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Is Fraud Costing your Business Severe Financial Losses?

Proving procurement fraud and money laundering can be difficult especially when suspects collude in a web of sophisticated lies to conceal wrongdoing. With increased creativity of today’s fraudsters, organisations face an uphill task in tracing irregularities and gathering concrete evidence in financial statements fraud. Rapid changes in the fraud landscape further provide challenges in effectively setting updated policies, controls and safeguards to detect, manage and report the latest financial crimes.

Are you Equipped with the Latest Techniques to Detect & Investigate Fraud?

Join this 2-day workshop to acquire the latest skills to successfully detect and investigate fraud. Led by Simon Goddard, a practising consultant with over 30 years of experience in investigating fraud in Asia, examine case studies on procurement fraud, money laundering, corruption, cybercrime, internet fraud, accounting fraud and more. Gain insights on how fraudsters today commit fraud, assess key fraud risks in your organisation and discover common loopholes in whistleblowing programmes for a robust fraud detection system. Acquire investigation best practices by working on two detailed fraud cases and gain cutting edge investigative interviewing skills.

Unique Features

  • Led by a practising consultant with over 30 years of experience in investigating large frauds across banking, manufacturing, energy, electronics, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, insurance industries and more

  • Practical hands-on exercises including an interactive roleplaying session on investigative interviews

  • In-depth work through of two fraud investigation cases focusing on top considerations, best practices and key processes

  • First-hand accounts on what went wrong in real life fraud investigations

Programme Highlights

Latest Developments in Fraud

Latest major fraud cases, lessons learnt

Key Fraud Trends

Procurement fraud, money laundering, corruption

Red Flags in Today’s Fraudster

How can fraudster analysis help in fraud detection and prevention?

Fraud Risk Assessment

Tools, red flags, key areas of focus

Practical Techniques in Investigating Fraud

Initial assessment of allegations, planning, administrating, closing

Detailed Work Through of Investigations [Practical session]

Processes, key considerations, best methodological practices

Investigative Interview Techniques [Roleplaying session]

Common mistakes, formulating questions, identifying deception

Best Practices in Whistleblowing

Common loopholes, key components and procedures

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear intimate sharing from fellow internal auditors in the region on their fraud challenges

  • Examine recent legislative updates in Philippines and record the new ISO 37001 standard on corruption

  • Analyse key fraud trends in recent major cases of cybercrime, internet fraud, accounting fraud and more

  • Draw insights on actual cases to examine the profile and red flags in the behaviours of today’s fraudsters

  • Practise an in-depth assessment on corruption risks and key fraud risks in your organisation to discover fraud hotspots

  • Hear first-hand accounts on what could go wrong in real life fraud investigations

  • Adopt best practices in investigations – Resources, evaluating the hypothesis, interviews, evidence gathering, scope limitation

  • Find out how to handle the initial assessment of allegations – Regulatory considerations, internal controls review and more

  • Learn how to plan and close the investigation – Handling of documents, assessing the quantum, reporting and more

  • Understand the common mistakes in interviews, how to establish rapport, interview preparation and reporting

  • Experience how to interview potential suspects with critique on the do's and don'ts by the workshop leader

  • Discover the failed examples of ineffective whistleblowing programmes and how to build a robust system

  • Find out how to gain buy-in from whistleblowers and key procedures to act on reported fraud

Workshop Leader


Simon Goddard
Managing Director, Global Insight Ltd

With over 30 years of experience, Simon is a practising consultant and an expert in the investigations field, in both the public and private sectors. As the former Managing Director Kroll Associates Asia, Simon has performed large fraud investigations across the banking, manufacturing, energy, electronics, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, insurance industries and more. Simon was also the former President of the Singapore Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

Simon's experience includes investigating a number of very large institutional fraud cases; conduct of sensitive internal investigations; large corruption cases and violations of US FCPA laws, UK Bribery Act, OECD Guidelines and various national Anti-Corruption Acts; conduct of sensitive business intelligence assignments for investor groups; support for parties in international arbitration proceedings and providing expert witness services to arbitral tribunals.

He was the Senior Managing Director and Asia Regional Head of Decision Strategies / Fairfax International (DSFX), a US-based investigations consulting company. Simon has been based in Hong Kong since 1991, working on large fraud investigation cases across Asia and Europe. Before moving to Hong Kong, he worked in the Strategic Intelligence Unit of the Australian Government's National Crime Authority (NCA) where his field of expertise was Asian Organised Crime. He started his career and received his early training as an intelligence officer with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).

What Past Delegates Have Said

“Good focus on real world examples, experiences shared by the workshop leader and ways to apply them at work”


“Very comprehensive, covering many aspects of fraud. Flexibility of Simon is also appreciated”

“The workshop conductor encourages participants to think/share/provide input and engagement to the sessions in which I think is more beneficial than a lecture style”

Who Should Attend

Senior level Internal Auditors and Executives from Finance, Investigations and Risk responsible for fraud management

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