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Tug on the Right Emotional Heartstrings Through Meaningful Engagement Strategies 

While expressive, today’s youths have short attention spans. Many brands are starting to see the importance of reaching out to this group of young audiences. With that said, it is no longer enough to depend solely on the ingenuity of a product to influence youths’ purchasing decisions today. How can brands market to this important digital-first consumer demographic whose diverse opinions can make or break your brand image? 

What are the emotional and mental drivers behind youths’ purchasing decisions today? 

How do you capture youths’ attention whilst ensuring that your content is relevant? 

What does it take to engage youths and win their hearts in the current landscape? 

Hit the Right Notes Fast: Capture Youths’ Attention and Win Their Hearts Over 

Join this 2-day forum to find out the strategies behind engaging youths and creating meaningful conversations with them. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends to better understand today’s youths. Hear about the lessons and the dos and don’ts when engaging with youths from various brands. Discover how TikTok Creators are once again turning the tide around influencer marketing towards Youth. Learn about the latest gamification strategies, when and how brands can use it to attract the attentions of youths. 

Programme Highlights

  • Latest Youth Trends
    Understand the emotional & mental drivers that inform youths’ engagement journey 

    Youth Engagement
    Hear about the dos and don’ts on the latest engagement strategies from brands that have cracked the code 

    Influencer Marketing Strategy
    Know who the new kings & queens of social media are a.k.a. the TikTok Creators 

    Capitalise on the latest gamification strategies that delivers on campaign objectives through play 

Benefits of Attending

  • Decrypt youths: emotional & mental drivers that inform engagement 
  • Identify engagement strategies that worked and what didn’t 
  • Broadcast organisation values with values important to the youth 
  • Appeal to the language receptors of youth without “trying too hard” 
  • Frame captivating narratives that drive behavioural change in youth 
  • Sustain the attention of youths through authentic social conversations 
  • Craft hyper-personalised messaging on social that stands out 
  • Determine selected campaigns that optimise gamification play 
  • Leverage TikTok Creators that further advocate for youth campaigns 
  • Harness fresh data insights on youth to deliver your next plan of action 


Vineet Kumar

Director of Research & Insights

Havas Media

Chong Kai Yan

Branded Content & Partnerships Lead

Our Grandfather Story

Yeap Ming Feng

Head of Marketing


Cassi Yang

Agency Lead

Hepmil Creators’ Network

Keith Ng

Co Founder


Sonya David

Strategy Lead

Dentsu International | iProspect

Joe Chan

Head of REACH Youth Services

REACH Community Services Society

Frances Lian

Social Worker

REACH Community Services Society

Felix Tan

Founder & CEO


Vivek Iyyani

Millennial Specialist

Millennial Minds

Ben Wightman

Head of Integrated Customer Experience Marketing


Who Should Attend

Mid to Senior level executives responsible for Marketing, Communications, Youth Outreach & Engagement, PR, Branding, Social Media and Educators 



  • Day 1 – 14 October 2021 (Thursday)

    8.30 Registration & Morning Coffee
  • 9.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session

    Ben Wightman, Head of Integrated Customer Experience Marketing, F5 

  • 9.30 Latest Youth Trends

    The New Rules of Youth Marketing Beyond 2021

    • Pen portraits of Millennials & Gen Zs as individuals 
    • Gather fresh behavioural insights – and post-pandemic changes in attitudes, values, perceptions of today’s youths  
    • Examine the emotional and mental drivers that inform youths’ engagement journey  
    • Delve into youth’s media consumption habits to create meaningful conversations  
    • Uncover how brands can stay relevant given the pandemic’s impact on the priorities of youth 

    Vineet Kumar, Director of Research & Insights, Havas Media  

  • 10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break
  • 11.00 Youth Engagement Strategy

    Skilio’s Youth Engagement Strategies that Engage and Convert

    • How Skilio positioned itself to appear relevant and amiable to the youths today  
    • How Skilio communicated its brand values to youths through various platforms  
    • Skilio’s engagement and conversion strategies for youths: what worked and what didn’t  
    • How Skilio identifies suitable partnerships that help create unique local content that speak to youth 

    Felix Tan, Founder & CEO, Skilio

  • 12.00

    How REACH Community Services Society Engaged Youth to Further Brand Purpose in the Community

    • How REACH identified and aligned organisation’s values with values that youth find important 
    • How REACH communicated its brand values to youths through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok 
    • Going beyond general awareness: engaging, inspiring and empowering youth to take action 
    • REACH’s process to strategy: partnering with youth to foster deeper engagement within the community

    Joe Chan, Head of REACH Youth Services, REACH Community Services Society
    Frances Lian, Social Worker, REACH Community Services Society 

  • 13.00 Lunch & Networking Break
  • 14.15 Youth Engagement Strategy

    Panel: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Youths in Times of Uncertainty

    • Understand how youth’s perspectives have been influenced by the pandemic with strategies that engage  
    • How to cater to the language receptors of youth by being persuasive without ‘trying too hard’  
    • Engaging disengaged youths: ways to interest and empower youths during a time of uncertainty  
    • Spurring youths to go the extra mile beyond #clicktivism, ways that brands can support youth

    Joe Chan, Head of REACH Youth Services, REACH Community Services Society

    Felix Tan, Founder & CEO, Skilio
    Vivek Iyyani, Millennial Specialist, Millennial Minds
    Ben Wightman, Head of Integrated Customer Experience Marketing, F5
    Chong Kai Yan, Branded Content & Partnerships Lead, Our Grandfather Story 

  • 15.15 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break
  • 15.45 Cause Marketing

    How Our Grandfather Story Engages Youths on Taboo Topics

    • Changing with the times: How Our Grandfather Story embarked on a journey to highlight rising social issues  
    • Our Grandfather Story’s key considerations on selection of topics and why it’s important for youth to know  
    • How Our Grandfather Story frames narratives that speak to the emotional drivers of youth to deliver behavioural change  
    • Presenting social issues in a genuine manner to win over youth’s hearts and avoid appearing ‘fake’  
    • Lessons learnt on continuing to push social boundaries and driving awareness to action 

    Chong Kai Yan, Branded Content & Partnerships Lead, Our Grandfather Story 

  • 16.45 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 17.00 End of Forum
  • Day 2 – 15 October 2021 (Friday)

    08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee
  • 9.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session

    Ben Wightman, Head of Integrated Customer Experience Marketing, F5 

  • 09.30 Content Strategy

    From Apathy to Curiosity: How Seedly Made Financial Education Easily Digestible for Youths

    • Identify critical components of an effective storytelling strategy that draws youth in  
    • Crafting bold and authentic social conversations on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok  
    • Attracting and sustaining the attention spans of youths through original user-generated content  
    • Educational vs. Branded content vs. Entertainment: achieving the best outcomes with each type of content  
    • Figuring out the best content format for each audience sub-group: long-form content vs interactive visuals  

    Yeap Ming Feng, Head of Marketing, Seedly 

  • 10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break
  • 11.00 Social Media Strategy

    Connecting with Youths via Popular Social Media Platforms

    • Current behaviour trends on social media 
    • Early adopters on social media 
    • Not just another ad: personalising organic and paid content that motivate brand engagement 
    • Appealing to digital-first generations – breaking relevant yet interactive campaigns in seconds  
    • Digital acquisition strategies for youth that work and the ones that don’t 
    • Things to avoid – what turns a social media campaign into a disaster 

    Sonya David, Strategy Lead, Dentsu International | iProspect 

  • 12.00 Gamification

    Gamification Marketing Strategies that Further Enhance Youth Engagement

    • The psychology and motivation theories behind gamification 
    • Current trends and case studies in gamification for customer engagement & community-building 
    • Key fundamentals of gamification and Gametize’s design framework 
    • How to leverage various digital tools to create a gamified customer journey 
    • Turning “cheating” behaviors into a leverage for building retention and advocacy 

    Keith Ng, Co-founder, Gametize 

  • 13.00 Lunch & Networking Break
  • 14.15 Influencer Marketing

    The New Kings and Queens of Social: TikTok Creators and How to Work with Them

    TikTok’s exponential growth has given rise to a new generation of creators on the platform who have amassed millions of fans in a short period of time. This session aims to shed light on how up and coming TikTok creators have captured the attention of Gen Zs and how brands in Singapore can work effectively with the new generation of content creators.   

    • Introduction to TikTok: the app for Gen Z   
    • The rise of TikTok Creators: why is everyone creating content on TikTok   
    • Who exactly are TikTok Creators and what makes them unique   
    • How can brands work effectively with TikTok Creators to launch successful campaigns  

    Cassi Yang, Agency Lead, Hepmil Creators’ Network  

  • 15.15 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break
  • 15.45 Social Monitoring & Data Analytics

    Determining Your Next Plan of Action: Know What Youths are Talking about Your Brand

    • Distinguish between Millennials and Gen Z and their measurable success metrics of engagement  
    • Measuring awareness and reach of campaigns beyond the ‘likes’, ‘views’ and ‘clicks’  
    • Entering the dark social: capture what youths are saying about your brand offline  
    • Turning data insights into actionable marketing strategies for 2022  
    • Making the internet safe for youth, complying with new data standards  
  • 16.45 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 17.00 End of Forum