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China’s social media scene is a whole different ball game. From the live streaming boom to ever changing regulations, can you keep up with China’s dynamic social media landscape? Are you engaging the right KOLs to maximise your brand reach? Is your content resonating with local audience?

Effective Platforms, Content Strategies, Measurable KPIs

Join this 2-day workshop to acquire the latest Weibo and WeChat strategies to successfully engage Chinese consumers for maximum ROI. Pick up practical skills to optimise the functions of top social platforms and overcome on-the-ground execution difficulties including fake data, ad fraud, legal issues etc. Gain insights into what type of content works and what doesn’t in China, how to localise content for Chinese audience and strategies to stand out in China’s crowded online space. Pick up techniques in storytelling, KOL engagement, measurement and more.

Programme Highlights

    • Understanding China laws and regulations
    • Developing an effective China social media strategy
    • Executing your China social media strategy
    • Measuring the ROI of your China social media efforts
    • In-depth China consumer insights
    • Effective WeChat and Weibo content strategies
    • Creating engaging, local content
    • Future content trends to look out for

Benefits of Attending

  • Examine the latest consumption data trends and user journeys on WeChat and Weibo
  • Hear predictions on the future of China social media: What can marketers expect?
  • Discover how to leverage on Weibo advertising and WeChat moments to boost reach
  • Learn how to increase sales conversion on WeChat: From ad awareness to business results
  • Identify the right video and live streaming platforms for your brand: Youku, Miaopai, Yizhibo, Meipai
  • Find out how to select the right KOLs for your brand and what are the usual rates
  • Understand the latest laws and impact of changing regulations on business operations
  • Analyse Chinese social behaviour and how users consume content across different platforms
  • Evaluate the different writing styles and visual content for WeChat and Weibo
  • Keep up with new features on WeChat and Weibo and upcoming updates to look out for
  • Pick up free and paid tracking tools for WeChat and Weibo to measure success
  • Determine how to collect critical data figures from WeChat and Weibo for consumer insights

Workshop Leader

Joe Peng

Managing Director & Chief Digital Strategist, APAC,

Cohn & Wolfe

CW final logo


With more than 15 years of digital media, integrated marketing and communications experience, Joe personally leads the strategic development and growth of Cohn & Wolfe’s digital and social media business in the APAC region. Prior to joining Cohn & Wolfe, Joe was Chief Digital Strategist of Greater China of Burson-Marsteller and before that, an Account Director at an Chinese Integrated Marketing Communications services firm (Shunya Group).


Throughout his career, he has worked with MNCs and large local corporations from a range of industries, including cosmetics, finance, education, manufacturing, entertainment, aviation, semiconductor and computer.


Recognised as a China Digital A-Lister by Campaign Asia-Pacific in 2014 and 2015, he has also won several industry awards for communications projects he led. As a trusted advisor, Joe provides clients strategic counsel on a full range of brand and integrated marketing communications efforts.



  • Day 1: Developing & Executing an Effective China Social Media Strategy

  • Session 1: Understanding China Laws and Regulations

    • Examining the latest government laws and predictions on what’s next
    • How can business keep up with the uncertainty of the changing Chinese laws?
    • What are the newest regulations for corporate social media accounts?
    • How will changing regulations affect business operations in the near future?
  • Session 2: Developing an Effective China Social Media Strategy

    • How are China social media platforms different from global platforms?
    • Live demo: Examining the different social media platforms
      • Top social platforms: WeChat, Weibo
      • Social networking apps: YY, Qzone, Baidu Tieba
      • Video and live streaming apps: Youku, iQIYI, Miaopai, Yizhibo, Tencent Video
      • Social commerce: Tmall,, Taobao
      • Mobile music: Kugou, QQ Music, Netease Music, Kuwo Music, Xiami Music
      • Photo apps: Nice, In, Meipai
      • News apps: Toutiao
      • Professional apps: Chitu
    • What are the demographics and user trends for the different platforms?
    • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each platform
    • How to select the right platform for your brand
    • Planning your budget and resource allocation
    • Hands-on exercise: Creating a corporate profile on WeChat and Weibo
    • Hands-on exercise: Leveraging and optimising the functions of WeChat and Weibo
  • Session 3: Executing your China Social Media Strategy

    • What are the skills and talent needed to implement a good China social media strategy?
    • Overcoming on-the-ground difficulties in strategy execution: Fake data, ad fraud, legal issues etc.
    • Strategies to increase followers and subscribers on your WeChat and Weibo
    • What are the targeting options on WeChat and Weibo?
    • Hands-on exercise: How to run advertising campaigns on WeChat, Weibo, Youku
  • Session 4: Measuring the ROI of your China Social Media Efforts

    • Key metrics to evaluate the success of your WeChat and Weibo efforts
    • Free and paid tracking tools for WeChat and Weibo
    • Benchmarking your success against industry standards and competitors
    • Hands-on exercise: Collecting critical data figures from WeChat and Weibo
  • Day 2: China Social Media Content Marketing

  • Session 5: In-depth China Consumer Insights

    • Understanding the local Chinese culture
      • What type of content interests people?
      • Social taboos and topics to avoid in China
      • What are the popular topics on WeChat and Weibo?
      • Popular internet slangs and memes
    • Analysing Chinese social behaviour: How users consume content across different platforms?
  • Session 6: Effective WeChat and Weibo Content Strategies

    • What type of content is effective and works on WeChat and Weibo?
    • Successful and failed case studies: Best practices, pitfalls to avoid, lessons learnt
    • Content strategies to stand out from China’s crowded online space
    • How to localise your content to ensure it resonates with the Chinese consumers
    • Paid ad targeting strategies to increase your content reach
    • Leveraging on KOLs to boost your content engagement
    • How well is your content resonating with local audience: Tracking metrics on WeChat, Weibo
  • Session 7: Creating Engaging, Local Content

    • Writing posts:
      • What are the different writing styles on WeChat and Weibo?
      • What is the ideal length and format for WeChat and Weibo?
      • How to match your tone and style to the Chinese audience
      • Good and bad examples of WeChat and Weibo written content
      • What to do if you lack talents who can read and write good Chinese content?
    • Imaging and graphics:
      • Types of visual content trending on China social media
      • How to select the right images that resonate with the local audience?
      • Good and bad examples of visual content on WeChat and Weibo
    • Videos:
      • Viral videos on China social media
      • What’s the ideal length and format of videos that attracts the Chinese audience
      • Livestreaming, short videos: How to select the right format
  • Session 8: Future Content Trends To Look Out For

    • Using social data to analyse communities at scale
    • Immersive storytelling using Virtual and Augmented Reality: from innovation to application
    • The convergence of the digital and physical world
    • Driving communications with Artificial Intelligence