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How do you market to a generation that is often dubbed as both “sceptical” and “apathetic”?
How can you gain trust and buy-in of Gen Z to sustain their engagement?
How do you create relevant and snackable content for Gen Z on social platforms?
Can you identify Gen Z’s key influencers at home and on social media?
How should engagement be measured now if you only have eight seconds to capture their attention?  

What Does It Take to Create True & Meaningful Engagement with Gen Z?
Engaging youth is always tricky. Enter Generation Z who have a wide access to information at their fingertips and are increasingly vocal on a series of issues. Even understanding them as a generation isn’t always enough. Building trust with this generation is more important than ever. Call them future leaders, social influencers, customers or change-makers. We recognise their potential. We want to harness their talent. But how can we build real partnerships and find true engagement to leverage their influence for good?

The Power of Gen Z: Forging Meaningful Connections, Building Trust
Join this highly interactive 2-day conference to hear from leading marketing professionals on how they win the hearts and minds of Gen Z. Know the latest trends and dispel common stereotypes from influential Gen Z gamechangers. Discover how Halogen gains trust and appeals to Gen Z on relevant issues. Learn how The Travel Intern adapts to Gen Z’s travel quirks. Uncover gamification strategies that attract and retain Gen Z’s engagement. Create snackable content on YouTube and TikTok with The Smart Local. Explore the driving factors behind Gen Z’s ethical consumerism. Assess how Our Grandfather Story conceptualises social campaigns that address youth apathy. Pick up tips on engaging Gen Z’s influencers on all platforms. Build brand affinity with meaningful experiences. Choose the right metrics to measure Gen Z’s engagement beyond “likes”.

Programme Highlights

  • Latest Youth Trends
    Uncover the psychology, behaviour and habits from Gen Z themselves
    Cause Marketing on Social Media
    Building trust and emotional connection with Gen Z followers on YouTube, IG and FB
    Youth Engagement Strategy
    Engineering behavioural change with the change generation
    Value-Based Marketing
    Redefining brand synergy, purpose and vision to fit Gen Z’s values
    Youth Marketing Strategy
    Aligning business objectives with Gen Z’s purchase decisionsand optimising different digital touchpoints
    Partnership Strategy
    Leveraging Gen Z’s influencers at home and on social for meaningful reach and engagement
    Gamification Strategy
    Rise of Games-as-a-Service and aligning organisational objectives for higher Return on Experience (ROX)
    Omnichannel and Experiential Marketing
    Delivering consistent brand experiences on multiple platforms such as IG stories
    Content Marketing Strategies
    Skills-based session: Making distant and dull content more interesting and relevant to Gen Z without “trying too hard”
    Data Analysis and Measurement
    Skills-based session: Measuring success of youth marketing campaigns and engagement for optimal return
    Rise of Youth Banking
    Shaping and defining how Gen Z will work, play and live

    Interactive Networking Lunch on Day 1

    Get a glimpse into what Gen Z are working on right now during the interactive lunch session. Speak with a group of young gamechangers – Generation Z and Skilio – who are spearheading projects within the community or pioneering new business innovations of their own. Uncover the “whats” and “whys” behind their value-driven projects and what drives them individually as Gen Z.

    MY15-Generation Z-3 MY15-Skilio
    Generation Z

    Generation Z is a non-profit enterprise founded by Regine Chan with a core belief of creating equal opportunity for all.
    Read more…


    Skilio is an education technology start-up founded by Felix Tan that measures and tracks soft skills development in students through its proprietary AI software. Read more…

Benefits of Attending

  • Decode the emotional and mental drivers on what makes Gen Z tick
  • Pick up tips and tricks on how to empower Gen Z to co-create and give back
  • Assess brand’s agility when marketing to Gen Z in order to stay relevant and updated
  • Unearth exciting gamification strategies that build engagement and loyalty with Gen Z
  • Craft value-driven and relatable content on social platforms that jive with Gen Z
  • Explore opportunities that Youth Banking brings to businesses targeting youths
  • Build a captivating brand identity and community amongst Gen Z online and offline
  • Conceptualise social education campaigns that address apathy for youths to be more empathetic
  • Harness key connections in Gen Z’s inner circle of influence for maximum reach
  • Construct immersive end-to-end Gen Z experiences that deliver optimal brand experience
  • Establish key indicators that measure quality of engagement and awareness amongst Gen Z


Ivy Tse

Chief Executive Officer,

Halogen Foundation Singapore

Fauzi Aziz

Marketing Lead,

The Smart Local

Ng Kai Yuan


Our Grandfather Story

Hendric Tay


The Travel Intern

Regine Chan


Generation Z

Felix Tan

Founder and CEO, Skilio and NUS Global Studies Major

Who Should Attend

Mid-senior level executives responsible for, Marketing, Communications, Youth Outreach and Engagement, PR, Branding, Digital Engagement, Social Media and Educators



  • Day 01

    08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee
  • 09.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session
  • 09.30 Latest Youth Trends

    Dig Deeper into the Psychology, Behaviour & Habits of Gen Z

    • Uncover what makes Gen Z tick, their hopes, interests and fears
    • Dispel some of the most common stereotypes and myths about Gen Z
    • Discover what Gen Z considers to be in trend on social media
    • Winning tips on building authentic social conversations with Gen Z on digital platforms
    • Examine the emotional and mental drivers that inform Gen Z decision-making process

    Regine Chan, Co-Founder, Generation Z
    Felix Tan, Founder and CEO, Skilio and NUS Global Studies Major

  • 10.30 Morning Refreshments & Network Break
  • 10.45 Youth Engagement Strategy

    Halogen’s Strategy in Engineering Behavioural Change with the Change Generation

    • How Halogen appeals to Gen Z on relevant issues by tapping into their interests
    • How Halogen gains trust and buy-in of Gen Z to sustain their engagement
    • How Halogen was able to empower Gen Z to co-create and give back
    • Dos and don’ts of engaging disengaged Gen Z

    Ivy Tse, Chief Executive Officer, Halogen Foundation

  • 11.45 Lunch & Networking Break
  • 13.15 Youth Marketing Strategy

    How Gen Z’s Interest are Making a Whole New World Out of Travel

    • How Gen Z’s environmental, social interests and travel quirks are changing the game for travel again
    • Identifying the major influencers on Gen Z’s buying habits and how to get their buy-in
    • Aligning The Travel Intern’s business objectives with Gen Z’s purchase decisions
    • Optimising different digital touchpoints when marketing to Gen Z on social media
    • How The Travel Intern maintains agility when marketing to Gen Z in order to stay relevant and updated

    Hendric Tay, Co-Founder, The Travel Intern

  • 14.15 Gamification

    How to Use Games-as-a-Service to Reach Out to Gen Z Users

    • Learn about the rise of GaaS and its impact on brand loyalty and engagement with Gen Z
    • How to align gamification strategy to organisational objectives for higher Return on Experience (ROX)
    • How to use GaaS at each critical customer touchpoint to engage Gen Z
    • Uncover the secret sauce to designing games that attracts and retains Gen Z’s attention
    • Measuring effectiveness of gamification strategy in building loyalty and engagement
  • 15.15 Afternoon Refreshments & Network Break
  • 15.30 Content Marketing

    Winning Storytelling Strategy in the Age of Gen Z

    This 1.5 hour skills-based session includes a 30 minutes presentation, 45 minutes hands-on group discussion and 15 minutes Q&A.

    • Latest Gen Z social media platforms (TikTok, Telegram, Twitch) and their interactive mobile-first content trends
    • How to make distant and dull content more interesting to Gen Z without “trying too hard”
    • Step-by-step approach in crafting authentic, value-driven, snackable content for Gen Z
    • Common pitfalls of being everywhere yet nowhere with Gen Z
    • Turning content strategy missteps into brand love with Gen Z: Successful case studies

    Fauzi Aziz, Marketing Lead, The Smart Local

  • 17.00 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 17.10 End of Day One
  • Day 02

    08.30 Morning Coffee
  • 09.00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks & Interactive Charge-Up Session
  • 09.15 IoT Trends: Rise of Youth Banking

    The Rise of Youth Banking on a Generation Disrupted

    • Latest trends on Youth Banking in emerging markets for young consumers
    • How Youth Banking is set to shape and define how Gen Z will work, play and live
    • Learn about the opportunities that Youth Banking represents to businesses targeting Gen Z
    • The impact of Youth Banking on the Return on Experience (ROX) across Youth brands
    • Explore the possible challenges and downsides to implementing Youth Banking throughout SEA
    • What Youth Banking means for institutions overseeing Gen Z financial literacy and spending habits
  • 10.15 Morning Refreshments & Network Break
  • 10.30 Value-Based Marketing

    Beauty According to Gen Z: The Rise of Clean and Ethical Beauty

    • Understanding the driving factors behind Gen Z’s ethical consumerism
    • What does it mean to be an “authentic” and “value-driven” brand?
    • How to redefine purpose, vision and brand synergy to fit Gen Z’s values
    • Building a captivating brand identity and brand community amongst Gen Z online and offline
    • Why Return on Experience (ROX) is more important than ROI when engaging Gen Z
  • 11.30 Cause Marketing on Social Media

    Our Grandfather Story’s Approach to Breaking Down Social Issues Barriers on Social Media

    • Identifying social issues that are difficult to talk about with Gen Z and why is it important
    • How OGS conceptualises social campaigns that deliver real change
    • Building trust and emotional connection with Gen Z followers on YouTube, IG and FB
    • Making difficult social issues “real” and relevant to youth on social media
    • Key considerations when engaging apathetic Gen Z to be more empathetic and aware
    • Measuring impact of campaigns in driving Gen Z awareness and participation

    Ng Kai Yuan, Co-Founder, Our Grandfather Story

  • 12.30 Lunch & Networking Break
  • 13.30 Partnerships Strategy

    Tapping on Gen Z’s Influencers for Meaningful Reach & Engagement

    • Identifying Gen Z’s key influencers: Parents, peers and on social media
    • Tips and tricks when engaging Gen Z’s influencers both online and offline
    • Collaborating with social influencers that Gen Zs are revving up to support: Dos and don’ts
    • Building connections and getting buy-in from Gen Z’s parents and Gen Z themselves
    • Setting measurable partnership outcomes and evaluating ROI of strategy
  • 14.30 Omnichannel & Experiential Marketing

    How to Change Up the Retail Experience with Gen Z

    • How to build long-term brand affinity by creating online and offline experiences that matter
    • How to create immersive online buying experience on various social media platforms
    • Being transparent: Building trust through relatable IG stories and Q&A sessions
    • Delivering consistent experiences through flexible response systems in times of crisis
    • How to leverage end-to-end fulfilment for an elevated 360 customer experience
    • Challenges in omnichannel and experiential marketing to Gen Z
  • 15.30 Afternoon Refreshments & Network Break
  • 15.45 Data Analysis & Measurement

    Measuring Success of Youth Campaigns for Optimal Return on Experience

    This 1.5 hour skills-based session includes a 20 minutes presentation, 1 hour hands-on group discussion and 10 minutes Q&A.

    • Identifying measurable success metrics when reaching out to Gen Z online and offline
    • Sourcing for the right tools to collect and analyse data while on a tight budget
    • Finding reliable data sources to gather useful insights when engaging Gen Z beyond “likes”
    • Analysing social media data using simple data tools to assess brand awareness and engagement
    • Evaluating quality of brand engagement with Gen Z and determining elements for impact assessment
    • Turning data insights into actionable Gen Z marketing strategies for higher ROX
  • 17.15 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 17.25 Close of Conference