and engaging with hands-on exercises and group activities
    • Led by Amanda Vinci, a former EA to the MD of a global change management firm

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain fresh perspectives on how to handle workplace challenges and issues
  • Apply new listening strategies to reduce workplace misunderstanding
  • Learn how to replace inefficient work habits with productive habits
  • Adopt productivity tools to manage competing priorities with ease
  • Overcome stress and emotional reactivity for workplace empowerment
  • Employ prioritisation techniques for effective time management
  • Uncover new methods to manage emails and calendars on Outlook
  • Adapt to the communication and management style of your boss
  • Pick up techniques to communicate in a clear and concise manner
  • Apply conflict management strategies to deal with difficult situations
  • Build credibility in the workplace to gain respect from people at levels
  • Identify your preferred influencing style to motivate others to act

Workshop Leader

Amanda Vinci

Founder & CEO,

The EA Institute, Australia

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Amanda Vinci is the founder and CEO of The EA Institute, a training institution dedicated to transforming how administrators lead, think, work and behave. Amanda is an Internationally Accredited Coach, practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), accredited EDISC consultant, trainer and key note speaker. Clients Amanda has worked with include Telstra, Newmont Mining, Brickworks, IFM Investors, Wilson Parking Australia, Macquarie University and more.


Starting her career as an entry level administrator, Amanda worked her way up supporting senior executives in a range of industries. Her last role supporting the Managing Director of a global change management firm had her realise the gap in high quality leadership training for administrators. It was here Amanda knew she wanted to transform the perception of what could be possible for administrators.


She now works closely with senior executive assistants and personal assistants to increase their leadership capability and mental resilience to better support senior executives. She also works on increasing individual brand awareness and brand positioning for executive assistants as leaders within the organisation.


The Institute, globally recognised for their training, is now the home for many senior administrators who are looking to future proof their role by increasing their leadership skills, while contributing to the business in a far greater way.


Past Delegate Testimonials

“Having recently completed training with Amanda, I highly recommend the course. Amanda is a great facilitator, she continually pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am now reaping the rewards not only in my work life but it also translates through to your personal life. The course is well structured and has provided me with many new tools and strategies to help me lead at work.” Brooke Werner, EA to CEO Wilson Parking Australia

"As a result of her work with my assistant, I have observed an unmistakable change in my assistant’s performance, and who she needs to be to fulfil my outcomes and objectives… having Amanda on board provides an incredible tool for any leader looking to get the most of out their assistant." Wendel Bamford, CEO at Interchange

“I feel so empowered – I never would’ve had the courage to tackle some of my challenges. Thank you!” Kellie Harris, EA to CEO

"I highly recommend Amanda to any Executive Assistant who is looking to develop themselves to be a better leader or advance in their career." Executive Assistant, Telstra

Who Should Attend

Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Office Managers, Administrative and Support Professionals



  • Session 1: Understanding Organisational Context for Increased Effectiveness

    A high performing EA/PA can thrive in today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment. In this introductory session, participants will uncover the challenges they face at their workplace and gain a fresh perspective on these issues.

    • The fundamentals behind context and how we interpret information
    • Understanding yourself
    • How to proactively develop your business relationship with your boss and others
    • How to see the workplace with new perspectives for increased effectiveness in your role
  • Session 2: Effective Listening Techniques for Improved Communication

    To fully understand the needs and expectations of the boss, EAs/PAs must be adept at understanding messages and asking the right questions to gather the right information and clarify doubts. In this session, participants will learn how to apply effective listening and questioning models when communicating with his/her boss.

    • Strong communication is vital for assistants – establish what this looks like within your role
    • Understand the limitations to your listening skills and why this is limiting your career progression
    • Preconditions for effective listening including body language, critical thinking skills, questioning techniques and more
    • The 2 frames of listening and assessing where you sit
    • What gets in the way of listening and the impact on your effectiveness

    Exercise: Assess the impact of your listening skills and how to improve with a simple technique

  • Session 3: Cultivating Productive Habits that Support High Performing Environments

    An inefficient EA/PA can impede the boss from achieving critical business goals. In this session, participants will learn how to create effective habits to maximise their boss’ time and productivity.

    • Where workplace overwhelm comes from and how to breakthrough this for good
    • Our automatic thoughts and actions that cause us to miss opportunities around us
    • Automatic habits that stop us from being effective and replacing them with empowering habits
    • Create a new way of operating that leaves you with power, freedom and peace of mind when you leave work at the end of the day

    Exercise: Assess your workplace habits and replace inefficient habits with productive ones

  • Session 4: Productivity Tools for Effective Workload Management

    Most EAs/PAs today serve multiple bosses and teams. To be an effective support, EAs/PAs must learn how to handle tight deadlines and competing priorities. This session will look at the latest tools and techniques in workload prioritisation, time management and stress management.

    • The ‘getting-things-done’ workflow – managing what work comes in and what work goes out
    • How to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks
    • Why we get stressed and what to do to overcome it
    • The consequences of ‘loose ends’ on your capacity to think
    • Leave work with peace of mind knowing that you have everything under control
    • How to manage your time and be effective with your workload
    • How to manage competing priorities with ease
  • Session 5: Best Practices in Email, Calendar and Meeting Management

    This session will unpack the latest digital tools and simple hacks EAs/PAs can adopt to effectively protect their boss’ valuable time.

    • Overcome email overwhelm
    • Best practice for managing calendars
    • How to effectively handle emails without anything falling through the cracks
    • Limitations of traditional ‘task lists’ and implement strategies that pull for effectiveness
    • Meeting protocols and insights that pull for smarter and faster meetings
  • Session 6: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication Skills

    The EA/PA role encompasses communicating the boss’ messages in a clear, accurate and concise manner. In this session, participants will apply various communication techniques to build strong business relationships with the boss and others.

    • Capturing the essence of conversation to avoid experiencing information overload
    • Focusing on a speaker’s thoughts and feeling by giving one’s full attention
    • Paying attention to non-verbal messages through body language and gestures
    • Improving listening and questioning skills to command respect from your boss and colleagues
  • Session 7: Being Assertive: You don’t have to be the Boss to Influence

    In this final session, participants will learn how to say ‘no’ to safeguard the boss’ interest, deal with challenging personalities, and effectively influence and negotiate with people at all levels to help the boss achieve objectives timely and efficiently.

    • Strategies to overcome conflict within your role and the business
    • How to motivate and inspire others to act down, up and across the organisation
    • Build credibility in the workplace through techniques that enable you to influence a variety of scenarios
    • Clarify common misconceptions on what influence really is, as well as what it isn’t
    • Identify your preferred influencing style and how to apply other styles to a range of situations and contexts
    • How to gain commitment and loyalty while employing influencing techniques to overcome resistance and influence without authority
    • New strategies to support you in becoming more assertive in your role

    Exercise: Practice and role play techniques that will create lasting change