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A replacement is allowed if registered participants are unable to attend. For cancellations received in writing before 15 Mar 2019, a full refund will be given with a 10% administrative charge. For cancellations received in writing before 25 Mar 2019, a 50% refund will be given together with the event documentation. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after 25 Mar 2019 or “no show” participants. However participants will receive a copy of the event documentation.

Can’t think of a catchy caption?
Unsure what content clicks with your audience?
Tools are too expensive and hard to use?

Join us at this exciting 2-day workshop to acquire the latest techniques and tools to create attention-grabbing visuals on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Discover how your brand can engage your audience visually without costing a bomb. Find out how to leverage user generated content, interactive content, live streaming trends and more. Learn effective strategies to get your content out there and noticed.

Unique Features

    • Quick, easy tools to hit the ground and running
    • Practice creating stunning content. All on your phone.
    • Hottest trends including new video app TikTok
    • Effective low-cost strategies and techniques

Benefits of Attending

  • Identify your online brand personality and how to add value to your audience
  • Examine how to create interactive content for meaningful engagement
  • Learn how to transform what you have into social media ready content
  • Find out how to train your staff to be savvier with Facebook Blueprint
  • Discover how to tell your brand story through moving and still images
  • Create eye-catching visuals on your phone using Photofox, InShot, Snapseed
  • Hear how to deliver attractive stories on FB, IG, YouTube, TikTok
  • Analyse how to turn your unique selling points into visual language
  • Understand how to tap on influencers and user generated content
  • Take a visual health check of your brand’s first impressions to your audience
  • Discover how to make your illustration, numbers and pictures speak
  • Get your content out using CoSchedule, Contentools, Ion Interactive, Skyword

Workshop Leader

Douglas Goh

Creative Group Head,

TBWA Group Singapore



Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Douglas now resides in sunny Singapore where he dabbles in the dark arts of advertising and creativity for almost two decades. He has won multiple industry accolades from all corners of the globe in almost every category and was even dubbed the first Asian Young Gun of the year (International) in 2010.


He currently works for TBWA Group Singapore (South East Asian Creative Agency of the Year) and has experience spearheading local, regional and global accounts like Nissan, Airbnb, Singapore Airlines, Spotify, Standard Chartered Bank, Guinness, Pepsi, Singtel, Caltex and Samaritans of Singapore.



  • Session 1: Social Media Visual Landscape

    What is out there?

    • Explore what is out there in the social sphere and open up different possibilities through the various channels available (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat).

    Types of content

    • The typical and non-typical things you will find on the internet and how to make the best of them.


    • Ride the wave or avoid it. Some things are hot, and most are not, but is it on point?

    Case studies

    • Some things are a class above the rest, let’s learn from them.
  • Session 2: Who Are You on Social Media?

    Identifying our own (brand) personality online

    • Exploring all the personality archetypes there are online and what would be best for your brand.

    Hands-on exercise: Personality test

    • Taking the test of who you (your brand) want to be and is it right for you.

    The reason to exist

    • Why do you do what you do and how do you add value to your audience.

    Likes vs Engagement

    • The most misunderstood war on social media that your brand should consider picking a side to reach your KPI.
  • Session 3: Visually Thumb-stopping

    User Generated Content

    • We have millions of content creators out there. Tapping at an unlimited resource might be a good thing.

    Interactive Content

    • Can the content your brand put out, interact with the very audience you set out to engage meaningfully?

    Formatted for Social

    • Is your content social media ready? How you can leverage on what you have. And how to create what you need.

    Tools to Learn More

    • Some ways you can train your staff and yourself to be savvier on social media with Facebook Blueprint.
  • Session 4: Creating Content Effectively

    Idea is king

    • Carrying out your marketing objectives is important. So, is your brand keeping to the idea its selling?

    The Art of Storytelling

    • How your brand delivers the stories it wants to tell is important. Do it right.

    Moving vs Stills (Shutterstock/ Getty Images)

    • It doesn’t cost a bomb but how your brand appeal to its audience visually based on what it puts out.

    Hands-on exercise: DIY Content

    • Create your own stunning content with Photofox, InShot and Snapseed. All on your phone. Right now.
  • Session 5: Content Now

    Live Streaming Trends

    • Unfiltered but on point, the power of Live your brand can leverage on.

    Influencer vs Micro-Influencer

    • Who is the right ambassador / spokesperson for your brand?

    Types of Stories

    • The different kinds of stories your brand can tell your audience on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

    Speed of Culture

    • Today our competition is not just our competitors on the internet. Are you fast enough?

    Case studies

    • Who is leveraging on the ‘Now’ correctly.
  • Session 6: Visually Yours

    How does your (brand) look online?

    • Visual health check. What are your brand’s first impressions to your audience?

    What are you known for?

    • Turning your USPs to your visual language

    Illustration / Copy / Numbers / Pictures

    • How to speak content visually.

    Hands-on exercise: Filters

    • Make your brand look better online. The tools are in your mobile.
  • Session 7: The Art of the Output

    Tools to synchronize, synergize and spread

    • Great content doesn’t post themselves. The most effective way to get your content out with Opal, CoSchedule, Contentools, Ion Interactive and Skyword.

    UGC Management

    • Celebrities have agents. Content creators need one too. Here is how to be one using tools like Olapic, Candid IO, PhotoSlurp, Yotpo and Stackla.

    To boost or not to boost

    • Is paying always the only answer to getting your content noticed?

    When is the best time?

    • The science behind the art of placing content
  • Session 8: Create a Post

    • What are some of the things you would want to do for your brand?
    • Let’s ideate some quick ways to create the content you need.