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Also happening in Singapore: 3 February 2021

SEO is no longer working alone to drive organic traffic.
Search Experience Optimisation (SXO) is now the heart of your SEO strategy.
Focusing on user behaviour, user navigation and customer experience,
SXO provides a holistic approach to site optimisation.

Enhance User Experience with Advanced SEO Strategies
Join this practical 1-day workshop to acquire actionable advanced SEO techniques to rank higher and drive organic traffic. Develop a SEO strategy based on the digital buyers’ journey from initiation to post-purchase experience. Uncover what are the noticeable Google algorithm updates in 2021, decisive organic ranking factors, and future SEO trends. Find out which SEO tactics work including the 4 pillars of optimisation and Search Experience Optimisation (SXO). Learn how to conduct keyword search demand analysis, ranking and visibility study, competitive content audit and backlink analysis for your brand.

Unique Features

    • 2021 Top SEO trends and best practices
    • Led by the Head of SEO, Web Experience & Content Strategist from TBWA Singapore
    • Practical examples on how to conduct audits and analyses
    • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop

Benefits of Attending

  • Find out how ad block tech and web of moments are changing user behaviour
  • Examine the effectiveness and impact of SEO vs other marketing channels
  • Understand the search engine economy and how Google algorithm works
  • Adopt Search Experience Optimisation (SXO) for a holistic approach
  • Build your own search demand universe for site content development
  • Evaluate your current organic search rankings and search engine visibility
  • Conduct a step-by-step competitive content audit of any given page
  • Optimise your own content for maximum page organic search rankings
  • Analyse backlinks, compare profiles with competitors, and find links for outreach
  • Uncover the impact of user experience, data, mobile and AI on the future of SEO

Workshop Leader

Amir Nada

Head of SEO, Web Experience & Content Strategist,

TBWA Group Singapore



Amir Nada is the Head of SEO for one of Singapore’s largest advertising agencies, TBWA. He joined the agency last year to lead SEO efforts for clients such as Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Standard Chartered Bank.


He has more than 10 years agency and consulting experience. He previously worked with Resolution Media Australia, Isobar Melbourne and Syzygy London servicing clients such as Expedia, GM, Target, Avis, ANZ Bank, Telstra, Mazda, Australia Post, Barclays and 7-Eleven.


Amir loves the constant evolution of both Google’s search engine and user behaviour and the constant drive to stay educated and test new tactics and strategies.


– Search Experience Optimisation (SXO)
– Search Demand Mapping
– Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
– Link Outreach

Who Should Attend

Senior level executives responsible for Digital Marketing, SEO, E-commerce, Web



  • Registration: 8.30am • Workshop: 9.00am – 5.00pm
    Morning, afternoon refreshments & lunch will be served at appropriate intervals.

    Delegates will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 1-day workshop.

  • Session 1: SEO in the Digital Buyers’ Journey

    • Changing User Behaviour
      • Ad block technology, endless competition, web of moments
    • What’s the role of SEO in today’s buying journey
      • From initiation to post-purchase experience
    • How SEO informs our buying decisions
      • Effectiveness and impact of SEO vs other marketing channels
  • Session 2: Google in 2021

    • Search Engine Economy
      • History of Search Engines
      • Google is God
      • Why rankings are everything
    • Understanding Google Algorithm
      • How does the algorithm work
      • Noticeable algorithm updates
      • Decisive organic ranking factors in 2020
      • What to know about ranking penalties
  • Session 3: SEO in 2021: What Tactics Work

    • The 4 Pillars of Optimisation
      • How you build your site
      • How you describe your content
      • How others reference you
      • How users engage with your site
    • Search Experience Optimisation
      • SEO is no longer working on its own – Search Experience Optimisation (SXO) provides a holistic approach to optimisation
  • Session 4: Future of SEO

    • Changing user behaviour
    • User experience
    • Data
    • Mobile
    • AI
  • Session 5: Practical Examples – How to Conduct

    • Keyword Search Demand Analysis
      • How to build your very own search demand universe
      • How it services as the core for site content development
    • Ranking and Visibility Study
      • Understand your current organic search rankings and search engine visibility vs key competitors
    • Competitive Content Audit
      • How to analyse any given page and use key findings to optimise your own content for maximum page organic search rankings
    • Backlink Analysis
      • How to analyse any given sites backlink profile
      • Compare profile vs competitors
      • How to find links for outreach