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Business presentations can be a nerve wrecking affair.
How do you project confidence and credibility when presenting proposals to C-suite?
How do you manage your nerves when delivering a sales pitch to clients?
How do you effectively handle Q&As when speaking to the media?
How do you engage and elicit responses during internal staff briefings?

The next time you deliver a presentation, don’t walk out of the room feeling like you fell short of expectations.

Influence Stakeholders
Speak with Confidence. Credibility. Impact.

Join us at this interactive 2-day workshop to acquire proven methods and techniques to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness of your business presentations. Led by Malcolm Andrews, an Executive Communication Coach, identify your personal speaking style and learn how to build on it to achieve optimal presentation outcomes. Gain new insights on how to increase audience engagement to avoid one-dimensional speeches. Discover how to apply the content planning process to ensure that your objectives are met. Don’t miss the chance to adopt strategies in nonverbal communication, designing effective PowerPoint slides, managing nerves and tackling Q&A.

Receive Expert Critique on your Presentation Skills:

    • Put your skills to the test in the practical practice session
    • Receive personal coaching on strengths and areas for improvement
    • Review a video playback of your presentation for self-evaluation

Programme Highlights

“I wish I could speak like him”

Discovering your style profile

“The audience is quiet and passive”

Strategies to creating opportunities for response

“There is too much information to include”

Setting your objective, scripting, editing

“I want to appear confident and relaxed”

Nonverbal communication strategies

“What if I can’t answer the question?”

Tips on how to handle 6 types of questions


Using fear to deliver an effective presentation

“My slides are boring”

5 style tips to add value to your PowerPoint slides

Learn Proven Solutions which you can take back and Implement:

  • Incorporating Q&A as an integral engagement strategy
  • Avoid being blindsided: How to plan and prepare for difficult questions
  • Structuring your content to keep it concise without sacrificing critical points
  • Using storytelling to make your presentation objectives go further
  • Building your personal style into the storytelling format
  • Calming your nerves: Creating a checklist of audience objectives
  • Applying 3 feature applications to avoid wordy PowerPoint presentations
  • Designing presentation materials that enhances your personal style
  • Matching your vocal pitch, volume, tone and body movement to your audience
  • No hard selling: Influencing and persuading your audience indirectly

Workshop Leader

Malcolm Andrews

Executive Communication Coach



With over 10 years’ experience, Malcolm has been developing the presentation and public speaking skills of Senior Executives across Asia.


His clients include the Principal Partner of a major Hong Kong law firm, the Regional Sales Director of a multinational luxury goods house, the Regional Finance Director of an international hotel chain, and the Managing Director of an offshore Private Bank based in Hong Kong.


Malcolm has also conducted communication management trainings for MNCs including Astra-Zeneca, Boston Consulting Group, IKEA and Sika.


Malcolm draws his expertise in business presentations and public speaking from his corporate work experience in Marketing, Business Development and Senior Executive roles as Managing Director.


He was previously the Managing Director for the regional operation of Pergamon Press and the Managing Director of PMMS (now ArcBlue Consulting), a global business advisory specialising in supply market management.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for Managers and Senior Executives looking to deliver impactful business presentations to stakeholders including senior management, the board, clients, customers, the media and internal staff.



  • Session 1: What’s your Personal Presentation Style?

    Have you sat through a business conference or media interview and thought to yourself, “I wish I could speak just like him/her”? But not everyone has the same speaking styles. To ensure optimal impact and effectiveness of your presentations, you need to identify your preferred style of presentation and build on it. We kick start the workshop with a short simulation exercise, each participant will deliver a personal introduction to identify their preferred presentation style.

    • Range and features: What are we like?
    • Identifying your preferred style range
    • Impact and optimisation: Discovering your style profile
    • How to make your style profile work for you to achieve optimal presentation outcomes
  • Session 2: Key Elements of an Impactful & Engaging Business Presentation

    How do you persuade the board to accept your business proposal? How do you influence senior management to respond to issues raised? Make an impact in your next presentation to senior executives. In this session, discover the three critical elements of successful presentations to ensure value.

    • Prioritising content: Which information to include without sacrificing critical points?
    • How to avoid one-dimensional presentations
    • Strategies to engage: Creating opportunities for response and communication
    • How to influence and persuade your audience indirectly
  • Session 3: Presentation Content Planning Process

    Whether you are delivering a sales pitch to clients or speaking at an annual general meeting, to ensure that the business objective of the presentation is met, it is important to go through a critical planning process. In this session, participants will work on an exercise to prepare and plan a presentation.

    • Practical planning process:
      • Objective setting
      • Scripting
      • Editing
    • Storytelling: Making your objectives go further
    • Building your personal presentation style into the storytelling format
    • Maintaining authenticity: How to ensure storytelling reflects your presentation style
  • Session 4: Speaking with Confidence & Credibility

    Presenting to senior management or the board can be daunting and it’s not always easy to project confidence and credibility. But you don’t have to walk out of the room feeling like you fell short of expectations. In this session we dive into nonverbal communication strategies to optimise your personal speaking style.

    • Vocal pitch and volume matching
    • Tone building
    • Pacing
    • Hand gestures
    • Body movement
    • Expressions
    • Eye contact
  • Session 5: Designing your PowerPoint Presentation Slides

    Apart from delivery, your materials play an equal part in keeping senior executives, clients, employees engaged throughout your presentation. This session will look at techniques to design your presentation materials that match your style and add value to your overall presentation.

    • Ensuring that your PowerPoint presentation reflects and enhances your presentation style
    • 5 style tips to develop creative presentation slides
    • 3 feature applications that can be used to avoid wordy presentations
    • 4 case studies of presentation slides: Participants will provide critique, feedback and apply the tips and tricks learnt
  • Session 6: How to use Nerves to your Advantage

    Fear! Your thoughts jumble up, you get mental blocks, you can’t seem to find the right words…Do you wish you could just enjoy delivering a speech? In this session, discover how to make nerves work for you.

    • How to “enjoy” your nerves: Using fear to deliver an effective presentation
    • Calming your nerves: Creating a checklist of audience objectives
    • Assessing yourself: Objectively vs. subjectively
  • Session 7: Handling Q&A

    Whether you are giving a media interview or speaking at an industry event, you should expect to be bombarded with questions. This session will equip you with proven methods to ensure that you are ever ready to tackle difficult questions from your audience.

    • Incorporating the Q&A as an integral engagement strategy
    • Avoid being blindsided: How to plan and prepare for difficult questions
    • How to make Q&As for you and not against you
    • Identifying the 6 types of questions and how to handle each of them
    • How to provide a well thought through response on the spot
  • Session 8: Practice Session & Coaching

    In this practical practice session, participants will deliver a business presentation and apply the techniques and strategies learnt over the 2 days.

    • Individual presentation
    • Handling Q&A
    • Video playback of presentation
    • Personal coaching and feedback on strength and areas for improvements
    • Learning review and action planning