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Can you leverage on what’s new and hot in social media for your business?
How do you write effectively to increase the engagement rate of your posts?
Are you able to drive conversion and measure the effectiveness of your social media?

Leverage Latest Trends, Effective Platforms to Maximise Social Media Engagement

Join this 2-day workshop to acquire practical techniques and tools to develop a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with the latest landscape. Examine how to set clear KPIs for different social platforms and leverage on monitoring tools including Fanpage Karma, Hootsuite, Social Mention, Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights to benchmark against competitors. Gain insights into the technicalities and algorithms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. to create relevant content with maximum reach and engagement. Master how to measure the tangible impact of social media and report ROI to your management.

Keep up with the Ever-Evolving Social Media Landscape through:

    • Hands-on social audit exercises to gain insights into the social pages of both you and your competitors
    • In-depth demonstrations of practical social tools to monitor online conversations and real-time mentions
    • On the spot writing practice to receive tailored feedback and tips to improve your social media content

Programme Highlights

Latest Game-changing Trends & Platforms

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories: How to stay ahead?

Setting Clear Goals & KPIs

Fan growth, share of voice, quality of fans etc.

How to Benchmark against Competitors?

Site audit, competitive analysis: Fanpage Karma, Hootsuite & more

360 Social Media Strategy

SEO, SEM, SMO: Effective keywords, hashtags

Technicalities & Algorithms of Social Platforms

How Facebook newsfeed works: Affinity score, edge weight, time decay

Creating Engaging Content

Practical tips to tailor content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Social CRM & Managing Online Reputation

How to mitigate and respond to negative comments?

Data Analytics & Measuring ROI

Translating social efforts into tangible outcomes

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain insights into the latest trends and consumer behaviour of social media users in Asia
  • Identify key functions of different social platforms and assess how to apply them to your business
  • Learn about search engine optimisation quick facts and how the positioning of posts affects clicks
  • Discover how the Facebook newsfeed works: Posting sharing, quality, formatting, image etc.
  • Analyse the factors affecting Facebook algorithm: Affinity score, edge weight, time decay
  • Assess and compare social monitoring tools available: Fanpage Karma, Hootsuite, Social Mention etc.
  • Determine how to conduct audience segmentation to create tailored content that resonates
  • Acquire tips for writing on various social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo, LinkedIn
  • Examine considerations behind goal setting and selecting appropriate KPIs for benchmarking
  • Find out how to filter, prioritise, and manage social media conversations and real-time mentions
  • Master how to translate social findings into actionable insights for comprehensive understanding
  • Walk away with tailored and applicable feedback through hands-on exercises and group discussions

Workshop Leader

Douglas White



Douglas is a regional social media expert, with more than 20 years’ marketing experience. He founded Asia’s first agency offering full social media management services and launched Standard Chartered Bank’s first global social media campaign out of Asia. Douglas has formulated and implemented social media strategies that deliver ROI-oriented and data-driven results focused on business requirements and clearly articulated goals. He has worked with clients including Standard Chartered Bank, BMW, Hyatt, LG, Banyan Tree, Simpson Marine, One2Free, Marriott International, GAP, Accor and many more.

Douglas was formerly from IBM and PWC Consulting, responsible for delivering web-based solutions for many Fortune 500 companies.

Douglas has a strong grasp of the social media landscape in Asia. He has also been featured on reputable international news outlets like CNN and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

What Past Delegates Have Said

Doug is an excellent speaker, very engaging and very helpful with insights. I learnt a lot which I found truly of high value and highly applicable.

Very well-organised exercises to allow us to practise what we have just learnt.

Very updated, lively and vivid with real cases.

This was great, very open to questions, practical and clear. Doug taught something tedious and made it easy to digest.



  • Session 1: Latest Game-Changing Social Media Trends & Platforms

    Are videos now a must? Has Snapchat lost its shine? Gain up-to-date insights into the evolving social media landscape and changing user behaviour.

    • Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, 360 videos: What’s new and hot among existing platforms?
    • Is live streaming worth the hype? Does it work for every brand?
    • Will humans be replaced by bots? Explore the potential of Chatbots for brands
    • Newest trends and statistics on social user behaviour in Asia
    • What’s next? Predictions on what to look out for

    Case Studies: How global and Asian brands are leveraging on latest social media trends and platforms
    Exercise: Identify key functions of different social platforms and assess how to apply to your business

  • Session 2: Optimising your Social Media Strategy

    Part I. Setting Clear Goals & Selecting KPIs
    Clear goal setting is the key to a comprehensive strategy. Learn how to set the right KPIs and metrics for different social media platforms to ensure that your strategy aligns with overall business objectives.

    • Examine considerations behind goal setting and selecting appropriate KPIs
    • What to benchmark against to assess effectiveness?
    • KPI selection: Fan growth, share of voice, engagement, Click-through rate (CTR), quality of fans, lead generation etc.

    Part II. Social Audit Process & Benchmarking against Competitors
    Learn to perform a digital portfolio audit and conduct competitor analysis to benchmark your brand and determine what success is.

    • Analyse the social audit process
      – Site audit
      – Competitive analysis
      – Review of existing content strategy across applications
      – Fan quality
    • How to adjust and tailor your strategy based on the results of your digital portfolio analysis

    Demo: How to use Fanpage Karma to conduct competitor analysis

    Part III. Developing a 360 Social Media Strategy — SEO, SEM, SMO
    Social media only works when it is well-integrated into your digital efforts. Learn to determine the right digital marketing mix and develop a holistic social media strategy for your brand.

    • Analyse the new 360 digital marketing mix
      – Search Engine Optimisation
      – Search Engine Marketing
      – Social Media Optimisation
    • Examine search engine quick facts and how positioning affects clicks
    • Learn about search engine optimisation concepts: Onsite vs. offsite optimisation
    • How to determine what platforms your brand should leverage on?

    Exercise: Track CTR and search placement
    Exercise: Select brand and identify how many places you can demonstrate that effective use of social media, keywords and hashtags improved search

  • Session 3: Leveraging Platforms’ Technicalities & Algorithms – Plan, Distribute & Amplify Content

    From the fall in Facebook’s organic reach to changes in Instagram’s algorithm, examine how to plan, distribute and amplify content based on how social platforms work.

    • Examine how the Facebook newsfeed works: Posting, sharing, quality, formatting, image
    • Analyse the factors of Facebook algorithm: Affinity score, Edge weight, Time decay and how they affect organic reach
    • Explore what Instagram’s algorithm changes mean for marketers
    • Learn how to determine social keywords
    • How to organise content to “write one, post many” to increase efficiency
    • How to conduct audience segmentation for various social platforms

    Case studies: Asian Youth Orchestra, TCL
    Exercise: Create a content strategy and define the best times to post

  • Session 4: Creating Engaging Social Media Content with Maximum Impact

    With an overwhelming amount of content on social media, acquire best practices and tips on how to create content that stands out from the noise, engages your audience and drives a strong call-to-action.

    • Content for inbound vs. outbound marketing
    • Examine how audience consume content across different platforms and how to tailor content accordingly
    • Facebook post writing rules vs. format
    • Tips for writing for different social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo, LinkedIn
    • Guidelines for facilitating employee participation

    Case studies: Sun Life Financial Hong Kong, Cogito, Cookoo
    Exercise: Write messages for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Session 5: Social CRM & Managing Online Reputation

    Examine how to leverage on social media to build and manage relationships with customers and resolve online conflicts and negative feedback.

    • Examine the “W”s of social listening: Who, what, where, why
    • Learn how to filter and prioritise social media conversations and real-time mentions
    • Comparison of social monitoring tools: Fanpage Karma, Hootsuite, Social Mention, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights etc.
    • Analyse the shift from traditional to social CRM
    • Mitigating and responding to negative comments on social platforms

    Case study: JLL reputation management
    Exercise: Write 3 standard replies for common questions about your brand
    Exercise: Research on one online profile and determine next steps to resolve conflict

  • Session 6: Social Media Data Analytics & Measuring ROI

    Learn to assess the tangible impact of social media and gain insights on how you can report to management effectively.

    • Examine tools available and how to leverage on them to analyse data for benchmarking
    • How to translate social data findings into actionable insights
    • Keeping insights simple for comprehensive understanding and effective reporting
    • Lead generation and social selling: Translate social efforts into tangible outcomes
      – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp

    Exercise: Conduct a digital audit for your brand and identify three areas for improvement
    Case study: Global Sources