Speaker's Corner

Why Speak for Us?
1  Address quality audience who genuinely want to hear from you
As an independent organiser, our events attract practitioners from MNCs, regional and large local corporations who are willing to make the investment just to learn from you.

2  Present on the latest pressing issues that businesses are facing today
Our topics are based on extensive research to ensure that your presentation meets the critical concerns of delegates.

3  Exchange fresh insights with fellow thought leaders
With our vigorous speaker selection process, you will network with industry experts, get inspired, and benchmark yourself against industry best practices.

4  Engage in meaningful conversations
Our crowd size facilitates in-depth sharing between speakers and delegates, where you can get to the heart of problems.

5  We help you to reach your full potential
We believe in helping our speakers grow. Find out how we empower you to speak with confidence, credibility and impact. Discover our top 6 tips on how to give an engaging presentation.

Empowering Our Speakers

During the invitation phase:

  • To ensure that your expertise is aligned with audience needs, we will have a discussion with you on the expected delegate profile, what delegates are looking for, and how the topic pointers will address the audience needs.


  • You will receive a Delegate Profile Analysis that will give insight into the audience’s job functions, seniority, companies, industries and countries. All these would help you to share strategies and tips that are relevant to your audience.
  • We collect the Delegates’ Expectations to help you understand the critical concerns and specific challenges that your audience face. These would help you to tailor your presentation content to their needs.
  • Vetting of presentation decks to help spot common blind spots.

During the event:

  • We provide logistical and technical support to ensure the smooth running of your presentation.
  • Appraisal forms are collected at the end of each day to provide you with immediate feedback for improvement.


  • You will receive a compiled delegate feedback which includes speakers’ ratings to benchmark your performance against fellow speakers and written comments on what delegates liked about your presentation and areas for improvement.

Speakers’ Experience with Us

“Overall, the experiences I’ve had working with Pacific Conferences have always been professional and enjoyable. The topics for the events have been well-researched and discussed prior to the sharing and getting the attendees’ profiles as well as questions prior really helps (a clear differentiator from other organisers). The running of all the past events have gone very well.”

“My general thought for you guys is that you were all extremely professional in helping ensure a good speaker experience. I appreciated the tips and especially the pre-event participant sensing, which was incredibly helpful for me to customise the content. I work quite often with conference producers and you guys were really impressive in comparison! Thanks for the support and I do hope to work with you again in the future.”

“This is one of the best PR conferences which I’ve attended in the past 2 years, both in terms of organisation and content. The speaker selection was good – I enjoyed hearing from speakers whom I have not heard from before. Overall organisation was managed well, and I must add that your follow-up with the speakers was excellent. It was great that you provided background info on the participants as well as the questions in advance, so that we could better prepare for it.”

“Pacific Conferences has been consistent in producing great sessions with top notch speakers. I was sharing the same with some delegates. Otherwise, in terms of speakers’ liaison, I appreciate hearing their expectations ahead of the session, and I thank you for your patience and most of all, for being so accommodating and supportive!”

Giving an Engaging Presentation

Our Top 6 Tips

1  Sharing both the good and bad
Don’t be afraid to share your failures. Delegates appreciate a speaker who is transparent and openly shares his successes, failures, and lessons learnt.

2  In-depth case studies sharing
Delegates are not looking at just what has been done. An insightful presentation would deep dive into the strategies and thought processes behind every successful and failed real-life example.

3  Fresh insights, new ideas
Don’t repeat theories that are nothing new to your audience. Delegates want to hear from your valuable experience on what works and what doesn’t.

4  Have a conversation
Prepare a list of questions that you can pose to the crowd. This will prompt the audience to participate in a discussion with you.

5  Use a microphone
Don’t ask the audience if they can hear you without a microphone. Even if people are having difficulty, they wouldn’t admit it in front of everyone.

6  Work the room
Don’t stand at a spot. Naturally walking around the stage will make everyone in the room feel like they are a part of your presentation.