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Knorr’s “taste like home” wasn’t going to fly with young consumers.
Tapping on millennials’ attraction to someone who loved the same flavours,
Knorr played cupid on camera, pairing single strangers with shared tastes,
transforming flavour into a recipe for love.

Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste* video campaign didn’t just triple ad exposure.
It bonded with millennials.

Are your Videos Emotionally Connecting with your Target Audience?

Join us at this exciting 2-day conference, as leading practitioners and award-winning agencies unveil innovative strategies to reignite audience excitement in your videos. Uncover the best-kept secrets to grab viewer attention within the first 5 seconds and keep audience glued till the end. Find out the latest strategies to boost views on Facebook and Instagram and juice the most out of your YouTube channel. Discover how to produce creative videos with limited resources and measure the effectiveness of your visual efforts.

Conference Highlights

    • Hottest video trends on the Big 3: YouTube, FB, Instagram
    • Video marketing strategy: Turning “boring” into “sizzling”
    • Brand storytelling: Is your brand the hero?
    • Pumping out attention-grabbing videos
    • Cracking Facebook & Instagram’s algorithm
    • Mastering YouTube: Improving view-through rates
    • Tackling limited manpower, budget, resources
    • Measuring the ROI of your video campaigns
    • A budget-friendly guide to video production

Benefits of Attending

  • Be updated with what video content is trending among viewers today
  • Determine how to use visual storytelling as a tool to convey your brand
  • Gain insights into how to consistently keep your video content authentic
  • Take away classical storytelling frameworks to create compelling narratives
  • Examine how to elicit emotion and develop “feel good” factors in your videos
  • Learn how to use a variety of styles in your videos to increase engagement
  • Discover how to brainstorm for fresh ideas and come up with a storyline quick
  • Find out how to tackle multiple stakeholder inputs and changing creative direction
  • Hear Facebook and Instagram hacks that all video marketers need to know
  • Analyse how to improve view-through rates on YouTube and boost reach
  • Pick up tips to film on a mobile and free, easy-to-use editing tools for noobs
  • Chart views and drop-off rates to evaluate your video marketing strategy


Tony Chow

Content Marketing Expert & Chief Storyteller

Philip Chau

Assistant Vice President, Digital Marketing


Nicoletta Stefanidou

Executive Creative Director,


Olivia Cain

Content Marketing Evangelist,


Baijayanti Chatterjee Chadha

Digital Marketing Director,

Digital River

Douglas White



Bill McQueen

Chief Content Officer,

Lime* Content Studios

Angela Cheung

Managing Director,


Jessica Beaton

Head of Business,

dentsu X

Francesca Ayala

Content Director,


Past Delegate Testimonials

Good way to update knowledge and catch up with the latest trends, fill in knowledge gaps and get advice from the experts

The good variety of speakers, who each presented valuable and useful insights from their respective fields

Focused content that’s relevant and interesting

Good programme flow. Have a better understanding of how video works

Interesting and engaging presentations! None of the usual clichés and insightful

Who Should Attend

Mid to Senior Level Executives responsible for Social Media, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Communications, Video Production, Video Editing



  • Day 01

    08:30 Registration & Morning Coffee
  • 09:00 Chairman’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session

    Douglas White, CEO, PRDA

  • 09:30

    Hottest Video Trends on the Big Three (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)

    • What’s trending in video content: Branded, organic, editorial
    • Latest statistics on audience viewing behaviour (topic, format, length, style, timing etc.)
    • New social media features you can’t miss: YouTube Reel, Facebook Creator App, Instagram’s ‘Stories Highlights & Archive’
    • How can brands keep up with what’s trending and act on it fast?
    • What’s up and coming in video marketing? How can brands best prepare for them?

    Francesca Ayala, Content Director, Text100

  • 10:30 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break
  • 11:00

    From ‘Boring’ to ‘Sizzling’: Aviva’s Relevant Video Marketing Strategy

    • Strategy before video: The Why / Who / What / How of Aviva’s digital disruption strategy
    • Target audience relevancy: Leveraging the right social media platforms to boost reach
    • Consumer insight driven: How Aviva uses a variety of styles in its videos to increase engagement
    • Condensing your brand story into “snackable” messages
    • Integrating video into your marketing strategy: Dos and don’ts

    Philip Chau, Assistant Vice President, Digital Marketing, Aviva

  • 12:00 Lunch & Networking Break
  • 13:30

    Brand Storytelling: Making your Brand the Hero

    • Learning powerful storytelling techniques from iconic brands
    • Deconstructing a story: Different components and narrative structures
    • How to develop meaningful insights and translating them into storytelling ideas
    • A simple guide to identifying and creating a brand narrative
    • Developing common brand pillars and connecting them to story themes

    Tony Chow, Content Marketing Expert & Chief Storyteller

  • 14:30

    Strike it Big! Flex your Creative Muscles & Pump out Attention-Grabbing Videos

    • Examining the anatomy of viral videos
    • Conceptualising your videos: Brainstorming for original and fresh ideas
    • Efficient content development: How can you come up with a storyline quick?
    • Eliciting emotion and developing “feel good” factors in your videos
    • How to convert image or text content into video form for social platforms?

     Nicoletta Stefanidou, Executive Creative Director, Isobar

  • 15:30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break
  • 16:00

    Cracking Facebook & Instagram: Strategies to Boost Views & Engagement

    • Inside the Facebook and Instagram algorithm: All the updates you need to know
    • How to beat Facebook and Instagram’s declining organic reach and increase viewership
    • Boosting your website traffic with Facebook and Instagram Live
    • Facebook and Instagram hacks that all video marketers need to know
    • Creating Facebook and Instagram video ad campaigns that really convert

    Douglas White, CEO, PRDA

  • 17:00 Chairman’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings
  • 17:10 End of Day One
  • Day 02

    09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks & Interactive Charge-Up Session

    Douglas White, CEO, PRDA

  • 09:30

    How to Figure out your Video Content Strategy

    • A simple yet effective framework to get you started
    • How to create videos that engage with your target audience
    • How to craft your company’s story through video
    • The type of videos that work best for your company’s message and goals
    • Getting internal buy-in
    • Easy wins to get you off the ground

    Angela Cheung, Managing Director, APV

  • 10:30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break
  • 11:00

    Mastering YouTube: Juicing the most out of your Channel

    • How does YouTube’s algorithm work?
    • Strategies to boost your organic reach on YouTube
    • Best practices to improve view-through rates
    • Driving traffic: Ins-and-outs of YouTube
    • Optimising your YouTube strategies

    Jessica Beaton, Head of Business, dentsu X

  • 12:00 Lunch & Networking Break
  • 13:30

    Best-Kept Secrets for Boosting Views & Engagement

    • How to keep up with what’s trending among audiences
    • Increasing subscribers and growing your community: Tips and tricks
    • How to consistently keep your video content authentic and fresh
    • What makes a video shareable?
    • Improving viewer completion rates: Critical success factors and pitfalls to avoid

    Olivia Cain, Content Marketing Evangelist, LinkedIn

  • 14:30

    Measuring the Effectiveness of your Videos

    • Charting the effectiveness of views and drop-off rates
    • Tracking the right KPIs that align with marketing objectives
    • What are some free and paid measurement tools?
    • Translating key metrics into measuring audience reaction and call to action
    • Where to go from here: How can data help me improve my video strategy?

    Baijayanti Chatterjee Chadha, Digital Marketing Director, Digital River

  • 15:30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break
  • 16:00

    Tight Purse Strings? A Budget-Friendly Guide to Video Production

    • Video production: Top low-cost hacks
    • Filming on a mobile: Tips and tricks
    • Free, easy-to-use editing tools for noobs
    • Live stream like a pro

    Bill McQueen, Chief Content Officer, Lime* Content Studios

  • 17:00 Chairman’s Insights & Analysis
  • 17:10 Close of Conference