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Can you Grasp China’s Unique, Fast-Evolving Social Media Landscape?

Move over WeChat and Weibo. Emerging platforms like video app DouYin and news app Toutiao are dominating Chinese screens. Short videos, social commerce and the fans economy are the latest rage in China. WeChat’s recently launched Mini Programs is soaring in popularity.

Leverage the Hottest Trends & Platforms to Engage China Consumers

Join this 2-day practical workshop to acquire proven social media strategies to engage China consumers for maximum ROI. Gain insight into the latest consumer behaviour trends and social platforms in China. Learn how to select the right social media touchpoints for your brand and develop a localised content strategy for Weibo and WeChat. Acquire strategies in KOL engagement, WeChat Mini Programs and social CRM to increase your fans and followers. Find out how to measure the ROI of social campaigns and conduct social listening in China to track consumer sentiments.

Unique Features

    • Led by the Head of Social, Leo Burnett Shanghai
    • Case studies from Luckin Coffee, Estée Lauder, Stride, Mini Cooper, Durex, Haier, Uniqlo, Longchamp, Mengniu Dairy
    • Hands-on exercises to develop social strategies for your brand
    • Analyse social platforms including WeChat, Weibo, Tencent QQ, Baidu Tieba, Meituan-Dianping, Bilibili, Zhihu, Toutiao, DouYin, Xiaohongshu, Taobao, Pingduoduo

    Programme Highlights

    • Latest social media & consumer behaviour trends in China
    • China’s social media landscape – Big players & emerging ones
    • Developing a localised social content strategy
    • Developing a KOL strategy
    • Developing a social CRM strategy
    • Measuring the success of social campaigns
    • Maximising the value of social data

    Benefits of Attending

    • Find out how brands are leveraging the hottest social marketing trends in China
    • Analyse how China’s social landscape is evolving and the implications for brands
    • Learn how to craft content for short videos vs. short captions on WeChat and Weibo
    • Acquire content strategies to increase fans and followers on a limited budget
    • Discover how to leverage KOLs and WOM on WeChat and emerging platforms
    • Master the KOL landscape in China and assess the suitability of KOLs for your brand
    • Adopt best practices and pitfalls to avoid when using WeChat Mini Programs
    • Gain insights into how to collect and segment data on your WeChat followers
    • Grasp how to create customised content to achieve your WeChat CRM objective
    • Examine how to measure the total presence value of your brand in China
    • Track consumer interactions, comments and sentiments to adapt social content
    • Evaluate competitors’ social accounts and generate points of difference

Workshop Leader

Peggy Pan

Head of Social,

Leo Burnett Shanghai

Leo Burnett


With over 10 years of digital experience, Peggy helps brands to be meaningful and relevant to consumers in the local social environment. As the Head of Social at Leo Burnett Shanghai, Peggy offers a unique blend of branding, creative instincts and social media positioning strategy to her clients. Clients she has worked with include McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, P&G, Ford, Pfizer, Mondelez, Porsche, Adidas, Loreal and Chivas.


Prior to joining Leo Burnett, Peggy was the Senior Strategy Director at Wavemaker, helping clients leverage media, content and technology to drive business growth. She was also the Cross Channel Planning Director at GTB (part of the WPP group), responsible for planning the consumer purchase journey through brand interactions in the digital ecosystem.


Peggy started her career as a Digital Consultant at Saatchi & Saatchi, providing thought leadership, strategic, analytic and consumer insights on digital marketing initiatives.

Who Should Attend

Senior level executives responsible for social media, digital marketing, marketing, communications



  • Session 1: Latest Social Media & Consumer Behaviour Trends in China

    • What social means in China
    • How reality and social platforms shape Chinese consumers’ behaviour
    • Hottest social marketing trends in China:
      • Social fission + three degrees of influence
      • Fans economy
      • Short videos
      • Social commerce
    • How brands benefit from major social trends

    Exercise: Defining the objective of social for your brand
    Developing a WeChat strategy and setting social tasks on WeChat
    Case studies: Pingduoduo (拼多多), Luckin Coffee (瑞幸咖啡), Estée Lauder, Stride, Mini Cooper

  • Session 2: China’s Social Media Landscape – Big Players & Emerging Ones

    • The big players:
      • WeChat: China’s all-in-one social media platform
      • Sina Weibo (微博): Twitter of China
      • Tencent QQ: Popular instant messaging app
      • Baidu Tieba (百度贴吧): Search engine forum
      • Meituan Dianping (美团点评): China’s version of Yelp
    • Emerging players:
      • Bilibili (哔哩哔哩): China’s version of YouTube
      • Zhihu (知乎): The Quora of China
      • Toutiao (头条): News and entertainment platform
      • DouYin (抖音): Short-video platform
      • Xiaohongshu (小红书): E-commerce platform
    • How China’s social media landscape is evolving and its implications for brands

    Exercise: Choosing the right social media touchpoints for your brand
    Case studies: WeChat, Weibo (微博), Xiaohongshu (小红书), DouYin (抖音), Taobao (淘宝)

  • Session 3: Developing a Localised Social Content Strategy

    • How to develop a localised content strategy on different social channels
    • Crafting content for short videos versus short captions for WeChat and Weibo (微博)
    • Effective content strategies to increase fans and followers on a limited budget

    Exercise: Creating a brand owned social content strategy
    Case studies: Durex, Jiangxiaobai (江小白), Forbidden Palace Museum (故宫博物馆)

  • Session 4: Establishing a KOL Strategy

    • Understanding the KOL landscape in China
    • How to effectively utilise KOLs for strategic campaigns
    • Riding the wave of KOL and WOM on WeChat and emerging social platforms
    • Assessing the suitability of KOLs for your brand
    • How to approach KOLs in China
    • Setting the right KPIs and evaluating the effectiveness of KOLs

    Exercise: Developing a KOL strategy for your brand
    Case studies: Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Gogoboi, Platinum Jewelry

  • Session 5: Leveraging the Hyper Growth of WeChat Mini Programs

    • Exploring the opportunities that mini programs bring
    • How brands are using mini programs
    • Best practices and pitfalls to avoid when using mini programs

    Exercise: Leveraging mini programs to benefit your brand
    Case studies: Becky’s Fantasy (黎贝卡的异想世界), Uniqlo, Mengniu Dairy (蒙牛), Longchamp

  • Session 6: Developing a Social CRM Strategy

    • How to collect and segment data of your WeChat followers
    • How to create customised content to fulfil your WeChat CRM objective
    • Integrating WeChat with your CRM database
    • Optimising WeChat to drive customer loyalty

    Exercise: Defining the role of WeChat CRM and setting your WeChat CRM objective
    Exercise: Audience segmentation and personalising your content strategy

  • Session 7: Measuring the Success of Social Campaigns

    • How to set social KPIs for your brand
    • Measuring your brand’s ROI on WeChat
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of live broadcasting apps
    • Linking performance of your social advertisements to your sales objectives

    Exercise: Measuring the total presence value of your brand

  • Session 8: Maximising the Value of Social Data

    • Conducting social listening to gain a deeper understanding of your consumer
    • Staying sharp on competitors’ social accounts and generating points of difference
    • Tracking consumer interactions, comments and sentiments to adapt your social content

    Exercise: How to leverage social data to engage and recruit fans
    Case studies: Durex, Haier