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Can you Amplify Social Media Reach, Boost Engagement & Maximise ROI?
The digital landscape is crowded, and organic reach is declining.
Brands are having it tough trying to make themselves heard amid the noise.
Social platform algorithms are constantly changing.
Engaging audiences meaningfully is getting more challenging.
KPIs that matter are harder to track.  

Rebuild your Social Media Strategy for Meaningful Engagement
Join this interactive 3-day live webinar led by Douglas White, CEO of PRDA, to be equipped with the latest techniques and tools to develop a comprehensive social media strategy that delivers results and aligned with the latest landscape. Takeaway the “5 step, 4 KPIs” framework to set realistic goals for optimum social media performance and ROI reporting. Find out how to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to create effective paid campaigns. Track meaningful metrics using tools including Fanpage Karma, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Hashtagify and Facebook adverts to analyse tangible social outcomes.

Unique Features

  • Game-changing Trends in Light of Covid-19
    Changes in marketing objectives, consumer behaviour, social media analytics

    Optimising your Social Media Strategy
    Conduct a social audit and competitor analysis, set KPIs for success

    Leveraging Platform Algorithms
    Factors that influence newsfeed ranking and using these for customer segmentation

    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Advertising Platforms
    Create an effective paid promotion campaign and optimise customer data to increase conversions

    Social Media Data Analytics & Measuring ROI
    Tools, evaluation methods, reporting structures to monitor social efforts

    Hands-on Exercises for Real-World Application:

    • Review your current digital assets
    • Conduct a social audit for your brand
    • Verify keywords and #tags for your brand
    • Search for volume and content for your brand
    • Collect customer data from your social platforms
    • Create budgets and customer funnels using social advertising platforms
    • Develop an in-depth report for management buy-in

    Adopt and Practice Free & Low-Cost Tools:

    • Facebook adverts
    • Instagram search
    • Google Alerts
    • Fanpage Karma
    • Hashtagify
    • Hootsuite

    Benefits of Attending

    • Be updated with the latest trends on social behaviour in light of Covid-19
    • Adopt social media marketing and analytics adaptive strategies in the new world
    • Evaluate current KPIs for validity and how to “size” new KPIs for success
    • Assess the performance of social profiles against vanity and “real KPIs”
    • Compare between paid and organic results and how best to use both
    • Acquire tools for listening, content creation, publishing, engagement, reporting
    • Uncover how to leverage algorithmic factors for customer segmentation
    • Learn how to use social advertising platforms for paid promotion campaigns
    • Examine how to leverage data analytics tools for benchmarking
    • Learn how to present convincing reports for buy in and budget allocation
    • Practice using Fanpage Karma, Facebook adverts, Hashtagify, Hootsuite

    Live Webinar Format

    icon1 icon2 icon3
    4 hours of interactive & insightful
    LIVE webinar on Day 1 & 2
    1-hour intimate group consultation
    with workshop leader on Day 3
     Receive full workshop materials
    and handouts

Workshop Leader

Douglas White


PRDA, Hong Kong

Douglas - PRDA Logo


Douglas is a regional social media expert, with more than 20 years’ marketing experience. He founded Asia’s first agency offering full social media management services and launched Standard Chartered Bank’s first global social media campaign out of Asia.


Douglas has formulated and implemented social media strategies that deliver ROI-oriented and data-driven results focused on business requirements and clearly articulated goals. He has worked with clients including Standard Chartered Bank, BMW, Hyatt, LG, Banyan Tree, Simpson Marine, One2Free, Marriott International, GAP, Accor and many more.


Douglas was formerly from IBM and PWC Consulting, responsible for delivering web-based solutions for many Fortune 500 companies.


Douglas has a strong grasp of the social media landscape in Asia. He has also been featured on reputable international news outlets like CNN and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Past Delegate Testimonials

A useful and down to earth workshop. Gained expert insights that cannot be found on the web!

Practical, applicable strategy and tips that can make an impact on our social media platforms.

Liked the tools that were introduced that I can use after the workshop.

Who Should Attend

Mid to senior level executives responsible for marketing, digital, social media, communications



  • Log-in Time: 8.50am
    Day 1 & 2: 9.00am – 1.00pm* (There will be short breaks allocated at appropriate intervals.)
    Day 3: Intimate group consultation between 9.00am – 1.00pm*

    *Time stated in local Singapore time.

  • Session 1: Game-Changing Trends: Covid-19, Digital Pivot, Rapid Response

    Examine hyper current trends accelerated because of Covid-19 – changes in marketing objectives, consumer behaviour and social media analytics.

    • Recent changes in marketing objectives as it relates to current demands from Covid-19
    • Consumer behaviour patterns have made distinctive and lasting changes. Explore what those changes are and how to use them to advantage
    • Social media marketing and analytics adaptive strategies in the new world

    Exercise: Review your current digital assets and discuss their relevance to current conditions

  • Session 2: Optimising your Social Media Strategy

    Examine the critical components to conduct a social media audit to drive performance.

    • Analysing the 5 step process:
      • Listen
      • Content creation
      • Publish
      • Engage
      • Analytics
    • Examining the tools and resources for:
      • Listening
      • Content creation
      • Publishing
      • Engagement
      • Reporting
    • Understanding the critical 4 KPIs:
      • Fan growth
      • Engagement
      • Demographic targeting
      • Conversions
    • How to conduct a high level audit of social applications and competitor analysis
    • Evaluating current KPIs for validity and understanding how to “size” new KPIs for success
    • Evaluating performance of social profiles against vanity and “real” KPIs
    • Assessing the difference between paid and organic results and how to best use both

    Exercise: Conduct a social audit for your brand

  • Session 3: Leveraging Platform Algorithms

    Less than 1% of all posts on social media are seen by your fans. It is critical to understand what factors influence algorithm decisions to maximise your content reach.

    • Factors that influence news feed ranking and how to use these factors for customer segmentation
      • Keyword optimisation
      • Time of day posting
      • How content links across platforms
      • Use of @mention, #tags
      • Difference in media type and how it influences fan reach
      • Knowing your audience, how algorithms make work easier for you
      • Reviewing performance metrics and tools


    • Verify keywords and #tags for your brand using Fanpage Karma, Facebook adverts, Instagram search, Google Alerts, Hashtagify, Hootsuite
    • Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to search volume and appropriate content for your brand
  • Session 4: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Advertising Platforms – More Data More Results!

    Native advertising platforms are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Facebook and Instagram now rival Google Analytics in complexity. Power users of analytics and advertising platforms can increase efficiency and drive conversions.

    • Using native social media advertising platforms
    • Learn how to use social media advertising platforms to create highly effective paid promotion campaigns
    • How to use native advertising platforms as a way to collect valuable customer data – More powerful than many listening tools
    • Creating budgets and customer funnels using multiple social media advertising platforms

    Exercise: Create an effective paid promotion campaign. Extract customer data and use it to optimise your social media strategy and increase conversions.

  • Session 5: Social Media Data Analytics and Measuring ROI

    This session will introduce tools, evaluation methods and reporting structures to monitor your social media efforts alongside the 5 step process and 4 KPIs framework.

    • Examine tools available and how to leverage them to analyse data for benchmarking
    • Keeping insights simple for comprehensive understanding and effective reporting
    • Lead generation and social selling: Translating social efforts into tangible outcomes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
    • How to present convincing reports for Management to get future buy in and budget allocation

    Exercise: With the new knowledge gained, perform the analysis from Session 2 and develop an in-depth sustainable report. This exercise will include the use of tools native to social media applications.

  • Intimate Group Consultation Session on Day 3

    There will be 1-hour intimate group consultation with the workshop leader on Day 3. This in-depth and interactive consultation session will provide delegates facing challenges an opportunity to develop a more holistic and comprehensive social media strategy that delivers results and aligned with the latest landscape for their brand. More details will be given nearer to the date.