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“If you have a body, you’re an athlete” – Nike urges everyone to “just do it” and win the battle with your inner self.
GoPro captures and shares meaningful life experiences putting users under the spotlight to “be a hero”.
LEGO inspires kids and kids at heart to “play on” and reimagine the world with infinite possibilities.

So, what is your Brand Story?

Everyone loves a glimpse of the story behind brands. It draws people in, builds an emotional connection and fosters an intimate relationship. However, great storytelling demands powerful insights and strong skills. Can you create compelling narratives that reflect your brand values? Are you able to integrate your brand story consistently into different platforms? Do you know how to leverage on visual storytelling to deliver your ideas effectively?

Tell Stories Effectively to Captivate your Audience

This 2-day interactive workshop will equip you with practical skills and techniques to craft compelling brand stories across various digital channels. Led by Mark Jackson, a senior PR veteran with over 25 years’ experience, examine the key elements behind great stories and how to translate insights into storytelling ideas with limited resources. Master the art of effective social media writing and editing to deliver story across multiple platforms consistently. Leverage the power of visuals including images, infographics and videos to convey your brand message and acquire metrics and tools to assess the effectiveness of your brand content.

Workshop Highlights

Why Stories Matter

Changing audience behaviour, consumption habits

Deconstructing a Story

Key components, narrative structures

Developing Insights

Data analytics, translating insights into an idea

Digital vs. Traditional

Real-time content, trend jacking, seasonal content

Writing for Social Media

Success tips, poor writing, editing

Telling the Right Story

Connecting with audience: Information vs. emotion

Visual Storytelling

Latest trends, selecting the right visuals

Measuring Success

Selecting tools & metrics

Benefits of Attending

  • Internalise the art of storytelling in the age of digital and social media
  • Find out the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to create relevant stories that resonate with target audience
  • Delve deep to understand what is an insight and how it differs from facts and figures
  • Discover the importance of insights and how to leverage on data and information for insight creation
  • Acquire strategies to translate a story for print into digital platforms effectively
  • Analyse the different categories of writing and when to use them: Informative, persuasive, summarisation
  • Gain insights into how to avoid poor writing: Jargons, phrases and keywords to ban
  • Pick up skills to match the tone and style of writing to your audiences’ interests
  • Uncover the keys to maintain consistent brand message across different digital channels
  • Examine ways to identify powerful story anchor despite ‘boring’, scant information
  • Be guided on how to leverage on the power of visuals to convey and tailor information effectively
  • Learn the importance of setting the right communication objectives for effective measurement

Workshop Leader

Mark Jackson

Deputy Managing Director,

Racepoint Global

SMR15-racepoint global logo


Mark has more than 25 years’ experience in marketing communications working with a wide range of clients across industries such as healthcare, technology, automotive, financial services, logistics, and retail. Some of his clients include: Google, American Express, Coca-Cola, Apple, GM, Sony, Microsoft, DHL, IBM, Intel and more.


He has extensive experience managing local, regional and global projects that run the entire scope of marketing communications, from social media to copywriting, and advertising to stakeholder engagement.


Mark has also worked in renowned agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Hill + Knowlton and Ketchum during the span of his career.

Who Should Attend

Mid to Senior level executives responsible for Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Public Engagement, Digital Media and Marketing Communications



  • Session 1: Why Stories Matter

    • The theory behind the art of storytelling
    • The need for emotional connection: Changing audience behaviour and consumption habits
    • What makes a great story?
    • Storytelling in the age of digital and social media

    Case studies & exercise

  • Session 2: Deconstructing a Story

    • The importance of context – the why and the how – for creating relevant stories
    • Key components in a story that can be replicated across different online media
    • An inside look into the different components and narrative structures

    Case studies & exercise

  • Session 3: The Importance of Insights for Great Storytelling

    • What is an insight and how does it differ from background facts and figures?
    • Leveraging on data analytics to develop insights
    • Translating insights into storytelling idea: How?

    Case studies & exercise

  • Session 4: Digital vs. Traditional

    • The need for speed, focus and brevity: Creating real-time content
    • How is online content consumed differently from traditional content?
    • Tapping the opportunity: Trend jacking, seasonal content
    • How to effectively translate a story for print onto digital platforms?

    Case studies & exercise

  • Session 5: Writing for Social Media

    • From one way to conversation: How do you keep a conversation going through social media?
    • Keys to maintain consistent message across different digital channels (social media, corporate blogs)
    • Avoiding poor writing: Jargon, phrases and keywords to ban
    • Effective editing: Tips and tricks

    Case studies & exercise

  • Session 6: Creating a Compelling Brand Narrative

    • Locating and connecting with your audience: Information vs. emotion
    • What can we learn about story-telling from Hollywood movies?
    • Structuring and identifying the story angle: Flipping newsworthy content to our advantage
    • Creating compelling narrative with scant or ‘boring’ information
    • A look at the different categories of writing: Informative, persuasive, summarisation

    Case studies & exercise

  • Session 7: Visual Storytelling

    • Leveraging the power of visuals (images, infographics, videos) in storytelling
    • What are the latest trends in visual storytelling campaigns?
    • How to decide on the right visual elements to tell stories and deliver messages
    • Tailoring your visual content according to specific audience group
    • Using visuals to convey information in an entertaining and informative way

    Case studies & exercise

  • Session 8: Measuring the Effectiveness of Content

    • The importance of setting the right communication objectives for effective measurement
    • Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to measuring content effectiveness? How to develop metrics that fit your organisation
    • What measurement tools are available: Is there a silver-bullet solution?