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Session 1: Unleash—Building Creative Confidence

Effective collaboration, communication and creativity are critical in today’s workplace. However, while people have the capacity to develop fresh, original ideas based on their own experiences and perspectives, they lack the confidence to present those concepts. How can you unlock your creative confidence to communicate more effectively and engage your imagination more readily? We begin our workshop by developing an understanding of barriers and levers to creativity.

• Getting to know one another, sharing our experiences
• Goal setting – establishing expectations for the training
• Creative confidence and what stands in the way
• Introduction to Hard Fun: hands-on exercises to get the creativity flowing!


Session 2: Equip—Creative Innovation Frameworks

As you focus on developing engagement programmes and brand experiences that are consumer and people-centred, you need to start from the user’s point of view. In this session, we learn about Design Thinking, a modern framework for problems solving that gives you a deeper understanding of your user pain points, needs, and expectations. You will explore the relationships and connections between people and their world, observe the dynamics between internal and external, explore various hypothetical scenarios, and gain awareness of the possibilities.

• Introduction to Design Thinking Frameworks
• Framing the problem to solve
• Empathy – understanding the needs of others to design creative solutions that are relevant
• Divergence and the power of different ideas
• Inspiration – how to get it, where to find it
• Convergent thinking and judgment – picking the best ideas
• Testing your ideas – setting hypothesis and rapid prototyping
• Reflective learning exercise


Session 3: Practice—Agile Problem Solving and Real World Game Play

In today’s speedy and fast paced environment, organisations needs to constantly sense and act on change. How can you use agile problem solving and adaptive innovation to increase engagement of your employees, consumers, communities? This session takes a practical approach to solving today’s challenges, creatively, in an ever-evolving world.

• Problem solving for a fast paced world
• Introduction to adaptive innovation with a fun hands-on exercise
• Real World Scenario Gameplay – putting what we’ve learnt into practice (please bring existing problem you’d like to tackle)


Session 4: Pack Up—Taking It Back to the Real World

In this final session, we explore how to run your own creativity and innovation sessions with your team. Learn how to guide your team into a free and honest exchange of opinion, without the fear of treading on personal feelings. You will learn how to address real issues and see things through the eyes of your colleagues – and have them view the picture through yours.

• Checklists, reminders
• Tips, techniques for designing successful creativity sessions
• Creating your own creativity and innovation toolkit
• Learning reflection – what will you do differently now?
• Wrap-up

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