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Video Marketing and Storytelling to Raise Brand Awareness, Preference and Intent

In today’s contemporary digital world, with the sheer saturation of content, video marketing has emerged to be a critical strategy in standing out, seeking resonance and directly connecting with audiences. Infinitely more sharable than traditional advertisements, being more thought-provoking and heart-striking, videos perfectly thrive in the attention economy.

How can brands create quality video content with limited time, money and manpower?
How can brands adopt the principles of a content-first approach and effective storytelling?
How can brands overcome video marketing becoming intrusive or pervasive in this fatigued online space?

Tell Better Stories, Build Audiences and Drive Engagement

Join our 3-day virtual workshop to adopt tools and techniques to ideate, produce, shoot and edit quality videos for higher audience engagement. Examine the know-hows on creating quality videos in-house even with limited knowledge and resources. Overcome limited budgets, short deadlines and the budding competition online. Craft good narratives, inspiring scripts and memorable characters. Find fresh angles, generate new ideas, and capture attention spans. Shoot and edit videos directly on mobile phones with PowerDirector.

Workshop Highlights

  • Video Content Strategy & Production
    Analyse the strategic frameworks and storytelling techniques that drive audiences and sales

    Introduction to Production
    Learn how to conceptualise, commission and create the video content you want but can never seem to get

    Mobile Video Production
    Learn how to produce professional video content with just your smartphone from first idea to final edit

Benefits of Attending

  • Design video marketing strategies that drive audience and sales
  • Define campaign purpose: Goal-first vs audience-first strategic frameworks
  • Convey characters and emotions through compelling narratives
  • Connect with different angles for shareable moments
  • Write a well-positioned concept, treatment and script
  • Capture a good story visually: Mood boards, storyboarding and shot lists
  • Maximise the impact of videos with precise editing
  • Discover essential apps and hardware for mobile production
  • Master camera movements and techniques to add depth and mood to videos
  • Profile talents and personalities: Shooting interviews and vox pops


A Fully Immersive Virtual Workshop Experience

v-icon-01 v-icon-02 v-icon-03 v-icon-05
 Hear LIVE presentation on leading case studies and common challenges  Get real-time answers to your questions throughout the workshop  Interact with like-minded professionals for dynamic exchange of ideas  Gain access to full workshop materials and handout



Workshop Leader

Neal Moore


Moore's Lore Media

MooresLore_Logo_Black (NEW)


Neal is a content strategist and storyteller with over 20 years’ experience in TV, publishing, advertising and film across the UK, USA and Asia, where he is currently based. Trained originally as an actor then as a journalist, Neal co-founded Click2View, Singapore’s first dedicated content marketing agency in 2010, which served world class clients including AIA, Ben & Jerry’s, Canon, Cisco, Citibank, Google, HSBC, Panasonic, Singtel and Visa.


In 2017 he sold his stake in the agency and spent a year writing, developing and producing two short films, a sitcom and a podcast series, before taking a role as Head of Content & Business Development with Southeast Asia’s largest independent production company.


Finally, in January 2019, Neal launched Moore’s Lore Media – Content Strategy & Storytelling Solutions with the goal of helping people and organisations tell better stories for business impact.

Who Should Attend

Senior Level Executives responsible for Video, Content, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Branding and Communications.



  • Log-in Time: 8.50 am
    Day 1, 2 & 3: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm(There will be short breaks allocated at appropriate intervals.)
    *Time stated in local Singapore time.

  • Day 1: Video Content Strategy & Storytelling

    Understand the strategic frameworks and storytelling techniques that drive audiences and sales.

  • Session 1: Strategy

    • Defining Strategy
    • Goal-First Strategic Framework
    • Audience-First Strategic Framework
    • Strategy Takeaways
    • Exercise: Strategising
  • Session 2: Storytelling

    • History of Visual Storytelling
    • Factual vs Scripted Stories
    • Finding an Angle
    • Creating Characters
    • Exploring the Why
    • Formatting Your Story
    • Structuring Your Story
    • Show Don’t Tell
    • Storytelling Takeaways
    • Exercise: Storydoing
    • Best & Worst of Brands
    • Q&A
  • Day 2: Introduction to Production

    Learn how to conceptualise, commission and create the video content you want but can never seem to get.

  • Session 3: Pre-Production

    • Production People
    • What Does A Producer Do?
    • Production Process
    • How to Give/Take A Brief
    • How to Write A Concept?
    • What Is A Treatment?
    • How to Make A Mood board?
    • What Is Colour Grading?
    • How to Write A Script?
    • How to Format A Script?
    • How to Write A Storyboard?
    • Budget Basics
    • How to Write A Shot List?
    • Pre-Production Takeaways
    • Exercise: Storyboarding
  • Session 4: Post-Production

    • What Is Editing?
    • The Power of Editing
    • Editing Takeaways
    • Q&A
  • Day 3: Mobile Video Production

    Learn how to produce professional video content with just your smartphone from first idea to final edit.

  • Session 5: Mobile Software & Hardware

    • What’s in My Bag?
    • Smartphones
    • Video Specs
    • Using Slow Motion
    • Using Time-lapse
    • Using Hyper-lapse
    • Essential Apps for Mobile Production
    • Filmic Pro Demo
    • The Exposure Triangle
    • Essential Hardware for Mobile Production
    • Best Accessories for Mobile Production
  • Session 6: Shooting & Editing Techniques

    • Camera Movement
    • Shooting Interviews
    • Shooting Vox Pops
    • Shooting B-Roll/Packages
    • Release Forms
    • Editing Techniques
    • Edit Tech & Workflow
    • Folder Structure
    • Mobile Editing
    • Power Director Demo
    • Editing Takeaways
    • Q&A