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Can you move from Dying to Thriving?

Scrolling Twitter for the latest news, tuning in to recommended Spotify hits, catching up with exclusive Netflix series – does your content still reach your audience? Are you able to develop engaging, shareable online content that generates high traffic and views? How do you curate relevant content that resonates and builds relationships based on consumers’ tastes? Can you translate digital engagement to increased readership or viewership?

Acquire Strategies to Create Fresh, Compelling Digital Content to
Engage your Audience

Join us at this dynamic 1-day conference to hear from a mix of disruptors and leading media players on developing exciting digital content that grabs audience’s attention and maximises engagement. Designed exclusively for journalists, editors, publishers, content producers, and senior level digital marketers in the media industry, pick up the secrets to craft sensational content that promotes organic reach and sharing. Examine how to develop a social media strategy to synergise content across different platforms and discover the dos and don’ts in engaging through video storytelling. Master how to leverage on audience data to increase content relevance and maximise content effectiveness.


Conference Highlights

Latest Digital Developments

Sneak peek into what’s next for the media industry

Social Media Strategy

What are the most effective platforms?

Digital Editorial

What are the building blocks for creating viral content?

Video Storytelling

Live streaming, virtual reality: strengths, weaknesses

Content Amplification

How to maximise reach with paid distribution?


Benefits of Attending

  • Learn how to consistently source for topics that resonate with audience and generate interest

  • Analyse how content is consumed differently across the various digital channels

  • Discover how to tailor content format (video, text, graphic) for each social media platform

  • Evaluate if a story is suitable for video storytelling and decide on the appropriate length

  • Assess the key considerations when determining the suitability of new social platforms

  • Gather tips and tools on how to translate relevant audience data to actionable insights

  • Find out how to allocate resources to manage different social platforms to ensure efficiency

  • Examine how to direct traffic from social media channels to brand-owned assets (e.g. websites)

  • Assess the pros and cons of live streaming: Facebook Live vs. YouTube Live vs. Snapchat

  • Explore the potential of emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, Wearable

  • Network with fellow leading content producers and practitioners from the media industry

Who Should Attend

Online Journalists, Digital Editors, Journalists, Editors, Content Producers, Publishers, Digital Marketing or relevant functions responsible for producing content in the media industry.


PIC Applicable to Singapore Registered Companies.

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